Bitti Business Wali 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi saves Bitti from goons

Bitti Business Wali 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laddo Singh’s wife asking Kashi not to meet Madhuri again. He promises her. She asks him to apologize to Prema. He refuses. Mahi says I will talk to you. Suman reads the stalker’s letter. Bitti says she will not be scared with the threat and will open the shop. Suman says if anything happens to you. Bitti says she is not delicate, but strong. Suman says we shall inform Mahi and says he is Dabang type and can help us. Bitti asks her not to trouble him. She goes. Mahi comes to Prema and asks her to massage his head. Akshata asks why you got headache. Mahi says my bhabhi’s hand is jannat. Prema says she will not get sleep today. Mahi tells that Kashi promises not to talk to Madhuri again. Akshata asks why did he have relation with her first. Mahi says I will make you

talk to mum and looks for his phone. Suman calls Mahi. His mum picks the call and thinks who is Sapna ji. Suman asks if this is Mahi’s number. Mahi’s mum says yes and asks who is she? Suman says she is Suman. His mum asks who is Sapna ji. Suman says Mahi calls her didi as Sapna ji. She asks if he is busy and ends the call. Kashi comes to meet Madhuri. Madhuri says she thought that she will get heart attack. She tells that now they can tell everyone that they love each other. Kashi asks her to forget him and says I can’t meet you. Madhuri asks if he is joking. Kashi tells her that he has sworn on his mum and now he can’t have any relation with her. She asks if she is a puppet in his hands. Kashi says even I am pained and tells that he has promised his mum. Madhuri asks who is your mum to come inbetween us. Kashi asks her not to tell anything against her mum. He says he didn’t give right even to his wife Prema to say anything against his mother. He leaves the house. Madhuri is angry.

Bitti asks Shaurya and Suman to their school and college and says she will call them. They hug her. Bitti leaves. Mahi asks Akshata to give him juice. Prema comes and gives him juice. Akshata asks mum in law about her geographical studies. Laddo Singh’s wife tells them. Mahi says if you study like this then you will leave Sangam behind. His mum asks him to study and tells about Sapna’s call. Mahi coughs and wipes his face. Sundar comes there and tells Mahi about goons attacking Bitti and spitting pan on her face. Mahi gets angry and goes. Pan seller Janardhan and supari seller lal ji come to Bitti’s shop. Supari Seller Lal ji asks her about his profit. She says she will open the shop in 1-2 days. Janardhan ji asks if he is assured. Lal ji says yes. Bitti says I will get tea for you. They are about to go. Goons come and push Janardhan and surround Bitti. They tell her that they will blacken her face today. She tries to move away. Mahi comes there. The goons fall black powder on Bitti and it falls on Sundar. Mahi catches the goon and says he will call Police. Bitti asks him not to call Police, just asks him who sent him. Mahi asks him, but he tells that he doesn’t know. Bitti tells Mahi that she don’t want bad reputation and asks Mahi to let him go. Mahi asks why did you let him go.

Mahi, Bitti and Sundar follow the goon and see the man behind the attack. Later Laddo Singh throws Madhuri out of the house and threatens her. Mahi and Laddo Singh’s wife looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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