Black heart, innocent soul-ragsan -one shot (epilogue to the one shot)

hi guys I’m really happy with your response on the one shot.i wonder if I can get more happiness and then your comments just make me mad in happiness Everytime I read them.thank you for showering so much love on me.

so here’s the epilogue:

“sanskar let’s not tell anybody now that we are in a relationship”ragini hesitated fearing his reaction.sanskar smiled nodding.ragini wanted to keep their love under wraps as she didn’t wanted it to become a hot topic for everyone.she wanted to tell Neil and Sameer first after she sees sanskar and them developing a bond.she didn’t wanted anything to go wrong or hurt anybody.sanskar agreed as he felt people might not accept it amicably and raise finger on ragini while he would come out as clean.he knew the image scholarship students had as they were seen as cunning, greedy and selfish and his ragini was nothing near that,he knew he wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone bad mouthing ragini and his wrong step which could cost him ragini.

a complaint was filed against Karthik resulting in his expansion,he was not sent to jail owing to his father’s connections.sanskar supported ragini through all this though not showing it openly but the reason ragini filed the complaint was his strength and insistence.ragini was wary as the people would only consider her wrong but sanskar’s words”you should not give a damn to this world… you know your closed ones will think of you as right.. just place your trust on them….if they don’t believe you then you will realize they are not your own… any case it’s beneficial”. ragini hugged sanskar tightly with the promise to be with him all her life.
“see this girl… how could she come here even after what all happened…no shame”a girl spit out putting up a disgusting look.ragini felt hurt and turned back to leave but Sameer held her hand making her sit in the canteen and ate with her.”tuch tuch….so bad na she is here….

oh God she should cry at home…lock herself up… and how dare she come in college after all this”sanskar spoke sarcastically to that girl with a warning in his tone.ragini looked at him worried by his reaction.sanskar felt her gaze but nonetheless spoke venomously”which century women are you? it’s 21st century you are living in… get out of your pathetic thinking…. you are raised in a modern family and still you are orthodox…shame on your thinking that you don’t respect other girl…I sometimes wonder that women are more patriachal than men and yaa seeing girls like you it soldifies my belief”. the girl looked on shameful while whole canteen was engulfed with silence seeing sanskar’s reaction.sanskar left giving a glance to ragini who felt proud seeing sanskar.sameer ran to sanskar outside and hugged thanking him.sanskar stumbled due to sudden force while Sameer broke the hug.

as it’s said that best friends hate the person if the person does not likes the person and here with the end of enemity between Neil and sanskar Sameer also left sulking around sanskar and what he did today just left him amazed,he could see changes in him and now with his this step he sure made a place in Sameer’s heart.”friends”sanskar shook Sameer’s extended hand reciprocating his smile.ragini forgave the girl when she stood guilty in front of her.”sanskar how much you love me…. I felt proud today that I love you”ragini thought grinning widely.

“here gajar ka halwa”ragini opened her tiffin making sanskar smile widely licking his lips smelling the aroma of the dish.”aaaa”sanskar hummed opening his mouth asking ragini to make her eat.”sanskar neither are your hands dirty nor you are sick.. then why do you always ask me to feed you”ragini asked innocently pushing food in his mouth.sanskar giggled in a girlish manner hitting her head saying”buddhu don’t you know way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… and you get me your handmade food but still it seems incomplete so I eat from your hands….it gives me a joy that nothing else can give…”. ragini smiled through her sparkling eyes as sanskar hid his tears being emotional.she wiped the corner of his lips sending butterflies in his stomach.ragini felt goosebumps all over her body when their skin came in contact.they looked at each other gulping down feeling the heat.

sanskar looked at her lips while ragini closed her eyes in shyness.sanskar cupped her face nearing her.his hot breath tickled her and she clutched her duppata to hold her nervousness with the growing closeness.sanskar’s lips on her forehead made her feel escatic, after all what could be the best way to express love than a forehead kiss.ragini opened her eyes looking at him emotionally.sanskar pulled her cheeks pouting cutely while ragini mirrored his reaction.sanskar engulfed her in hug saying”there’s still time for that” making her blush.

