(A/N-i m really sorry for the late update but caugh with sm work…n handling 2-3 ff at a tym is tough for me…
Sorry again for my long speech…
U can go ahead for the chApter…
Happy reading?)

CHAPTER#2 bhooooott..??

Dev,after getting up went to the kitchen…
He thought about wat to make..
N den concluded to make aalo paratha…
He put potatoes to boil…n  on the otherside started to make a dough…he add d required things..n started to wrap a dough…though the flour was still there..had not been into a dough..
Wen suddenly.. His phone rung…it was d same ringtone which lovely singh(salman khan) had in his movie bodyguard…
Dat was high ringtone…so wen suddenly  it rung…dev jump as it was alll silent..n d fall on d ground taking d bowl tooo with him..thus making himself to looklike a cartoon…his face was all white..n wen the cooker in which he had put potato to boil shouted…he cried..or can say…again shout..
He got up n close d stove..

He then…saw dat it was over boiled n already mashed..(???poorr dev)
He,thought to make a light need to do hardwork now…n put some breads for toasting n made tea..n den saw d messs….
He took d he himself have to clean dat as radha rani,der maid will come after 10 n till then his lovely wife would see n scold him..(yaa d serial walii radha rani only…garib ki beti..)
He started to sweep first n after it was done..he mopped it…
Now it was done…
He thought n went to change himself into a human from a ghost,handsome ghost..
He entered her roooom to saw sona drying her hair…

She was looking gorgeous…he thought..n went towards her..he backhugged her…her face was covered with d towel so she dint saw him…
He put his chin on her shoulder…she knew dat he was d one so she dint stop him…his lovely husband…n  je continued knowing her positive response…he kissed her neck n started putting wet kisses…he kisses her right cheek…wen she toook out d towel from her face..m look at him through looked her tooo from mirror…

N before anything dey could do.. Dey shout “aaahhhhhh…bhooot..bhooooootttt”both at d same tym…
Sona’s face was all black as d towel was…n dev was already white in flour..
(How cute..white hubby with black wifey???)
“Its dev sona not any bhooot”he said as he recognise her..
“Wat happened to ur face..?”she asked whike he told her whole situation which took place a tym before…
Sonakshi laughed..n den laughed n den also continued laughing…she rolled down d bed…n laughed..

“Ow..! My cute hubbbyy…apni wife k liye breakfast banane me itna syaapppa kar diya..!(u did a big trouble just in making ur wife’s break fast..!”she said in btwn her laugh..
“Haso…haso..or haso…raavan ki tarah haso(laugh…laugh…n more laugh..laugh like raavan)”he said scarstically..
“N btw tum Jaise bohot khubsurat..daayan lag rahi ho..daayan..!(n btw ..u r laughing like u r so beautifu…looking like a witch..!?)”he said n now it was his turn to laugh…
“Tumhara matlab kya hai..han..! Daayan..! Hun…daayan..ruko..tumhe to me batati hu ??(wat do u mean..haan..! Witch..!! Huh..witch.?? Wait i’ll show u..!??)” she said angrily throwing a pillow at him…

“Muje kyu maara…dayan ho to daayan hi bolunga na???(y did u throw pillow at me…u r looking like witch dem i’ll call dat only naa..!)”he said again laughing n throwing the pillow on her…
Sona ran behind her…n he ran to save himself..from HIS WITCH?…both had a small pillow fight..making all the pillows to tear up..
Dev,regret calling her witch as now he have to clean dis mess too(??radha kya kaam ki)
Dev took her in his arms..n make her stand infront of mirror…now again she shout her lungs out…
“Who is dis..?”

“ daayan biwi..!??(u my witch wife)..”he said n again laugh..
“But i cleaned my face with towel..n den…”she recalles..suddenly dev started to get hiccups..remembering dat dis was becoz of him…
Yesterday night aftrr polishing his shoes..he cleaned her hands with the same towel this was black polish on her face..
Sonakshi realized n about to shout his name..wen
Dev came towards her..n put his hand on her mouth..
“Galti humne ki hai..sudhaarenge b ham hi..?(i did mistake n i will only cover up..”n he wink..before she could realize dev took her in his arms to bathroom to gave her bath again n for himself too..(tym bachana u know?)

So dis was it..?
I know very short..but today also i was not having tym..but u posted coz it was a long tym dat i posted soo…hope u all will forgive me…
N yaaa important notes below do read..

Guys u all thought dat dev is a joru kaa gulam(maid) of sonakshi.!
Dan u r wrong..
Sona loves dev n so does dev..
But its sona’s style to reciprocate her love..
N dev is happy with her style..
Dis ff is baised on dev’s antics…
Him working..! Which he totally cant do in d serial…
Hope u guys r clear now…
If any den ask me..!

I HAD THOUGHT OF A FUNNY ONE..BUT IF U GUYS WANT I’LL GIVE U ROMANCE TOO WITH IT..DATS Y I ENDED THIS CHAPTER…IF U WANT I’LL GIVE U BATHROOM ROMANCE..(NOT VULGAR AT ALL)JUST IF U WANT…!Actually i write twinj…n it contain maturecontent…n here on krpkab page i noticed many are below 15…so..if u r okay den i’ll giv..n try my best dat it wouldnot turn into a vulgar one.
N yaaa my #pfl ff(parters for life) i had published promo but go only 2 cmnts…seriously..? Do i deserve dat..?
U know i m really disappointed i posted next chappy today only on wattpad but for only 2 cmnts here..i dint post here..

Go n cmnt der tooo…if i’ll get enough i’ll post it..
N yaa from tomorrow dat is meams today only as it is already do cmnt den i’ll post next epi of #pfl today only..?
Good night..

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  3. Sgatik

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