Bitter truth of Swaragini


I see many articles regarding trps and all nowadays so i thought to pendown my views..i know many of you won’t agree with me but it’s just my view.

I am a swaragini fan. I was once happy for swasan and waiting for RagLak love to bloom and finally after long wait ragini turned positive. When kavya got arrested..i was really expecting a nice RagLak track but what happened was a sudden marriage. Ok but also i was happy for both swasan and raglak..but then raglak were totally neglected..only swasan..i kept watching swaragini everyday..everyday i got dissapointed…the only scene that made me happy was once laksh used aww mera baccha and raglak….i being a loyal SR fan am watching show till now but till when..from latest iv namish said we will get nice raglak track so i hope we will get track..but even now if makers don’t give equal imp then i really won’t care if swaragini goes off air
Coz i can’t see a show with four leads whete two of them are just a mere couple will get all the fame and take away all the awards and the othetone will be remembered only as so called leads..

Watching a show we get so attached to characters..we start to think about their i not only care about raglak but am worried for temish future more..i feel really bad when teju and helly get bashed just for a fictional character they play..helly is just 20 and the way she gained popularity is really good..i am happy for her
Teju is a gem..she deserve much better character….she can’t be kept as a writer must understand the main problems of fans and just give equality to both couples..coz i don’t think i will stay glued to show forever if this biasness continues..will not for sure coz they deserve much more..or just balance raglak swasan and swaragini properly.

Credit to: Monu

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  1. Its true

  2. I agree with you monu, every raglak fan is waiting for their track I’m one of them

  3. very true. even i am ragluck fan. i have stopped watching the show after memory loss drama. Only if both the pair get equal importance. fans of both pair will watch the show. But only 1 pair getting importance & other completely neglected, its not fair. . . Its been long time now i do not follow the episodes. Here i get to read good stories of ragluk & i am happy reading those stories. . . .

    1. yes it’s better if the show ends rather than to be frustrated

  4. well said It is a true pls CVS don’t do partiality

  5. Prateeksha

    Well said. Even I’m a swasan and raglak fan. But nowadays I feel that the fan war is getting increased day by day. I never commented on tellyupdates written update page. But on seeing how the people bash teja and namish for a mere iv I felt so heartbroken. So I supported for temish. Really this is becoming bad day by day. How could some one interfere in other’s personal life and judge their character. Uff now I really regret for watching this serial

    1. yes between the wars of these so called fandom…noone calls themselves swaragini fan..i once approached swasan and raglak fans to unite..raglak were ready but swasan fans they said a clear no..from that day i realised swasan fans hate temish just for a mere fiction show which will end soon…i too regret watching this biased show now

      1. AnuAnn

        I have no objection with your POV… I too want to get equal importance to raglak.. To end this so called fan wars.. And abt swasan fans hate raglak, many people like me wanted to unite swasan and raglak once this topic emerged.. And once swasan fans also rested raglakians to watch show SR to increase trp and for that they w’ll tweet CVS for raglak.. And it is posted in raglak page too bt raglakians made fun of those fans who reqstd it.. And there that chapter closed.. I’m not saying thay swasan fans bash raglak fans .. Only saying both r equally responsible not one.. And abt swasan hate temish, more than that temishias hate helly .. That is y the pointed finger abt helly’s character and they also said bad her father too…

      2. Vyshu10

        I agree with anuann….when swasan fans approached raglak fans to let it go, some mocked us….after many attempts, we got fed up.
        About d iv… We have nothing against temish personally….we always wanted the four leads to ask fans to stop fighting so that the war reduces. We were disappointed, hurt and angry because they might have said their opinion bt those words are like fuel to already existing fanwar.

  6. what u said is absolutely correct but viewers are not fool they teach a good lesson for cvs flop ml track swaragini out of top ten in trp ratings i m really happy if this partiality continuous means definitely serial gonna flop no one can watch this crap except swasan fans and swasan fans alone can’t give trp because it is swaragini not swasan

    1. absolutely..

