Blessed – A Twinj os

Hey everyone. How are you all?  I’m here after long time. Well yesterday was my birthday so I thought to post it as birthday treat but cant as I got busy. So today I’m posting it. Don’t forget to share your views.


13- Blessed.

A beautiful morning Sun rose from east melting the darkness with it’s brightness by bringing a new day, a new hope to many beings. Everyone are in hustle bustle in their another new day. It was another normal day for everyone. Many are determined to do the things which they want to. Some are happy, some are sad, some are anxious, some are scared, and many emotions are felt by them yet they need to live this life. Life looses it’s meaning when we won’t face any new circumstances, new challenges. Life is a war. We need to fight it. Something that comes easily won’t means as that much as something comes by struggle and hard work. Only you knows it’s importance in your life. Life is  beautiful and it’s becomes beautiful by the way we see it.

A beautiful room is shown which is in colour of dark blue and white combination. It’s decor is giving it a cozy look. Sun rays peeped through window falling on a couple who is sleeping in each other embrace. As sun rays falls on the male figure, he hid his face in the crook of his spouse in order to stop them. In the process he pulled her more tightly towards him through her waist. His this gesture broke her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at her heavenly handsome husband’s face. A small smile crept on her face seeing the frown on his forehead. Leaning a little she pecked his forehead with passion. Her this gesture made him smile which brought a huge grin on her face. He opened his eyes and looked at his beautiful wife, who is busy in adoring him. He returned the gesture by kissing her head more passionately making her feel those butterflies.

“good morning Twinkle. ” wished her husband in morning hoarse yet husky voice making her giggle.

“good morning Kunj. ” she replied to her husband with a Twinkle in her eyes which he loves to see.

“you are looking so happy. Any special reason? ” he asked her and next moment her smile dropped making him frown.

“you don’t remember? ” she asked with a lace of disappointment in her voice.

“no I don’t. Am I missing something? Is there something special today? ” he asked. Disappointment is clearly written on her face yet she managed to fake a smile forgetting the fact that this is her Kunj, her Sadu Sarna, who can easily identify her every emotion. He is the only person who can read her eyes like an open book. He noticed it but decided to keep quite.

“nothing. ” she tried to chirp it in her normal voice but failed miserably.

“OK. Twinkle today I need to leave early as I have some important meeting. ” said Kunj getting up from her bed. She nodded her head. He rushed into washroom while she took out all his stuff. Twinkle and Kunj are married for nearly eight months. They both are college sweethearts. Everyone were jealous of their love and their understanding. They faced many hurdles but they never gave up on each other. They fought against every odd and married convincing their parents. Their parents accepted them because they find them as ‘god made couple ‘ and most importantly they trusted their childs’ decision.

Today is one of the important day for Twinkle. It’s her birthday. Today is the day when she came out of her mother womb. It is very special to her. She waits for her birthday from the start of the year. Childish. It is! She doesn’t cares. It was always important. Like any other time she waited for it. She thought Kunj will remember it. Even though this time she talked little about it due to her new responsibilities yet she waited as every year. Her phone started ringing bringing her out of her thoughts session. She looked at her phone and a big grin broke on her face.

“hello dad. ” she chirped happily.

“Happy Birthday princess. ” wished her dad making her heart dance in joy. Her dad is the first person who always wished his princess on her birthday. She thought it will change after marriage but it didn’t by god’s grace.

“where is mom? ” she asked.

“she went to temple to do pooja on your name. ” he said. She was more than happy that her parents still wished her even though being living away in other country. This was lame but her heart is innocent. Suddenly her eyes became moist.

“dad I miss you. ” she said muffling her cries.

“I miss you too princess. ” her dad replied. Even his eyes became moist thinking that his princess is far away. Duo father and daughter talked for a while in which she mostly complained how badly she missed him. Even her father missed her like anything. He can’t help it. This is the rule of this world that after marriage every bride/daughter should leave her house. This is absurd but everyone are following it. If she can then till now she would have broke this rule and would have ran into her father’s arms. It’s not that she hates her in laws, infact they are the best. They always treated her like a daughter and Kunj, he is her lifeline now. It just that she misses her parents. Them being in another country did no good and she hate that fact. She want her parents near her atleast on her birthday, where she again want to become a child. She again wants to do all those naughty things where always her dad saved her from her mom’s wrath. She miss them a lot. After talking for a while she ended the call. She looked at “new messages” and tapped on it. There is a message from her mom at early morning 5:00 am. Her mom is a morning person while Twinkle was totally opposite but after marriage many things got changed. She tapped on the message.

