Bitti Business Wali 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti decides to open Betel Shop

Bitti Business Wali 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling everyone that she will not get tensed because of Laddo Singh as she will not let him sell her house. She says but they have to give his money. Virender asks who asked her to take money from him. Dadi tells him that Bitti can’t pay money and says we have to pay the money. The matter is about our house and says we will settle the matter with Bitti later, but for now, we have to find some solution. She says we have to unite and asks Jogi and Virender to give money. Virender asks what do you want to say? Dadi asks him to take a loan. Virender says bank don’t give money to them. Dadi asks then bank gives money to whom> to rich? Mahi comes to Bitti and says sorry. He tells that he got angry at his father, but calm down as you called me. He regrets to get the

loan for her from his father. Bitti says it is my mistake not to return his money and says you didn’t do any mistake, you were helping me. Abhishek hears them and gets angry. Bitti says now I am going home.

Gayatri comes to meet Laddo Singh in his house. Laddo Singh comes drinking juice and asks Gayatri what shall I do? Gayatri says my daughter is very honest and hardworking and tells that they need sometime to return his money. Laddo Singh says do you need tea? Gayatri says no. Laddo singh says then you can leave. He says I want my money in 30 days else I will sell your house on the 31st day. Gayatri leaves from there and gets tensed.

Bitti comes back home and sees Gayatri checking the house papers. She says I called you, but you didn’t pick my call. Gayatri says I can’t find a way to return Laddo Singh’s money and that’s why thinking to mortgage this house. Bitti says this house is not just us, but of everyone. She says we have still one month and says she will do something. Pavitra and Chandana serve food to Bitti. Bitti asks them to eat with her. Chandana says she already have fun and asks Pavitra to have food with Bitti. She eats the pan. Bitti tells Pavitra that she is thinking of a business with less investment and more profits. Chandana says this pan is not good. Bitti gets an idea and runs to her shop.

She meets betel seller Janardhan who tells him that pan shall be of good quality, but pan shop owners use a cheap quality pan. He asks why you are asking this? She comes home and talks to Gayatri. Gayatri asks if she is clear? She says she got all the info and tells that the matter is about their family’s prestige. She says there can be no better option than this. Gayatri says will you do this work? Bitti says you have taught that no work is small. She tells that it is a temporary work and tells that she is thinking to do this job to play Laddo Singh’s money. She says then she will do B. ED and become a teacher. Dadi gets angry on Bitti and tells that she is angrier on Gayatri. He says she is a mad girl, but you are supporting her cheap thinking. She says a pan shop is a place of goons, they have pan and tease girls. Virender says if she opens pan shop then she can’t stay here.

Abhishek comes to Bitti’s house and says I didn’t know that you have taken money from Mahi. Bitti says she has taken a loan from his father. Abhishek says I can’t accept a girl who sells Pan. He takes out his engagement ring and throws on the floor. Bitti and her family are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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