  7. Well said..
    We are not asking to ignore swasana s they to with RagLak . We juat want equal importance

    1. yes but the makers are not getting it and swasan fans are not interested as they are getting all they will problem be solved this way

  8. Sethidisha002

    osam and true

  9. Im swaragini fan, i loved both pairs equally.. Its true temish were ignored… I stopped watching swaragini cuz of fans war and bashing… Its affecting my mind… Instead of supporting each other… They are bashing each other… And showing whole world we can stoop this much low…
    I think both fandom should tweet for equal screen space rather than blaming each other!

    1. exactly heltej…i am really annoyed by these wars….today temish are getting bashed becoz they thanked RagLak fans for fighting for them to get a track..the only way to stop fandom wars is swasan fan needs to understand both pair need equal imp for the show to run smoothly

      1. Serena

        Actually in this point that swasan fans are not ready to end all this …I disagree with u….coz u canread all comments on fb n then u decide….u can clearly see that how some raglak fans r bashing helly so cruelly even they pointed finger on her character also…just because of a mere fiction….I know some raglak fans want to be unite n same from swasan side also…..u can see on fb that swasan fans never bashed teju or namish that way in which some raglakians r bashing helly…. N u know what we also love raglak….coz of their cute chemistry….but we r bounded to dislike them coz of some crazy fans…..u can see anywhere that may be swasans would hv bashed ragini but they never pointed finger on teju…

      2. Both the fandom are equally responsible for this world war…. World War swaragini… There are swasan fan who wants equally screen space… For both pairs! Somebody should take initiative to tweet for equal screen rather than tweeting for one pair!

      3. Serena, agreeing with u… When we had swasan track helly was bashed like anything… Bashing someone’sbeauty is nothing compared to bashing someone’s character

      4. Serena i agree on the thing that people who bashed helly on her chsracter are disgusting..i don’t understand when heltej are friends itself why do other people need to poke their nose..and the one eho called her characterless withuout knowing her personally are characterless..but my point was about biasness towards RagLak track..i don’t know about fb but on twittet it’s teju who gets bashed more..i know there are both swasan and raglak fans who are swaragini fans and who want to unite maybe it’s just that they are not on point was the only way to end fandom war is equal track..raglak fans will immediately kerp quite soon after they give a proper equal track..many swaragini fans also wish the same..but what i saw was yesterday soonafter namish said we will get raglak can go and see it on twitter..some swasan fans got if they never want equal screenspace..what they want is swasan only..i don’t know if you got my point or not..personally what i want is 5 min raglak and 5 min swasan 5 min swaragini and other 5 min other family scenes needed for drama..that’s all..

      5. Azure

        Serena …dear before saying no swasan fans bash teju, you might want to check tellyupdates itself and twitter and IF and FB. you will find ample examples of Helly fans regularly bashing tee along with many examples of swasan fans doing the same. nothing is one sided. go to twitter, fb and IF and you will see more bashing of temish than of helly. they have also called teju numerous names (teju and not just ragini). giving the example of some fans and forgetting what is being done by others is not right. if you want both the fandoms to unite, you guys need to give it back to each and every fan who is behaving improperly – whether with your favourite or with the other person. i was a swasan fan once. but i cannot bear to be associated with that fandom anymore because of the bashing i have personally seen swasan fans do of raglak. i have stopped watching the show and anything to do with swara. to be honest i received more respectable treatment from raglak fans in IF even during the days i was swasan fan than they received from the swasan fans. so lets not point fingers at the others. it is more important for each group to clean up their own house before blaming the other one – if the genuine interest is to unite and stop the bashing.

