Bitti Business Wali 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi humiliates Laddo Singh and Mahi

Bitti Business Wali 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laddo Singh telling that he came for Mahi and Bitti. Mahi reminds Dadi of her promise and says I have brought my baba, time has come to fulfill your promise. Dadi asks Chandana and Pavitra to move the stuff from the table which Mahi and his family brought. She throws the flowers plate like Laddo Singh had thrown. She asks Jogi and Virender to keep sofa on the table. She sits on it. Gayatri, Bitti and others are surprised to see her drama. She then sits and smirks looking down at Laddo Singh. She asks Mahi to ask his father to keep his head on her feet and apologize for his doings and also rub his nose on the ground, fold his hand and requests me for Bitti’s alliance. Gayatri tries to stop her. Dadi stops him. She tells Laddo Singh that her head shall be on her feet, and

says your nose shall be rubbed on the ground. She asks him to plead infront of her for the alliance. Laddo Singh is shocked. Kashi gets up shockingly.

Dadi asks him to do as she said. Bitti thinks this is wrong. Dadi asks if he don’t agree to her condition. Laddo Singh gets up and folds his hand for Mahi’s happiness. Dadi smirks. He is about to bend down infront of her and touch Dadi’s feet when Mahi stops him and says no. He stops him and tells Dadi that he loves Sapna ji always, but can’t make my father respect in dust for my love. He says if I marry ruining my father’s respect then I will never be happy in my life. He says I will live with Sapna ji’s memories all my life, but will not let my father bend down infront of you.

Mahi tells Bitti that his love doesn’t need any proof, but I can’t marry you because of this condition. Dadi laughs like a lady mogambo and tells Mahi..which marriage. She says no marriage was happening here, it was just your one sided wish, which will never fulfilled in any of your births. She laughs aloud. She gets down from the sofa and says what did you think that I will make you marry Bitti. She says my grand daughter will go to your house, I never wanted this marriage to happen. She says she used him to take revenge from Laddo. She says she made fake promise so that Laddo Singh come to her house and then she will refuse for marriage. She asks Mahi to go and do his business. She says this house is not for people like you. She tells Laddo Singh that he got his money back with interest and asks him to leave taunting him. Kashi gets angry, but Laddo Singh signs him to calm down. Mahi is teary eyes with Dadi’s cheat and humiliation. Kashi gets gun from his car. Laddo Singh stops him and asks him to come.

Gayatri asks Dadi why did she do a cheap conspiracy. Dadi says that laddo Singh had humiliated us, then your blood had not boiled. She says I am not like you and has taken revenge from me. Bitti says you did wrong and says I don’t know what to say. She asks if I am your grand daughter or not and says who does this with her grand daughter. She says you have made fun of me and asks why she expects others to respect her then. Jogi shouts at her. Gayatri asks him to shut up and says you didn’t think about my daughter’s respect. Bitti runs to her room. She thinks about Mahi’s words. She tells Gayatri that injustice has happened with Mahi and says he risked his life for me and what we gave him in return, revenge and insult. They think to go to their house and apologize. Mahi and others are in the car. Mahi thinks of Dadi’s words.

Mahi gets down from the car. Bitti and Gayatri come to Laddo’s house. Mahi tells Laddo Singh that he wants to marry today itself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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