Bitti Business Wali 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhishek gets jealous seeing Mahi’s fondness for Bitti

Bitti Business Wali 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitti asking Mahi if he is drunk and says she is engaged now. Mahi says I love you and if given a chance then I will marry you same time. He tells about his dream in which he sees her. He says you are my dream girl and says it is not my mistake, God imported you in my dream. He says you are ignoring God and leaving with someone else. He says I don’t need anything, let me talk. He tells her that he had beaten her college principal. Bitti is shocked. Mahi says I told truth and asks her to be happy. He leaves. Bitti goes to her garden and thinks about Mahi’s confession.

Abhishek comes there to return Bitti’s coconut. Mahi sees him and asks him to give an address of the place from where he got his destiny written. Abhishek is silent and surprised. He comes inside

and asks Chandana about Bitti. She says she is in the garden. He goes there and asks about Mahi. He tells her that he dislikes him. Bitti tells that he is a contractor and knows them. He says I have no problem if he comes here, and asks her to understand that they are getting married, and says if my family come to know that their bahu is having an ….(affair) with a guy then? Bitti is upset. Abhishek compliments her garden.

Mahi’s mother talks to Pandit ji. Prema insists to pick the call, but kasha refuses. Mahi’s mother gives an intro about her sons Kashi and Sangam and says she has Prema and Akshata as bahus. She tells that she is searching girl for Mahi. Mahi comes. Prema and Akshata tell him that Pandit Ji came to show alliance for him. He asks Pandit to give him written statement that his wife will take care of his parents, cook food for everyone etc. Pandit ji gets angry and leaves. Mahi says I don’t want to marry. Prema and Akshata come to Mahi and asks what happened? Mahi tells them everything. His mum tells ladoo Singh that Mahi doesn’t want to marry. Ladoo singh says once he likes any girl then will ask us to get him married.

Akshata explains to him about selfless and unconditional love and says it will affect the opposite person.
Mahi comes to Dadi and greets her. Bitti gets worried. Dadi asks why did you come? He says he had some work from Bitti.

Bitti’s father gets suspended from his job. She asks help from Mahi. Mahi smiles. Abhishek looks at them from his car and fumes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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