Neil huffed wiping his forehead of the sweat.sanskar shook his head looking at his annoyed face and neared him.”let me help you”sanskar spoke analyzing his car.neil looked at him when he did some changes in the car.”now”Neil started the engine and smiled widely thanking him.”sanskar,Neil thank God I met you guys here… actually I forgot my project at home… and it will take me 3 hours to go home…. please help me”Sameer pleaded while saneil shook their heads.sameer smiled sheepishly while and they moved to library to complete his project.”no Neil that one”sanskar gave him another book and Neil scanned through it nodding.”ouch”Sameer winced when saneil together slapped his head while Sameer was busy on phone.saneil hified when Sameer pouted at them angrily making them pull his cheeks and he too after faking anger burst into laugh.

they were laughing and smiling when ragini came there angrily.the trio gulped seeing her anger position,with hands on her waist,red eyes and a flaring nose.”cholly”the trio spoke cutely holding their ears.”I searched the whole campus for you people but no you had to be here…at the most unexpected place”ragini huffed in anger which was evaporating amounting to their puppy dog eyes and cute pout.ragini tried holding her laugh but burst out laughing seeing them exaggerating their innocent look making them look aliens in a bid to look more innocent.the trio smiled seeing her laugh heartily.

“open it”ragini giggled seeing sanskar squeaking like a child presenting her a gift.”this!!”ragini widened her eyes seeing an expensive diamond bracelet.sanskar smiled at her but it soon vanished hearing her.”I don’t want such expensive gifts sanskar…. you don’t need to express your love by this… you just give me a flower and I will be happy….I have always grown up struggling and suddenly this luxury…. I am not used to this… you can present me gifts but only after marriage when we become each other’s life partner”ragini spoke with a bit of guilt seeing him sad.sanskar smiled saying”I am lucky that I got a girl like you who doesn’t minds money…. this gift is my way to express love… I know you won’t take it now but I am keeping it with me and gift it to you on our marriage night”. ragini blushed hearing his words.”ok sanskar you have to come to my orphanage… it’s basant panchmi celebration”ragini reminded sanskar who nodded biting his tongue as he had forgotten it.

sanskar looked around the orphanage where kids were playing wearing yellow clothes.sanskar felt his heart lighten seeing the view.ragini entered the lawn in her yellow suit, looking stunning in her simple dress and hair.sanskar felt his heart race with her cute smile.ragini instructed the children to go inside and she moved towards him.”someone is looking handsome in yellow tee”ragini smirked making sanskar blush.”waise someone is looking beautiful in her suit”sanskar gave a naughty smile making ragini blush now.”come”ragini pulled sanskar inside for Saraswati pooja.sanskar felt mesmerized seeing ragini close her eyes with pure devotion on her face.he sighed feeling relief by her presence and folded his hands praying.”thanks beta”the caretaker said to sanskar who shook his head.ragini raised her eyebrows after the caretaker left.”2 lakhs”ragini screamed as she got to know amount of donation sanskar gave.”ragini when I visited here last time I was appalled seeing the conditions here…

I wanted to improve the place so that children here can remain in a healthy environment.. you didn’t let me get something expensive for you but doing this I don’t think you will say anything”sanskar squeezed his eyes anticipating her reaction.ragini hugged him teary eyed whispering to him”you know I wanted to spend my first salary to get this place repaired… and you fulfilled it”.”ragini I promise to always fulfil your dreams and help you to achieve them”sanskar spoke softly caressing her hair.”I love you”ragini hummed on his chest while sanskar mouthed to her”more than my life”.

“Neil, Sameer we have to win this tournament”sanskar boosted their confidence for the upcoming national basketball scholar high was the known university of India the tournament was to happen in their college.they practiced hard each day with the goal to win the trophy.
“hi”ragini shook her hand with the boy of other college’s team.sanskar turned red in jealousy.ragini gave a smile to boy and turned around exhausted.sanskar pulled her to a corner with rage filled eyes.”why were you talking to him””sanskar I am volunteering for our college… I have to behave amicably with everyone…”ragini reasoned rubbing his shoulder to soothing his anger.”I am sorry I got a bit possessive but yaa I will get jealous Everytime you are with a guy but I promise to not let it come out as anger on you”sanskar blinked his eyes promising her.ragini smiled at him.

“come on”ragini cheered for the boys as they had to score the last basket.sanskar heard her words and felt energy rushing through him.he snatched the ball from the rival teammate and moved to his basket.others came to stop him but he kept on moving.he was about to fall but before that he passed the ball to Neil making his team win.the scholar high was filled with joy and hooting with their victory but none paid attention to the fall in sanskar.ragini passed the crowd rushing to him with worry covering her features.”sanskar”ragini gasped seeing his pierced hand.sanskar winced in pain while ragini took him to the medical room.”sanskar here have this juice”ragini made him drink by her hands when his dressing was done.”is it paining too much?”ragini asked painfully seeing his expressions reflecting agony.sanskar shook his head smiling at her and engulfed her in a hug.ragini sighed in his hold feeling content.her breath hacked when she saw sanskar fell down on the court while the crowd took Neil on their shoulders.his blood made her conscious and she felt her heart pain by his wound.

