Bitti Business Wali 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi decides to marry Bitti forcibly

Bitti Business Wali 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi driving jeep fast and remembers Dadi’s words. He thinks of Laddo Singh’s words and all the happening, how Dadi took him to her house. Laddo Singh asks him to drive slow else accident will happen. Kashi says babu ji is with us and asks him to drive slow. Mahi stops the car and gets down from the car. He sits down near the cliff and takes out his pain. Bitti and Gayatri come to Laddo Singh’s house. Prema says they went to your house. Sangam asks what is the matter? Bitti tells everything. Prema worries for him. Dadi calls Pahelwan. Pahelwan tells that Mahi was about to commit suicide, but stopped. Dadi asks about Laddo Singh. Pahelwan says his state is also bad. Virender comes to Dadi and says Papa and Bitti went to apologize to them.

Bitti apologizes to

Sangam, Prema and Akshata and says she wants to apologize to Mahi and Laddo Singh. Gayatri says we will come in the morning. Mahi thinks of Bitti’s words and tells Laddo Singh that he wants to marry. Laddo Singh asks if he is in his senses. Mahi says I thought this love as my God and says it is enough of love. He asks him to get him married. Laddo Singh says ok. Mahi says I have three conditions. I will marry today, in Sapna ji’s mohalla, and the way I want.

Bitti and Gayatri come home. Dadi scolds them for going to Laddo’s house to apologize. Gayatri says you shall not keep such thought. He asks her not to forget that they have girls at home. Laddo Singh gets all the shops closed. Sangam calls Pahelwan and asks him to give call to Kashi. He asks where are you? Kashi says his phone was in the car. Sangam says I came to know everything. Kashi asks him not to tell Maa and tells that he is with Mahi. Sangam asks his wife not to tell Maa. Akshata says ok. Laddo Singh’s hears them. Kashi makes the marriage arrangements. Tailor comes and takes Mahi’s measurement. Pahelwan calls Dadi and tells her that Mahi has decided to marry today itself. He says Kashi is making the arrangements. Dadi tells the same thing to Jogi. Jogi says let them marry. Pahelwan says they will marry in your mohalla. Dadi is shocked.

Laddo Singh’s wife tells that she had already said that they are not suitable for each other. Sangam takes Bitti’s side. Laddo Singh’s wife asks where is Mahi? Mahi gets ready in his sherwani. Bitti calls Mahi. Mahi doesn’t pick her call. Chandana says if he has done something due to heart break. Dadi asks them to mourn and says he doesn’t care about you. She says Mahi is getting married today. Gayatri asks how do you know? Dadi says you shall become a spy and says this news is true. Bitti and others are surprised. Mahi says whatever happened with me was wrong. Bitti feels apologetic. Mahi says you and your family don’t deserve forgiveness. He says now see what I can do.

All the neighborhood is decorated for Mahi’s marriage. Electricity goes. Laddo Singh asks what happened. Dancer comes and asks them to see her dance. She dances on Beedi song…..Kashi dances with her. Laddo Singh also dances. Mahi comes dressed up as a groom. Kashi looks at him. Mahi thinks to take revenge from Bitti soon.

Kashi comes to Bitti’s house and asks her to wear bridal clothes. Chandana asks why this marriage clothes. Kashi asks her to wear else everyone will be killed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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