Bitti Business Wali 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi takes revenge from Bitti

Bitti Business Wali 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitti coming to the mandap and recalls Mahi’s good gestures for them. Mahi thinks about his dream, his first meeting with Bitti etc. Kashi asks her to sit and asks Pandit to start the marriage. Pandit ji asks Mahi to make Bitti wear the garland. Bitti looks at him. Mahi makes her wear garland. Pandit ji asks him to make Bitti wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor in her forehead. Bitti looks at him in shock. Pandit ji asks them to take rounds. Mahi holds her hand and takes rounds. Mangalam plays….Kashi and Laddo Singh throw flower petals on her. Pandit ji asks bride to take the remaining fast ahead of him. Mahi pushes her and makes her take the remaining rounds with him. Pandit ji declares the marriage as complete and asks them to take everyone’s blessings. Mahi takes

the ghatbandhan cloth and throws in havan fire. Bitti is also shocked.

Sangam tells that he talked to Kashi and tells that they took mahi to cheer him up. Laddo Singh’s wife tell that she will not forgive Bitti even if she gives her life. Mahi tells Bitti that he loves her, cares for her, became her Servant, got slapped and scolding and what he got in return, betrayal and insult. He says my father, brother and I was insulted just for your Dadi’s revenge. He says now same thing will happen, it is your turn to see the mirror. He says your dadi has fought politics and asks her to tell Dadi that he also took revenge, got married and then broke it. He asks her to go and says scores are settled now, I got married and left you. He wipes her sindoor. Bitti is shocked. Kashi and Laddo Singh smiles. They all leave leaving Bitti on the mandap. Bitti is still standing till the morning. Neighbors come there and asks why these decorations are here, and why Bitti as a bride with mangalsutra and sindoor.

Neighbor asks her to tell what happened? Bitti walks in shock and goes to her house recalling Mahi’s words. Goons are still in Bitti’s house. They see Bitti and leave. Jogi asks what happened and runs after the goons. Pavitra and others ask what happened? Dadi is shocked. Gayatri hugs her and cries. Pavitra and Chandana cries.

Dadi asks Jogi to give her call and calls Pahelwan. Pahelwan picks the call and tells everything. Dadi is shocked. She throws her phone in anger and tells that Mahi had kidnapped her and got married to her. He then left her after marriage. Everyone is shocked. Bitti goes to her room and locks the door. She sits on the bed shock. Gayatri cries and takes out his anger, shouts. Jogi tells that we will not leave Mahi’s family and will take revenge. Gayatri shouts and asks them to stop, asks them not to interfere. He says because of you all, because of your revenge, Mahi behaves inhuman act with her and ruined her life. He cries. Jogi and Virender try to pacify him. Suman, Shaurya, Pavitra and Chandana ask Bitti to open the door and hear some noise. They get shocked. Suman asks Gayatri and her brothers to come and tells about Bitti. They run to room.

They break the door and gets shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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