Bitti Business Wali 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti insults Mahi

Bitti Business Wali 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling that Mahi was in the temple so she brought him home. Gayatri takes her to side and asks how can you bring stranger man to home. Dadi says Mahi saved Bitti from goons and helped her get the loan. She tells that she knows that they have daughters at home and tells that his family is arrogant, but he is good. He says I have given him word of mouth for Bitti’s marriage and he will stay here. Gayatri says ok. Mahi tells Bitti that he came here as Dadi requested him to come and says he will leave in the morning. Laddo Singh asks his wife why she got angry as Mahi left home. Amma cries. Kashi says he will come by morning. Laddo Singh says he will not bend down and will not return easily.

Prema says where he would have gone? Dadi tells Mahi that she is seeing

the place and tells that your father came and beaten up Jogi, then kept sofa on the table and insulted me, Mahi says what I can do and tells that they shall forget it. Dadi says she couldn’t forget. She says she feels like hanuman ji is helping her. Mahi asks how? Dadi says you left home and went to hanuman temple near them. She says she also came there to do puja. Mahi says if I had gone to some other place then also I would have come to meet you. Dadi says once Bitti returns the money, then with which right you will come here. She says hanuman sent you here as he wants you to win Bitti’s heart. Mahi says I will not go now. Bitti hears him. She calls him and asks why are you doing this? Mahi says I am not doing anything.

Bitti says don’t be smart and says you said Dadi that you will stay here and says I will not agree for marriage. Mahi asks did I force you to agree? Bitti says you will see my other avatar from today, I won’t let you stay here. Mahi gets tensed. Dadi asks Jogi to call Pahelwan. Jogi calls him. Pahelwan asks Dadi if she forgot him. Dadi says she was busy in work. She asks Pahelwan to go to Laddo Singh’s house and tell him that Mahi is staying with them. She asks him to add some spices and tell him. He says he has never seen such clever woman in his life. Laddo Singh asks Pahelwan where is mahi? Pahelwan tells him that Mahi went to stay in panwali’s home. Kashi asks are you sure? Pahelwan says he is sure and stayed nearby for 2 hours. He tells Laddo Singh that he thinks Shrivastav family have done some magic on Mahi. Laddo Singh asks Kashi to come. Kashi says I will go and bring him. Dadi asks Mahi what Bitti said? Mahi says she was asking what I will have in food. Dadi teases him. Mahi asks her to keep smiling. Kashi comes there to talk to Mahi and asks him to come. Mahi is still sitting. Kashi asks him to sit silently.

Mahi asks him to go and refuses to go with him. Kashi sits and says he doesn’t know what he is doing? Bitti says talk shall happen in good environment and asks mahi to bring tea and water. Jogi smiles. Dadi smirks. Bitti asks Mahi to get up and bring tea and water for the guest Kashi. Mahi is shocked. He gets up and goes to kitchen to bring water and tea. Dadi puts ball on Mahi’s way under the mat so that he slips. Mahi brings tea and falls. Bitti says you have spoiled the mat. Shaurya gets cloth. Bitti asks Mahi to clean the floor. Kashi gets shocked. Mahi feels insulted and takes the cloth in his hand to clean the floor. He cleans the floor. Kashi gets teary eyes seeing Bitti humiliating Mahi. He takes out the gun and aims at Bitti. Mahi tries to stop him.

Kashi says you will insult my brother infront of me and says he will kill everyone. Mahi asks why is he making an issue. Kashi says he will kill everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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