“Twinkle, my child. Wish you a very happy birthday. I’m so glad that I got you as my daughter. It’s the first time that you are away from us on your birthday and it clenches my heart to not to see my beautiful daughter’s face on her birthday. I know this is your first birthday after marriage and things gets change after marriage but my dear you will be always my little baby girl no matter what. You are the same Twinkle for me who used to throw tantrums on everything. Ahhh! How I miss those days. But, now you are married and things gets changed after marriage. You will have to handle many new responsibilities. It makes you sick at times but I know that my daughter will never disappoint me. You need to treat your father-in-law and mother-in-law just the way you treat me and your dad. I know you love them. And Kunj, he is the sweetest guy I met in my life. I’m proud of your decision. I know he will be always on your side through thick and thin in every stage of your life. Don’t let any misunderstanding ruin your relationship. I’m proud of you child. Once again happy birthday. I love you and I miss you.”

At the end Twinkle’s eyes started to rain. She wiped her tears. “I know mom things do get change after marriage and I promise that I’ll give my cent percent to handle everything. What if Kunj forgot my birthday. I’ll remind him. He is busy now a days, maybe that’s the reason. No, I wont let any misunderstanding enter in my relationship. I got best husband and in laws. I cant thank god enough for it. I miss you mom. I wish you and dad were on my side on this day.” thought Twinkle.Kunj came out of washroom and looked at his Siyappa Queen who is lost in her thoughts. He went to her and slipped her hand around her waist from back, resting his head on her shoulder. She jerked out of her thoughts and relaxed instantly leaning into her husband’s touch.

“What are you thinking Twinkle?”

“nothing Kunj.” After few seconds she turned around breaking the hug.

“Kunj I want to say something.” said Twinkle determined to remind him about her birthday. Kunj’s eyes landed on clock.

“Holy Christ! I’m late Twinkle. I’ll listen to you later.” with that Kunj marched towards dressing table. Twinkle sighed in disappointment. Kunj noticed it and a smile is threatening on his lips which he hid it away from her like a pro. Twinkle took his blazer and went towards him, making him wear it. He turned towards his wife. Twinkle adjusted his collar and frowned after looking at his costume.

“Is there any party today?’ asked Twinkle.

“No. But there is something special and I need to look good for that.” he finished. Not a word got into Twinkle brain.

“ok take care.” with that she kissed his cheek and turned to get freshen up but halted when he held her wrist. With a cute frown she looked at him.

“wear this for me today.” said Kunj giving her a cover. She nodded her head. He kissed her forehead with passion and left downstairs. Twinkle rushed to washroom. After taking shower she wore the dress Kunj gave her. Twinkle found his behaviour odd but she let it go for now. She looked at herself in floor length mirror. She is wearing a red colour floor length anarkali with black embroidery. Her dupatta is of black colour. She looked at herself in mirror. Dress is perfect for her. She wore some black and red combo bangles, applied little makeup and left her hair open. She wore nuptial chain and adorned her forehead with vermilion. After giving her last glance, she went out of room. She reached downstairs but didn’t found anyone. This made her frown. She gave voice but there was no response. She took her phone to call someone but halted when she heard.





She looked towards source only to find her parents, brother, her father-in-law, mother-in-law, her brother-in-law and her husband. All together singing birthday song for her. She dropped her mobile and ran into her father’s embrace who stood their opening his arms. As soon as she landed in his arms, he sighed in relief and content. She broke hug and hugged her mother who is waiting for her chance. Her mom knows that her baby girl is more close to her dad and this duo father and daughter are emotional freaks. She hugged her bro who teased her like always.

“Mom, dad. you all here?” she asked surprised.

“how can we be away from our princess on her birthday.” said her father making her smile more widely.

“but dad you didn’t said this in morning when you called me?” she asked cutely landing her father in danger. All glared him while he gulped.

“because we want to surprise you but dad” complained Riyansh. her brother. Her father thought it would be easy to not to wish his princess on her birthday. But with each passing second it proved him wrong. Although he promised he wont ruin surprise but he cant help himself, so gave up &called his princess to wish her. Her dad smiled apologetically. Understanding the situation, Twinkle diverted topic.

“whose Idea is this?” asked Twinkle.

“obviously your lovely husband.” said her brother-in-law Uv. She looked at her husband who is busy in staring her.

“bro down to earth.” said Uv poking him in his stomach. She blushed a little.

“I thought you all…..” she trailed away.

“well we thought a lot to what to gift our daughter but nothing appropriate came into our brain.” said her father-in-law.

“at that time Kunj thought of this and we agreed happily as we are aware that no other can bring this beautiful smile on our daughter’s face that will come only by seeing her parents.” ended her mother-in-law. Twinkle thanked god for sending such humble people in her life.

“let’s cut the cake.” chirped Riyansh. All hooted. Uv brought the cake and Twinkle cut it with her family. All fed each other cake and Twunkle took blessings from them.

“you all sit, I’ll bring breakfast.” said Twinkle and rushed into kitchen and got overwhelmed to see her favourite dishes. Outside all sat on dining table and started chit chatting. Kunj slowly slipped away without anyone’s notice. He went inside kitchen and hugged his wife. She smiled and turned around.

