Black ghost and his Witchy witch (OS) by Rabia

Guys this is just a small OS if u find it boring then plz ignore it 😉

One graveyard in shown….music startsss char bajjj gaye lakin partyyyy abhii baki hay 😉 (its 4 o clock but still party is remaining ;)……Suddenly two graves start shaking….. one hand come out from one graveyard doing hip hop style with hand….…. Then the second hand also came out with doing same step…. Finally we can see a head of a person…. Who sneeze loudly…. And finally came out from the grave…. While doing break dance on the music……

It is reveal that the person is man… the man goes to other shaking grave and knocks upon it…

One voice came from inside….

Voice : what’s your problem black ghost?? After dying u also can’t leave a chance to tease mee let me make myself ready….

Man: witchy witch come out or else I will sit on your grave…

Voice : don’t u dare black ghost im coming….

Like this witchy witch came out.. while grabbing a hair brush in her hand..

Both are in white dresses and having white and red paint on their faces 😉

Man start laughing on seeing it and said: why r u brushing your hair nobody is interested in seeing a dead witchy witch…

WW: ooo uu shut up black ghost u always burns from my beauty…

BG : hahahahahha beauty hahahahahhaa u r not a beauty u r totally a black witchy witch…

WW : BG I will kill uu

BG : WW darling im already dead and living with a witchy witch like u

WW : soo who said to live with me?? Go and find any other black witch like your name…. she said while putting mascara on her eye lashes…. She is holding a pocket mirror..

BG : I can’t understand one thing how can u apply mascara without any light??

WW : uu patient of memory loss we are dead we can easily see in dark

BG : oo yaaa….

WW : okay let’s goo for scaring hunt…

BG : let’s go….

Scene 2:-

One car is coming with a high speed… we can see a couple sitting in it….. they both are enjoying and laughing with each other…

Suddenly boy in the car saw one car is standing near the road side…

Girl says to him to stop and let us chck…

Boy nodes and stops the car….

Both got down and saw one more couple is standing and trying to repair their car….

Guys now I will address first car couple as girl 1 (G1) and boy 1 (B1) while the second car couple as girl 2 (G1) and boy 2 (B2)

B1 : any problem sir??

G2,B2 saw them both and come towards them..

B2: nothing dude just our car is not starting.. while g1,g2 passes the smile to each other…

B1: where u want to go??

B2: actually we are coming from the party and going towards the main city..

G1: we are also going in the same direction why don’t u join us??

G2,b2 saw towards each other and then to g1,b1

B2: okay dude we will come…

B1: okay then lets go…

B2 sits at front with b1 while g2,g1 sits together at back seat…

B2 :starts the conversation…

B2: dude from where u both r coming??

B1: actually we gone out of city just now returning from there…

G2: u must have reached earlier..

G1: why what happened??

B2: we have heard that in this area there was a grave yard….

B1: ooooo so whats the big deal??

G2: actually we heard that from that grave yard 2 souls came out every night for their scaring hunt…

G1: yarr don’t scare us please

B2: noo she is saying right.. my one frnd saw them and he said that they will scared everyone on the most unexpected moment…

B1: dude please stop talking about this all… u know im very much scared with these ghosts or witches…

G2: u know their names are black ghost and witchy witch..

G1 : what type of name is this???

B2: my father told me their story

B2: what story??

B2: they told me that they both loves each other very much… both were best frnds and their frnd ship turns into love….

G1: wooww then what happened??

G2: they both got married but after 1 week of their marriage they were coming with this same high way and met with an accident.. and died on the spot…

B1: ooo soo sad… what was there name??

B2 : sanskar meheswari and swara sanskar meheswarii

G1: whattt the famous business tycoon..

G2 : yuppp

B1: but what is the connection of black ghost and witchy witch with their names??

B2: actually both put each other names in childhood….

G1: how u know about this all???
G2 : aaa..aaammm

B2: what happened why r u nervous??

B2 : actually we heard about all this from their family..

G1: oo I see..

B1: dude main city came where u want to go??

G2: just one left from that road..

