Bitti Business Wali 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti decides to do business

Bitti Business Wali 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitti meeting Manohar and introduces him to Chandana. Manohar suggests her to do business. Bitti thinks of Mahi’s words asking her to do business. She recalls her mum telling her mum that Bitti can do business. Bitti gets an idea and calls Mama ji. Mahi imagines Bitti having a florist shop while the song Tu tak tu tak plays….Sundar asks him to come. Mahi slaps him and tells that he was dreaming and saw Sapna ji having a shop. He tells that his Sapna has businessman qualities. Sundar asks why is he dreaming such thing for her and says it is not easy for girls to do business. He asks did you see any girl’s shop in the locality. He asks him to come to Banaras and says we will get Sapna ji’s job papers done by Tiwari. Mahi says Sapna ji refused to get job by recommendation.

Sundar says she asked you not to follow you, did you stop following her. Mahi gets thinking. Sundar says we shall not leave to try. Mahi gets impressed.

Abhishek tells his father that Bitti called him at home. Her father asks why did she call you. Abhishek says she wants to discuss about her career. Her father says I know you will get fruit for your patience. He comes home and sees Mahi sitting outside. He introduces himself. Mahi tells that he came to buy vegetables from Bitti.

Abhishek and Mahi come inside Bitti’s house. Dadi says Mahi and Abhishek together. Mahi says I want to buy flowers. Dadi asks Shaurya to go and give him flowers. Shaurya asks him to go downstairs and wait.

Mahi says ok. Bitti tells everyone that Papa is suspended from the job and it is everyone’s duty to take care of house in this difficult times. She says even I tried to get job, but I am not getting job as I am rusticated from college. She says I have decided to do business of my own. Abhishek, Virender and Dadi get shocked.

Prema and Akshata are watching a video. Ladoo Singh asks where is your mum in law? Prema says she is studying with Sangam. Laddo Singh says in this age…Akshata says there is no age bar for studies. Ladoo Singh says what she is studying now. Akshata says she is reading Geography. Ladoo Singh what she will do by reading it and I am her world, ask her take my rounds. Ladoo singh asks Jatha ji about Mahi. Jatha tells that Mahi went to banaras last night. Ladoo Singh asks why? Akshata makes an excuse. Dadi scolds Gayatri and asks him why she didn’t stop Bitti’s thoughts. Bitti asks why can’t girls do business. Virender says you just want to argue at every time and tells that you are engaged and telling this cheap things infront of a humble guy. He says Abhishek is a nice guy and that’s why left. He blames Gayatri for supporting her. Gayatri says what is wrong in doing business. Suman says Bitti isn’t wrong. Virender tells Dadi that Bitti is favoring wrong things and says they are salaried persons, and there is a risk in business. Chandana says there is a risk in salary job also. Dadi asks Bitti from where she will get job. Bitti says she has made arrangements for it. Dadi asks how?

Dadi asks Gayatri not to give money to Bitti. Mahi tells Bitti that he will ask his father to give her loan, but Ladoo Singh refuses to give her loan as she is a woman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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