“Kunj.” her voice laced with love.


“you know it’s my birthday, right? then why didn’t you wished me first?” she asked cutely making him chuckle. He pecked her lips making her eyes go wide.

“because I know your parents are the first one who always wished you on your birthday and I don’t want this habbit of yours to get change. I know that you miss them so I asked them to come. But only I know how I resisted myself to wish you.” She gave him a hearty smile.

“I love you.” she said.

“I know. Wait! I brought something for you.” with that he shuffled his pocket.

“you gave me enough Kunj I don’t want anything more.” said Twinkle but seems like it went into deaf years. Kunj showed a beautiful diamond necklace.

“It’s beautiful.” said Twinkle but Kunj didn’t agreed. He turned her around and made her wear it. After he turned around and looked at her.

“now it is beautiful.” said Kunj making her blush.

“thankyou.” said Twinkle.

“do you thank yourself Twinkle?” asked Kunj.


“then why are you thanking me. We both are one Twinkle. So don’t thank me ever.” he said. Twinkle looked aound to see whether any maids are there. When she got sure, she pecked his lips and ran from there blushing. Kunj looked shocked but smiled later at his Siyappa queen’s cuteness. He ruffled his hairs. Rest of the day went with Twinkle spending her time with her whole family which includes her parents, brother and her in laws. She lived that day just the way she lived before her marriage.

Time passed in a blink. It’s night time. After spending lot of time with everyone Twinj returned their room. Kunj went to freshen up. Twinkle decorated whole room with scented candles and flowers. Kunj came out and got shocked to see the scenario. Twinkle hugged him from back. Kunj smiled and brought her front. He kissed her palms. She blushed.

“Kunj I dont know what to say? You made my day so special. Nothing can be as precious as my parents. This is the best gift I got till. I thought after marriage everything will change and I wont be able to be the same Twinkle but you changed my perspective. Thank you a lot. I cant thank god enough for sending such husband and in laws.” said Twinkle and her eyes showed that how every word she meant.

“Twinkle I know after marriage things get change but it doesn’t mean that you need to burry your old self.We can handle new changes being our old self. Most importantly I loved you in your old self more. Don’t change for anyone. You are beautiful the way you are and I love you for it. And most importantly don’t stop yourself from meeting your parents. Even you are also a human being and you need them in your life as much as I need them.” said Kunj and tears welled up in her eyes. Where can she get such an understanding husband and in-laws. She is blessed to have them.

“I’m blessed to have you Kunj.” said Twinkle hugging him tightly. Kunj hugged her back. He broke hug nd frowned seeing tears in her eyes. He wiped it with his thumbs gently and kissed her eyes. Twinkle stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. Within second their lips met. Kunj stood shocked for a second as this is the first time she is initiating a liplock or romance else she is always shy. He always loved her shy side, not that he is complaining as he can never get tired of discovering her more and more and falling for her again and again. Kunj wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed back. It was slow and sweet which tuned into passionate one. They both got completely lost in moment. They are out of breathe but none is ready to break. Their lips moulded perfectly.They broke it when they were out of breathe. They eyes are closed and foreheads joined. Kunj opened his eyes only to get mesmerised by the sight. Twinkle eyes are closed with a blush adorning her face. Hairs are messy, lipstick got smudged and lips are swollen. This made him realise how hot the moment got and he cant resist himself anymore from claiming her once again, from worshipping her body, from giving her pleasure, and most importantly taking her to heaven and forgetting this world. He scooped her in his arms and took her to bed. Laying on the cozy yet soft material, he hovered her giving her feverish kisses from head to eyes to nose to lips to jawline. He halted and claimed her lips again into a sweet yet desire kiss. He travelled to jawline and further to neck creating a havoc in her and losing in her completely. Both felt erotic and deire grown for each other. After worshipping each others body and discarding their clothes, they made love drowning in each other and again those two bodies became one. The beauty of nature witnessed it. They made love till they got exhausted. Never in thousand years they can get enough of each other. Their love is purest and is capable to fight against all odds. Soon they drifted into sleep in each others arms, feeling contended and safe with a smile on their lips. Nature smiled looking at their pure and innocent love.


Here I end it.

Hope you all enjoyed it.

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    1. Ramya

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday Ramya🎊🎊🎂🎂🎂
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    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much. Cindy.
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    Belated Happy Birthday di.. May you get all the happiness and success.. Sorry, I was really busy and couldn’t wish you yesterday. Many many happy returns of the day..
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    Love you and once again, a very happy birthday to you..

    1. Ramya

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  8. Happy birthday ramya the os was really awsm and I really want to read more of ur episode it makes me really happy to see and read happy vibes please do try to write another os love u take care and party hard

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