G1: your area is soo scary

B2 laughsss : actually its late at night naa

B1: okayyy….

Both g2 b2 bids bye to g1,b1….. g1 came back to her seat…

When g2,b2 were going..

B1 call them by pressing the horn…

Both turns and saw them..

B1: dude have u ever saw the face of black ghost or witchy witch??

B2 : noo dude we only heard about them

After listening this both g1,b1 pass smile to each other… while b2,g2 is seeing them with confusion….

G1 : then see now

G2: what do u mean??

B1: we means that we are the only black ghost and witchy witch by saying this both came into their original attires….

B2,g2 seeing them with shocked eyes and wide mouth…

G1: close your mouths dear….

Both closed their mouth

B2: hh…ooo…wwww…ttt..hhh…iiss…ssss haa…ppee…ns….

B1 laughs and said: actually today we decided to go on a long drive and we found u both…

G1: and its seems that u both want help so we helped u…

G2: b..uuu..ttt.t….ttt.. u….uuuu… bothh scares others naa then why not we??

B1 smiles : we only scares those who disturb others and u seems to be a nice and loving couple soo we helped u…

And by saying this black ghost aka sanskar meheswari and witchy witch aka swara sanskar meheswarii vanished with their car…

After few minutes b2,g2 came in their senses and looked at each other…

They stares each other for 5 minutes and then start screaming and runs towards their home 😛

guys how is this?? 😉 feel free to comment and dont forget to read my new ff ( u all made us like this swasan ff)


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    it was so funnt Rabi
    i cant stop my laugh
    you know when i was reading ur os and laughing my mom says that i m gone mad she was scolding me and saying that what i m reading and i really dont lknow what to say to her
    it was superbbb and once again you suprised me with your unique concept

  2. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Diiii … m soo busy with my studies n i have no time to write long comment.. soo writing a short one..
    it’s awesome… very good…
    seee i knew it d 1st girl n boy was our SWASAN… awwww !!! how might they look in that atire… looking smocking hot n cuteee … huaaahhhh !!! love it diii…
    *mad me.. kaha tha chota comment likhungi par dekho… pura ka pura puran likh diya.. huhhh !!! abhi bhi likh hi rahi hoon.. huhuhuhu…now baas…
    Thnk u..

    • Rabia



      Kakalii dearr prepare your exam after that u can write comment of 2 pages i will not say any thing but noww i will pull your ears if u waste your timee 😉😉😉😚😚😚😚

  3. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    so ghost bt its nt a scary ghost its so funny lovely nd damn cute ….,api can i say something

    plz write a ff on horror plot i mean a ff which contain……….HORROR,SUSPENCE,THIRLL,COMEDY ND LOTS OF LOTS OF SHOCKS u will try na plzz

    • Rabia



      Hehehehehe aliyaaa okay doneee i will surely think about it u gave me the idea than soo now i start running my dimagh k ghoray 😆😆😆😆😆 but u know naa writing one epi is easy but crwating whole ff is very much difficult task but i will surely come 😚😚😚

  4. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Hahahhaha hahahhaha really you Made sanky Black Ghostwriter n swara witchy witch…Hahhahahhahaha….

    Acha rabia are you writing any ff ? If yes can you send me the links plzzz

    • Rabia



      Dont worry s i will surely write i am currently thinking on itt its just a funny idea came soo i wrote it done dont worry i will write a scary one 😆😆😆

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    It’s so mysterious…..loved it di… Hehehe, black ghost and witchy witch,nice name…. Keep it up di.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  6. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Waaah di aapne to swasan ko ghost aur witch bana diya
    Good it funny and amazing
    Kabhi kabhi romance chodkar masti karna accha lagta hai haina

  7. Mica


    |Registered Member

    huh! i’m confuse, should i laugh or run in scary face ? huhuhu, this OS confuse me much.. *read it again and again…

  8. Prakriti19


    |Registered Member

    OMG Di..I thought that Boy 2 and Girl 2 will be ghosts…But my guess was wrong…
    BTW It was so funny…Specially names…I loved it.
    Keep writing Di
    Love u loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.