Bitti Business Wali 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhishek questions Bitti about Mahi

Bitti Business Wali 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek seeing Mahi standing on the door. Mahi gets shattered and sit there for sometime. Dolly comes there and looks at Mahi. She comes inside and congratulates bitti. Virender gets tensed. Bitti tells her that everything happened suddenly. Dolly signs Virender. Bitti introduces Dolly to Abhishek. Dolly tells her that she wants some sunflowers from her garden and goes to terrace. Virender secretly follows her. He asks why did you call me here and says I gave you money for the same. Dolly says she has helped me always, but I have ruined her career for some money. She tells him that she has fallen in her eyes. He asks her to take some more money. Dolly says I don’t need any money and says I did a mistake already and can’t do more mistake. I will not tell anyone. Virender

asks then why did you call me here. Dolly returns him money which he gave to her for the conspiracy. Pavitra comes and hears him. Dolly goes. Pavitra says your thinking is always negative and doings are cheap. She says today you have crossed the limits and conspired against your own sister, she didn’t know you are her big enemy. Virender asks her to listen. Pavitra says she will tell Bitti. Dolly tells Bitti that she has to go now and will come later. Virender stops Pavitra and asks her to come to room and talk.

Sundar and Sikandar search for Mahi and wonder where is he? Sundar tells that he is trying to talk to Mahi. Virender tells his wife that whatever he did was for Abhishek and Bitti’s marriage. Dadi is also here and listens to them. Pavitra says you will only decide about her betterment and says that you have presented Abhishek as good. Virender says if this guy goes then they will not get good guy again. Pavitri argues. Dadi asks Pavitra not to tell anyone else peace of the hose will go. She says everything is depend on you. She asks her not to tell anyone.

Bitti gets Abhishek’s call on her mobile and he says he was trying her number since much time. Bitti asks why did you call? Abhishek says it is our first day of our engagement. He asks about the guy who came to your house. Bitti says she didn’t see anyone. Abhishek asks her to think who is he? Bitti thinks who he was? Sundar comes to Bitti’s house and sees Mahi’s bike parked outside. He calls on his number and it is switched off. Sundar asks Bitti where is Mahi, and says his bike is parked here. Bitti says he is strange. Sundar says I will check him.

Elder bahu tells Laddo singh and his wife that Mahi didn’t come till now. Laddo asks where is Sundar? Elder bahu tell that Sundar called me and told that Mahi is missing. Laddo gets angry on Sundar and asks about Kashi. She says she didn’t know. Laddo’s wife says Kashi don’t tell anything to her or anyone else. Younger brother asks him to call Sundar. Mahi is sitting somewhere and thinks about Bitti. Song plays tu bata….

Laddo Singh asks Sundar what is the secret behind Mahi going missing. Sundar thinks I can’t tell you, if I tell you then Mahi will not leave me and then you will not leave Bitti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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