Bitti Business Wali 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi helps Gayatri get his job back

Bitti Business Wali 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema telling Bitti that Mahi got many alliances for him, but he has rejected many alliances for her. Mahi tries to stop her. Prema signs him and tells that Mahi get can 100’s girl and says you can also get 100’s guys, but will they love and respect you. She tells that everyone can’t give love and respect to their wives. She tells your Dadi has fixed the alliance and ask her to take the shagun. Bitti doesn’t take the shagun money. Prema asks Chandana to take it and says it is shagun. Chandana asks how much? Prema says we will come later. Mahia sks Prema and Akshata to come. They leave. Bitti goes to her room upset. Gayatri comes home and says he will have breakfast and leave for office. Mahi asks why you go daily as you are suspended. Gayatri says his senior officer

has kept his file and if he passes then his suspension will be cancelled. Mahi says then I will come with you. Gayatri says what you will do there. Dadi asks him to take Mahi with him.

Prema and Akshata come back home. Laddo Singh’s wife asks how is he? Akshata says he is fine. Prema asks Laddo Singh’s wife to think about Bitti and praises her. Laddo Singh’s wife tells that she must know magic and says you are praising her who broke my home. She asks what happened to you. She says pan wali girl will never become bahu of the house and says if this happens, then what you will tell in your mayka that your dewrani is pan wali. Akshata says we will handle our mayka and asks her to think once.

Mahi brings Bitti to mandap. Kashi asks her to be silent else he will shoot her. Laddo Singh does their ghatbandhan and give them garland. Mahi makes her wear it. He forcibly takes rounds with her holding her hand. Laddo Singh throws flower petals on them. Mahi fills her maang with sindoor. Bitti cries. She wakes up from her sleep shockingly. It turns out to be her dream.

Suman asks what happened? Bitti asks where is Mahi? Suman says Mahi went with Papa and tells that you were studying and got a nap. They hear Mahi coming back home and telling everyone that Gayatr’s suspension is relieved. Dadi and everyone gets happy. She asks how did this happen? Gayatri says everything happened because of Mahi and makes him eat sweets. Bitti is happy as well. Gayatri says I used to sit outside senior officer, but Mahi went to DRM office and talks to his peon. He says they had tea. He tells that Mahi fell on DRM’s feet and asks him to take my suspension back. He says DRM sir took many employees suspension canceled. Dadi appreciates Mahi. Chandana says it is good. Gayatri says Mahi brought all this stuff for us. Mahi says he brought all these stuff for them. He gives clothes to them. Bitti gets angry and throws the clothes out. She says we don’t need it. She says Mahi is doing this to impress you all so that he can marry me, and says Laddo Singh and his son Kashi and will ask for his stuff.

Bitti tells Gayatri that Mahi must have beaten DRM and his employees. Mahi asks what are you saying? Bitti says I am talking to my family. Suman goes to her and asks why she can’t see his goodness. She asks what is mahi’s mistake. Bitti says she doesn’t want to marry Mahi, but he wants to marry her. Suman asks her not to trouble Mahi, but Dadi, and tells that she was the one who brought him here. Jogi tells Dadi that Mahi might refuse to marry Bitti seeing her behavior. Dadi says they shall do something and says from tomorrow her exams are starting. Laddo Singh comes to Bitti’s house to meet Mahi in the night. He rings the bell. Jogi opens the door. Laddo Singh moves him from his way and gets inside. He sees Mahi sleeping in the lawn and gets shocked. Mahi couldn’t get sleep and opens his eyes. He sees Laddo Singh and gets up. Laddo Singh is shattered and leaves in his car. Mahi runs out, but he is already left. Jogi smiles. Mahi gets upset seeing his father upset.

Next morning, Bitti prays to God before leaving to write her exam. Dadi says Mahi will go with you. Bitti asks why are you doing this? Dadi tells that Jaiswal got on bail and tells that Mahi will come with you for your safety. She asks her to understand.

Mahi confesses his love to Bitti. Bitti asks him to promise that he will not raise his hand on anyone. Mahi promises her. Jaiswal goons beats Mahi badly. Bitti comes running to him. Mahi says I didn’t raise my hand and falls unconscious. Bitti cries and shouts Mahi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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