Bitti Business Wali 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti proposes marriage to Bitti

Bitti Business Wali 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laddo Singh coming to Bitti and says he don’t to do any tamasha. He asks her to reply to him and asks are you Mahi’s Sapna ji. Bitti looks on tensed. Dadi asks Pavitra and Chandana about Virender and Gayatri. Chandana tells that god is taking Papa ji’s test and he will succeed. Pahelwan calls Dadi. She picks his call and tells something. Dadi gets up and leaves from the house. Jogi follows her. Pavitri says where did they go? Chandana says we shall have food. Dadi comes to Bitti’s shop and reminds Laddo Singh that he gave her loan and haven’t done any favour on her. Laddo Singh says he came to ask Bitti about Sapna ji. Dadi says what Bitti have to do with Sapna and says it is your son’s personal matter and how do we know who is she? She asks why he is troubling

them. Laddo Singh leaves. Dadi and Pahelwan smiles looking at each other. Bitti notices them. Dadi asks Bitti to do work. She asks Pavitri to serve food and asks Jogi to call Mahi.

Mahi comes and greets Dadi. Dadi blesses him. Mahi asks why you all are upset. He asks if something happened? Dadi says Bitti wants to repay the loan and that’s why opened the shop. Mahi asks what is the matter? Dadi tells him about Laddo Singh asking about Sapna ji and asks why he is troubling Bitti for Sapna ji. Mahi thinks troubled has reached Sapna ji. Dadi asks him to say. Mahi says I shall not be quiet now and tells that it is necessary to say the truth. He tells that Sapna ji is Bitti and he calls her Sapna ji. Dadi asks why do you call her Sapna ji? Mahi says I like her. Dadi asks what do you mean? Mahi says I like her from my heart, I love her. Jogi gets up. Mahi says it is not for fun, my love is serious, I want to marry her. Chandana and Pavitra are also shocked.

Mahi says I want to marry my Sapna, and your Bitti. Dadi accepts his proposal surprising Mahi. Mahi gets happy. Dadi says your father has to come here and asks for her hand. Mahi asks her to ask Bitti first. Dadi says it is house rule to obey elders and gives a word of mouth that he will marry her, but Laddo Singh have to bring an alliance for her. Mahi says I love her and will bring baba and the world. He leaves happily. Chandana tells Pavitra that Dadi wants Laddo Singh not to take money from them. She says Mahi is good. Pavitra says marriage don’t happen like this. Suman comes to the pan shop and tells everything to Bitti.

Mahi calls everyone at home and tells Laddo Singh that he wants to tell them about Sapna ji. He tells that he loves Sapna ji and wants to marry her. His mum asks who is she? Mahi says she is Bitti who has her own pan shop. His mum and Laddo singh are shocked.

Virender asks dadi why did she agree? Dadi says she had promised, but will not let the marriage happen. Jogi says Laddo singh will not agree. Dadi says Laddo Singh will agree. She says Mahi is mad about Bitti and will convince his father. Laddo Singh gets angry and says I know Bitti was Sapna. He asks do you know what you are saying? Mahi says yes, I don’t want to hide from my family and tells that he loves Sapna ji and she is really good girl. He asks them to accept her and get them married. Dadi tells that Mahi had said that he will bring the world on my feet and tells that when Laddo Singh had humiliated them, she had decided to humiliate them. She says when Laddo Singh comes here, then we will insult him, make him rub his nose under my feet, and then we will refuse for the marriage. Jogi smiles but Virender is tensed. Jogi lifts her. Virender says it is dangerous and storm can come. Dadi says she wants storm to come.

Laddo Singh comes to Bitti’s house, hits Jogi, throws the aarti plate and keeps sofa on the table and sit. He says your conspiracy will not work. Dadi says she can feel his helplessness. Laddo Singh shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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