Bitti Business Wali 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo Singh inquires about Sapna ji

Bitti Business Wali 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitti seeing Mahi outside her house. Mahi says you asked me to go, but I was waiting here for Janardhan ji and lal ji. He says he spoke to them and they will give pan stuff to you. Bitti asks with which mud you are made of? Mahi says from Ahmedabad land. Bitti laughs. Mahi asks her to keep laughing. Dadi sees them talking and thinks he didn’t go even though Bitti scolded him. She goes inside and calls Pehalwan. Pehalwan tells her that Mahi is in love with Sapna ji. Kashi is there and hears him.

Dadi thinks who is she? Mahi tells Bitti that he is relieved seeing her smile and apologizes to her on his father’s behalf. Bitti says you don’t need to say me sorry.

Laddo Singh’s wife reads geography. He talks to someone. Pahelwan comes and tells that Sundar

didn’t tell anything about Sapna ji. He asks shall we let him free? Kashi comes inside house. His mum gets happy. Laddo Singh asks why did you come? Kashi says he can’t stay alone. Pehalwan goes. Kashi looks at him. Mahi tells Bitti that her heart is big and everyone shall learn from her, Virender sees them talking and asks dadi what is this shamelessness. He tells that everything is happening because of her. Dadi asks why he is making issue and tells that she trust Bitti. Virender says Mahi and his father are goons and asks Dadi not to trust them. Bitti comes and hears him. Virender says they shall not trust much. Bitti says I met Mahi infront of you all, as you said. Virender asks why did he come in night and asks why she was talking to him in night. He taunts her for talking to him with a smile and asks about her relation with him. Pavitra takes a stand for her and tells Virender that his wife don’t have money even though he is a manager, and calls him shameless, She says Bitti has opened pan shop even though she has two brothers and calls them shameless. Dadi asks her not to interfere between brothers.

Mahi comes home and dances thinking about Bitti. Laddo Singh asks him if his Sapna ji is Bitti. Mahi is tensed. He sees kashi coming there and makes an excuse. Shaurya and Suman asks Bitti not to feel bad. Bitti says he is our brother and tells that she will say him sorry. Virender tells pavitra that he did college incident as he wants her to marry a good guy. Bitti comes there talking to Gayatri. Gayatri tells that he went to talk to Janardhan and lal and came to know that Mahi already talked to them. Bitti tells Virender that mahi called her to tell something important. Virender says its ok. Pavitra asks him to say sorry to Bitti. Bitti says it is not needed. Prema thinks about Madhuri and her smile vanishes. Mahi asks her to be happy. Pahelwan comes and says car is ready. Kashi asks Laddo Singh if he trust Pahelwan. Laddo singh says more than myself, they are my left and right hand. He leaves. Bitti is at her shop. Laddo Singh comes there. Bitti gets tensed. He asks her if she is Mahi’s Sapna ji.

Dadi asks Mahi, who is Sapna ji and why his father is troubling her. Mahi says Bitti is Sapna ji and he wants to marry her. Dadi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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