Blend of Emotions (SwaSan ts) Shot 2 by Marsuu

Blend of Emotions (SwaSan ts)
Shot 2:

Sanskar enter inside his room and lie on the bed. He thought about what swara told him, the reason she don’t want to give him divorce.
“Sanskar, saket and sanchit are so sad, that we are separating” swara said.
” hmm even i was thinking that we can’t be so selfish to separate them when we know how much they love each other” sanskar said. Their eyes got wet as they remember how much their children have to suffer for their problems.
” so i don’t want divorce and infront of them we will act normally” swara told.
” okay” sanskar nodddd.
Flashback ends.
Sanskar is feeling light and there is immense happiness in his heart that tomorrow all are going to come back. His house was so silent that he felt suffocated without saket and sanchit from last two months.

Next Morning:
The door bell of swara’s house rings and sanchit ran to open the door.
” papaaa” he shouted as he saw sanskar at the door.
” how is my baby??” Sanskar asked picking him in his arms.
” very unhappy” sanchit made sad face.
” why??” Sanskar asked.
” bcoz me and bhai wants to live as happy family together” sanchit told. Sanskar look at swara who slightly smile at him.
” alright that’s why i came to take you all” sanskar said.
” mamma and saket bhai also??” Sanchit asked hopefully.
” yes we all will live together” sanskar kiss his cheeks.
” woowww I’m so happy” sanchit shrieked.
” thank you papa” saket came and hug sanskar’s legs. After that sanchit and saket hug each other as they will be together.
” now we can play games and do so many things” saket said happily while sanchit smile showing his all teeths to him.
” hello!!” Sanskar said approaching swara.
” hey! Let’s go ” swara said looking at the packed suitcase. Sanskar nodded and picked one bag whereas swara took another. They all left to maheshwari house.

At night:
After so many days, they sat together and had dinner though swasan didn’t talked to each other but undoubtedly they were enjoying their company with their kids.
Later, saket and sanchit went to their room while sanskar went to his room.
After sometimes, swara also came to her room and saw sanskar lying on the couch.
She didn’t said anything and went to washroom.
When she came out sanskar look at her, their eyes met for a second.
” you can sleep on bed” swara said not looking in his eyes.
” it’s okay I’m comfortable here” he said. Swara shrugs and went to bed and slept.

After one week:
From last one week, swasan used to talk formally but they try to be with their sons more and indirectly spending time with each other. Like every night, sanskar went to couch and slept and swara on bed. It’s raining and lightning outside and swara is not able to sleep. Sanskar half opened his eyes and saw she has clutched the sheet close to her heart and tightly closed her eyes. Sanskar smile as she must be mumbling some prayers. Sanskar know that swara is scared of thundering and when they were together, she used to hug him tightly and sleep. He signed at her stubborness and got up. He reached near her and touch her forehead with his palms and she is burning. Swara open her eyes feeling his hand
” swara you have fever” sanskar said getting panicked.
” I’m fine” swara said. Sanskar glare her and open the drawer, taking out medicine.
” take this” he forward his hand of medicine. Swara silently took it and lie on the bed.
” move towards your side” he said as she was sleeping on his side. Swara shifted little and sanskar slipped in the blanket.
” sanskar” swara widen her eyes at him.
” what?? You are reacting like we never slept together, do bache aise hi nhi ho gya” sanskar said suddenly turning swara’s cheeks crimson red. Sanskar smile at her expressions. Swara lie and sanskar hug her as she is shivering.
” feeling warm??” He asked slowly.
” hmm” swara close her eyes. She don’t want to think anymore and she is loving this moment. Soon both slept.

Next day:
Swara is serving breakfast to saket and sanchit when sanskar came downstairs. Swara saw him and the flashes of last night played in her mind. After so many months unwilling they slept in each other’s arms and nothing can be more peaceful than this.
Sanskar directly went to swara and place his palm on her forehead. He felt relieved that she is fine.
” good morning” swara smile and wished him.
” morning” sanskar took his seat.
” i will try to mend our relation again sanskar and i know you still care for me” swara thought admiring sanskar who is busy with their sons.
Swara also sat with them and had her food. Now they always try to sit together and have family time.
Swara’s phone rings which is near sanskar. He saw caller id which is displaying ” karan calling” . Sanskar got angry as he don’t like him. He is swara’s friend from school and sanskar know he like swara secretly. Karan is playboy so he didn’t got married.
” hey karan, yeah i will be there” swara said talking on phone. Soon she cut the call and sanskar was furious as he know she is going out with them.
” swara you are going somewhere??” He asked trying to control his rage bcoz he can’t dominate her as per their deal not to interfere in personal life of other.
” yes I’m going for an interview in karan’s company” swara answered. Sanskar didn’t liked the idea if she will work with him, he will always stick to swara.
” sanskar i will leave saket and sanchit, you please bring them in the evening as i will be late” swara said picking her bag.
Biding them bye, she left from there with kids. Sanskar went to his office.

At night:
Whole day sanskar was restless because swara was with karan but he was convincing his heart that he don’t care for her but he do. Now it’s getting on his nerves bcoz it’s 11 at night and she still didn’t came back. Sanskar gave dinner to saket and sanchit and made them sleep. He is waiting for swara’s arrival when he heard car sound. Sanskar went near window and saw swara came out along with karan. Sanskar clutch his hands bcoz karan hugged her. They both are laughing. Swara came towards entrance and karan left.
When swara enter inside, she saw furious sanskar.
” i think you are getting more comfortable with karan” sanskar taunted her.
” say clearly ” swara said.
” everything is clear never mind you have your own life” his eyes have pain. Swara knew he never liked karan.
” sanskar it’s nothing like that, he is just my friend” swara said as she don’t want more misunderstandings between them. Sanskar give her ” i don’t care” look and move towards his room. Swara ran after him but he already lie on the couch covering himself with blanket.
” sanskar i went to karan’s house as his mother wants to meet me.. ” swara was explaining him but he didn’t reacted so swara went to change.
To be continued….

How will swasan relation mend??? Or it will seriously end up in separation???
Sorry for dragging it to third part but was not able to complete.
Thank you

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