Bitti Business Wali 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi brings Mahi home

Bitti Business Wali 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi coming home and asks Prema to serve him breakfast. Laddo Singh gets a call and asks Kashi why did he go to Shrivastav’s house. Kashi says he went to that girl house. He says they are egoistic people and tells that Bitti told clearly that she don’t want to marry Mahi. His mum is shocked and asks Mahi if he will lick the spit saliva. Mahi asks did I ask you to go there? He tells everyone that Kashi went to their house and asked them to back off from the marriage and get their loan repayment canceled. Bitti asks Gayatri to give 1 lakh rs to Laddo Singh and tells that half of the money belongs to Janardhan and Lal ji. She says she will give them later, but first she has to pay laddo singh. Mahi tells his family that it is wrong to give them offer and insult them. Pahelwan

comes and says Bitti’s father came here. Laddo Singh says why did he come here? Kashi says he might have accepted his proposal.

Laddo singh asks his wife, bahus and Mahi to go and says he will talk to him. Dadi asks Bitti why did she talk to Kashi and told that she don’t want to marry Mahi. Mahi says she can’t bear insult. Dadi says she gave her word of mouth to Mahi. She asks where did she send Gayatri? Gayatri comes there and tells that he came to give half of the money and gives 1 lakh rs. He says he will return the remaining amount soon. Mahi folds his hand. Gayatri also folds his hand. Mahi tells that they are respectful people and have returned the money. His mum asks him not to praise them and says she will never accept pan wali as her bahu.

Mahi says I will marry her only. Laddo Singh’s wife asks him to decide between that girl and her and says if he talks about that girl then she will leave the house. Mahi packs his stuff and decides to leave.. Prema and Akshata try to stop him. Kashi asks you want to leave house for a girl. Mahi says I have heard Maa’s decision and that’s why decided to leave. He leaves. Sundar asks where is he going? Mahi gives him bike keys and asks him to give to Laddo Singh and take care of him. Sundar hugs him and cries. Mahi asks him to be there and take care of Laddo Singh.

Mahi comes to the temple and tells hanuman’s idol that he liked Sapna when he showed her in his dreams. Pahelwan follows Mahi and calls Dadi. He tells him that Laddo Singh’s condition is bad and tells that Mahi left his home and is in the temple near Bitti’s shop. Dadi says it is a great thing and asks him not to tell Laddo Singh now. Dadi and Jogi come to the temple. Dadi acts and asks hanuman ji to bless them to get mahi and bitti married. Mahi hears her and gets up. Dadi turns and asks you are here. Mahi says he left house. Dadi says she can’t see him in this condition and says you are my would be son in law. Mahi says I came here as I have strong connection with Hanuman ji. Dadi insists. Mahi agrees. Dadi smirks seeing Pahelwan. Pahelwan thinks this old lady is very clever and thinks nobody is more dramebaaz than you. Dadi takes Mahi home. Everyone is shocked to see him with his bag. Mahi greets everyone. Dadi tells Gayatri that she asked Mahi to come to their house.

Mahi refuses to go with Kashi when he comes to take him home. Bitti tells that Mahi is a family member and asks him to bring snacks and tea for Kashi. Mahi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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