“Neil Sameer I want to tell you something”ragini said hesitant.sanskar stood beside her while samneil stood confused.they had come to a restaurant to celebrate the victory when ragini decided to tell them about her and sanskar.”we love each other”ragini spoke holding sanskar’s hand tightly.samneil widened their eyes hearing her and looked at their entwined hands.sameer smiled congratulating them.ragsan’s smile vanished seeing Neil run from there suddenly.they ran after him and stopped him.”what happened?”ragini huffed after continuous running.”I am angry from both of you… you people were in a relationship and you hid it from us… I didn’t expected this from you ragini…am I even a friend to you?”Neil said emotionally making ragini look down in sadness.sanskar stood shocked when Neil winked at him.he understood his gesture and smirked at him.”Neil I am sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you”ragini broke down crying making neilsan feel bad.”sorry… sorry… sorry…I was just teasing you… you did such a big thing and I can’t even tease you.. not fair”Neil held his ears pouting cutely.ragini wiped her tears seeing him smile.sanskar smiled and side hugged ragini rubbing her shoulder in concern.”don’t cry… it makes my heart bleed”sanskar complained while ragini nodded.

“dad she’s ragini”sanskar introduced her to his dad.ram Prasad looked at her critically and nodded leaving from there giving a glance to sujatha.”sanskar beta go to your dad… I have to talk to her”sujatha fake smiled at ragini sending sanskar out.”what is your status? you are not a rich man’s daughter… what profit will we get by marrying you to him? you realize that there are 100 relations lined up for him who want to connect maheshwari to their name.. and you are not even worth it…. maybe you are sanskar’s interest now but soon it will fade away and regret choosing you… so it’s better you leave him and go away”sujatha spoke arrogantly crossing her arms revolving around her.ragini felt her eyes tear up but she stood strong and replied her with respect”aunty I am glad there are many girls after sanskar why not after all he is such a good guy… and I don’t need to connect with to my name to gain status..I am self sufficient to earn for myself and make my identity…. you have just met me so maybe you don’t know my worth but I know it and your son also does…. about being his interest… yes I am his interest but his need at the same time…we complete each other and I bet that never would one of us regret choosing the other… you are his mother and that’s why I am respecting you but please don’t let me cross my limit”. sanskar was shocked seeing ragini folding her hands in front of his mother.he analyzed their reactions and realized what must have happened.”mom…

you don’t need to worry about her status… she is strong enough to make her identity and reach your level by herself…. and besides being successful she has a good heart… not like you who inherited the trait in me and soaked the feelings out of me… making my heart black but now it beats for her… because of her… get one thing straight that I am not going to leave ragini…yes there was a time status mattered to me but now the heart does… she has a golden heart which no money or luxury can match… her innocence makes me realize that there is still generosity present in this world… she makes me feel that I also have a family…a feeling that I never felt by your pocket money… you neglected me but I am not stupid to neglect my love”sanskar held ragini’s hand while sujatha gasped.”sanskar they are your family… whatever they are doing it’s for you… to ensure you a good life…a parent wants best for their child and this is what they are doing.. I know they never paid attention to you and I can’t forgive them for giving you this wound but sanskar you should try to make them realize what they missed all these years.. cherish them with love and show them that you still crave for their love…

their ignorance made you cold but now melt them with with your love”ragini cupped his face, sanskar shook his head but ragini nodded asking him to agree.he again shook his head breaking down in her embrace.ragini caressed his back supporting him.he felt surprised how she realized his pain without his sharing this topic but he felt that she is the right choice,that she would take away all his pain.sujatha came to them with tears and took sanskar in her embrace bursting into a bitter cry.sanskar sobbed in his mother’s embrace who was apologizing to him for her ignorance.”sorry beta”ragini shook her head when sujatha apologized to her.”ragini you are my son’s life… don’t ever leave him…”sujatha pleaded to ragini who nodded sobbing while sujatha took ragini also in her embrace.ram who witnessed the whole scene looked at his family sighing and promised himself to not ignore his son now for business.

done!!! while writing this I realized I don’t know how to write an epilogue ???.I feel I made this as a second part rather than an ending but I somehow feel bad seeing my stories ending so maybe that’s why.but yaa give me suggestions as to how to write an epilogue.i am horrible at it.
done with my rant now you can praise my work???.I know I have turned mad but your comments are the reason.
love you guys.take care and go to sleep now.
thanks for reading.

So an error occurred and if you feel that you are seeing it again then I guess I got hyper and posted it again but I wanted to ensure it reaches you people today only.

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