Bitti Business Wali 5th June 2018 Written Episode: Bitti decides to work and support her father

Bitti Business Wali 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi telling that he wants to buy flowers. Bitti says she sells flowers to Manohar. Dadi asks why did she want to go when someone came to buy flowers from her. Bitti agrees and asks him to go. They go to the terrace and he apologizes to her. He tells her that he told about his feeling and didn’t think about hers. He says he will solve all her problems like Sankatmochan hanuman would do. Bitti laughs. Dadi talks to Gayatri (Bitti’s father)and says they have suspended him from the job. Mahi is leaving. Bitti asks Mahi not to beat the man who has suspended her father. Mahi says ok and tells her that he is with her always. He asks her to call him if needed. Abhishek is in his car outside and gets jealous and angry.

Gayatri tells everyone that some guys had teased

the girls and that’s why all employees present in the train is suspended. Virender says you are chief ticket collector and says you would have to made them sit elsewhere. He says how can you be so careless. Abhishek comes there and tells that he wants to talk to Bitti. He says we shall go out. Bitti says I can’t come out now as there is a problem at home. Abhishek asks why did that lafanga came here? Bitti says he wants to buy some flowers, but he left seeing problem in our house. Abhishek says you came to drop him till outside. Bitti says I need to go. Abhishek shouts Bitti. Dadi and others hear him and asks what happened? Abhishek says nothing and leaves. Virender tells Bitti, your behavior is wrong with Abhishek. Bitti says your behavior was wrong with Papa. She says I can bear anything, but not Papa’s insult. She asks him why don’t he pay for house expenses. He says he can pay for 1-2 people and not for all. Gayatri says you can break my PF and manage the home expenses. Bitti says your PF will not break. She says if you break the PF now then what you will do in daughter’s marriage. Mahi plays with Avdesh and smiling. He comes to Prema and Akshata and tells that he has become inauspicious for Sapna ji. He says wrong things happening to Sapna ji and says I am panuati. He says she shall be stay away from my panauti. Akshata says you are good at heart and are talking nonsense. Prema says bad luck will take U-turn seeing you. Akshata says we will help you and she will get feelings for you. He hugs his bhabhis.

Pavitra tells Chandana that her in-laws are good, but husband is bad. She says she feels bad seeing Virender talking to papa badly. Chandana says I don’t think. She asks where is Bitti? Bitti circles the job opportunities. She asks Chandana to bring sugar curd and tells that she is going for an interview. She says I will become Papa’s support. Gayatri blesses her. Chandana makes her eat sugar and curd. Bitti leaves the house.

Bitti teaches woman seller about marketing tactics. Mahi tears some papers and asks Bitti to do business.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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