Bitti Business Wali 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi promises Bitti to make her realize love

Bitti Business Wali 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi telling his mum that Sapna ji is his client. His mum asks why did her sister called? Mahi says that he doesn’t know why her sister called and says may be she disliked your tone. Dadi tells that enquiry has proved Bitti innocent. Bitti says Dolly is my friend and she can’t do this. She says she will talk to her and will take her to VC sir. Mahi is seeing Bitti’s pic when Laddo Singh comes there and asks who is this Sapna ji. He says you can fool your mum, but not your father. He asks him to tell and says I am your father. Mahi says there is a girl whom I like. Laddo Singh gets up and tells that cough and friendship can’t be hidden. He says do friendship, but don’t take the matter for marriage. Mahi is shocked. He asks like Kashi did and says he knows what

happened with him. Laddo Singh asks him not to be serious for marriage. Mahi looks on.

Dadi asks Bitti not to enquire anything and asks why did you want to get the enquiry to happen again. Chandana says she is right. Jogi asks what is the need to open the shop and says you can do a job. Bitti says even if I get a job then can I get much money with which I can pay Laddo Singh. She says we have to concentrate on shop first. Dadi says Bitti has to open the shop for returning Laddo Singh’s money. She asks her to get ready to open the shop.

Laddo Singh asks his wife to concentrate on his food. She says it is daily food and asks if he wants to eat something special. Laddo Singh asks her to try something special. Avdesh asks Laddo Singh’s men to become horse. He asks him to freshen up and says he will become horse in sometime. Avdesh cries and runs to Laddo Singh. He tells him that one of them scold him. Laddo Singh calls them and insults the man. He makes him drink something and then asks him to become horse. Man feels insulted and leaves from there crying. Prema scolds him for complaining to Laddo Singh. Laddo Singh’s wife come to her bahus and tells that there must be some reason which he is hiding from us. Man goes to the jungle and sees Madhuri’s dead body. He thinks Laddo made them an animal and now he will take revenge from them.

Laddo Singh’s wife asks her bahus about Mahi and asks them to tell her. She asks who is Sapna ji. Akshata and Prema get tensed. Mahi comes to meet Bitti. He recalls her words and tells that whatever you said that day was right, but you said that we are not suitable for each other. He says when rain can meet the earth etc and tells that he told about his feelings to her, and asks did I tell anything to you after that. He says let’s keep our feelings aside. He says do whatever you want, but I will make feelings rise in your heart. Bitti thinks about her moments with him. Mahi smiles.

Dadi tells that Pan shop shall be inaugurated by Laddo Singh. Laddo Singh agrees to come when Gayatri invites him. Laddo Singh’s wife is shocked to know that a girl is opening a pan shop and says my daughter or bahu can’t open any shop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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