Bitti Business Wali 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti insults Mahi so that he hates her

Bitti Business Wali 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi asking Kashi to keep the gun down. Kashi asks him to move from his way and says you all will humiliate my brother infront of me and I will keep quiet. Mahi asks him why is he making issue and asks him to keep the gun down for his sake. He tells that I have left home because of you. He tells that they have not insulted him, says I have come here with my wish and will go with my wish, nobody forced me. He says do you think if anyone can humiliate me and asks him to come out. He asks Kashi why he wants to make Samdhi’s Samadhi. He tells that you are married to Prema and then also you have no control on your heart. He tells that he fell in love with her with his heart. He tells that you are not only my brother, but my friend and life. Kashi hugs him. Bitti hears them

from balcony. Kashi says we are Laddo Singh’s son and have arrogance and anger in our blood. He says if our father have seen this then what would have happen. He asks him to have his self respect.

Gayatri comes there and asks Bitti what is she doing? Bitti says she is doing what is right. Gayatri says we are not such people who deals with gun, beating etc. Bitti says she wants Mahi to get rid of his love feeling for her and for that she will trouble him a lot. Gayatri says see that nothing wrong happens. Bitti says Mahi will hate me seeing my behavior. She says he is Laddo Singh’s son and will not bear his insult. Shaurya comes and calls them.

Virender tells dadi that whatever happening was right. Dadi tells that Mahi stood infront of gun. Jogi tells that they can’t trust Laddo Singh, as they have to still give some money. Bitti comes there. Mahi smiles seeing her. Dadi asks them to have food. Suman asks where Mahi will have food? Bitti says he will not have food with us and asks her to serve him separately. Dadi says he will have food with us.

Dadi calls Mahi and asks him to have food. Mahi says he has two bhabhis at his house. Dadi asks him to think Chandana and Pavitra as his bhabhis. Mahi says I am very lucky. Bitti gets up to go. Shaurya says where Mahi will sleep. Bitti says he will sleep in the lawn. Mahi smiles. Kashi comes home and tells Laddo Singh that Mahi is there. Laddo Singh scolds Kashi for returning without him. Kashi keeps his gun on the table and says I would have shoot them all, but I didn’t do anything as my brother was there. He says if I had brought him forcibly then he would have hate me. He tells that if we get angry then the matter will be difficult and we will lose Mahi. Mahi is sleeping in lawn. Bitti looks at him and thinks why is he doing this? She comes to bed and tries to sleep. Mahi thinks why Sapna ji is not sleeping. Bitti gets up and talks to her dead mum’s pic, asks if she is doing food. Mahi smiles.

In the morning, Bitti sees Mahi lifting Pinky and giving her a ride on his neck. Gayatri asks Pinky to come. Virender says I will drop you. Gayatri gets happy. Prema and Akshata come there and greet them. Mahi gets happy seeing them. Prema asks how are you? Mahi says he is very healthy and happy. Bitti asks what is this new drama and asks him to clean the house. She asks him to complete the work before she goes to shop. Dadi asks if she has gone mad and asks Prema and Akshata to sit. Mahi says I can understand why she is saying this. He takes them to side and tells that Bitti is taking his love test. He tells that he will pass in her test. Akshata says love doesn’t mean that you will lose your self respect. Mahi says I will think of insult as a Prasad and asks them not to feel bad. He says he is feeling more love for her. He tells that situation is opposite and asks them to help him. Prema and Akshata go to Bitti. Prema says he is Mahi Singh, Laddo Singh’s son who is born with a silver spoon and has many servants for his service. She says he is bearing your humiliation not because he is helpless, but because he loves you. Pavitra says he loves you at first sight. Prema says why do he loves you because he needs you and thinks of you as his need.

Mahi tells everyone that Gayatri’s suspension is relieved. Gayatri says it happened due to mahi. Bitti tells that Mahi must have beaten the officers and got the suspension cancelled.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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