Bitti Business Wali 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kashi threatens Bitti to marry Mahi

Bitti Business Wali 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashi coming to Bitti’s house with Pahelwan and his other men. He asks everyone to sit at one side. Jogi threatens to call Police. Kashi says I will shoot you. Dadi gets shocked and says we will cooperate. Kashi’s men bring Bitti, Suman and Pinky downstairs. Bitti asks Kashi to give Pinky. Kashi signs his man to give Pinky to Chandana. Chandana sits. Kashi asks his man to give bridal dress to Bitti. Bitti is shocked. Kashi asks her to go up and wear. Chandana asks why this marriage dress. Kashi scolds her and says he will kill one of the family members. He asks them to cooperate. Dadi asks Chandana to be quiet. Kashi’s man asks shall I go with her. Kashi says no and tells that she is very understanding, knows that her family’s life is in danger.

Bitti goes

to wear the bridal dress. Her inner self comes. Bitti says I can’t do this marriage. Her innerself tells that someone can be killed if she refuses to marry. She says family needs you again and asks her to wear the dress. Laddo Singh calls Kashi and asks shall I come? Kashi says I have handled everyone. Laddo Singh asks him to give call to Dadi. Kashi gives call to Dadi. Laddo Singh tells her that she has done injustice and now he will show what is adharm. He says you have done a big mistake by waking up sleeping tiger and asks her to bear the consequences. He congratulates her for Bitti’s marriage. Dadi is in shock. Dancer continues to dance. Mahi looks at Bitti’s shop and says I loved you a lot.

Bitti gets ready in a bridal dress. Everyone looks at her. Gayatri gets worried. Kashi asks her to come. Bitti says what about my family. Kashi says they will be here till the marriage happens. Chandana asks how marriage will happen without kanyadaan. Bitti says I can’t marry without my Papa’s wish and says if you want me marry then all my family members will come with me. Kashi asks her to come first. Bitti says if marriage happens, then my family will accompany me. Kashi asks have you gone mad and says you are coming with me alone. Bitti refuses to go then and is going back to her room. Kashi shouts at her. It was Gayatri’s dream. Bitti comes downstairs. Gayatri relaxes seeing her fine. Kashi asks her to come.

Gayatri runs to Kashi. Kashi aims gun at him. Gayatri folds his hands and falls on his feet. He apologizes to him and asks him not to punish Bitti for someone else mistake. He says I will do everything you say. Jogi tries to stop Gayatri from touching his feet. Kashi shoots at Jogi, but he moves and bullets hits the show piece. Kashi asks them to understand that they will die if bullet hits him. Bitti is shocked and tells Gayatri that she is going. Gayatri hugs her and cries. Bitti also cries. Suman and Pavitra try to stop her. Kashi asks Pahelwan to aim gun at them and kill them if they do something. Dadi signs Pahelwan. Pahelwan signs her back. Kashi asks other man to keep them captive and takes Pahelwan with him. He brings Bitti to the mandap near her shop. Mahi is already sitting. Bitti gets down from the car. Kashi asks her to walk to the mandap else her family will be shot. Pahelwan looks on. Bitti comes to the mandap. Laddo Singh, Sundar, Kashi and others look on. Mahi looks down.

Mahi tells Bitti that her Dadi wants to take revenge, and broke the alliance. He says same thing will happen now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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