    2. Guys we should join as one team and make swaragini no.1 serial in tellytown.. If we keep on fighting like this swaragini will go off air and we cnt see our Raglak or swasan… They wnt continue it if the trp keeps of dropping each week… I am a die Heart fan of Raglak and I Dnt want the show to go off air as I want to see them together for years like sasural simar… If even u swasan fans Dnt want the show to go off air join as a team and support swaragini… Stop fighting with each other like Tom and Jerry…. Both the fandoms are equally responsible for the fight and separation between each other and I am 100% sure if both the fandoms join and support then thr is no other show which can beat swaragini…

  10. I totally agree with u dear… Ur each word is 100 percent correct… I really really don’t want to bash anyone but temish are even critised for yestarday’s interview… I just wanna say u bashers keep urself at that place of temish and just think for a while that ur fans are giving u so much love and respect and in return just asking for good and proper raglak scenes… Agar unhone hamare liye fight ki hamare req ko aghe tak pohonchaya to kya bura kiya … 2 din raglak scenes dekh ke aap log itna ghussa hogaye hum pichle 3 months se yeh show dekh rahe hain… I m sorry if I said anything wrong but its my opinion… We too love to watch our raglak scenes the way swasan fans want to see swasan scenes… Plz think about it cool mindedly

  11. Very True…..I mean .. This is heights yaar…..We love all four of them equally…be it the actors or their characters. But the creative writers of Swaragini has lost their creativity.They started a beautiful and heart touching story and made it to cliche sibling rivalry one…then later indirectly made it SWARA … than Swaragini…During The Kavya-Karthik Track, news came up that Ragini would get engaged to Kartik,Then Laksh would fight back to get Ragini..Alas The complete track was shelved ,ending in rushed Wedding.I really thought i could see a quite developed track of RagLak…All the major Separation and Reunion tracks in Swaragini was Swasan.Very sad about it .I want to see Raglak along with Swasan …Not Raglak sidelined by Swasan

    I think Swaragini CVs should go watch Bidaai once…to know how to balance the track….and read FanFics….Seriously, Bidaai properly balanced Sadna and Ragini until Sadna’s death .They gave importance to Sadna Ragini Alekh And Ranvir along with proper romantic tracks

  12. I think cvs don’t want to increase trp… Thats y they neglecting raglak… Now they r not thinking about raglak fans… So i decided I will never watch swaragini on time…

  13. I agree with you 100%. The creatives in my opinion are ruining the show. So many RagLak fans have been waiting for a nice RagLak track but what do they give, an illogical fake pregnancy track. More then RagLak, this track has been a Parineeta vs Ragini track and a family drama track. There has barely been any sweet RagLak scenes, they’ve just shown Ragini stressed and crying and Laksh consoling her. In fact, with the repetitive scenes there was also repetitive dialogues. Like what is this, Tejasswi and Namish deserve a better track where they can utilise their acting skills more. I’m actually highly disappointed with what the creatives are giving to RagLak. It’s unfair on their fans and more importantly, it’s unfair on TeMish. And either way, can’t the creatives see that boring family drama isn’t giving them trps, all fans regardless of who they like are asking for romance so the creatives should stop being ignorant and create a track where there is drama but still romance, cute scenes and nok jhok for the couples. Anyways this is off topic but because of the recent negativity, I just wanna add some positive vibes by saying I LOVE RAGLAK, SWASAN, TEMISH AND VAHE ?❤️?

  14. Very well said monu…..CV’s r continuously ignoring raglak and raglak fans..we r tweeting them day and night…..but no use…Temish deserve a better show…….Biased show…..they shouldn’t have started with 4 leads when they couldn’t managed to give equal importance.. Hope we will get raglak scenes

  15. I totally agree with u monu… Instead of watching the show I love reading ff… There are some fantastic writers.. Really those cvs should have a look at the ff which is amazing when compared to the show… Cvs created a war between Raglak and swasan fans by giving importance oly to swasan… I would say this is the main reason for the indifference… Y can’t the cvs give importance for Raglak as they are also the lead of so called SWARAGINI.. Better they should Change the name as Swara instead of swaragini… We Raglak fans are just waiting for Raglak given importance… Even Namish and teja spoke abt it in an iv…

  16. iss show ka trp kaise varega.jab swasan scenes ate hai tab raglak fan nahe dhekte.or jab Raglak scenes ate hai tab swasan fan nahe dhekta

  17. Dafsi

    Well said dea I totally agree with you and yeah this serial just revolves arpund SwaSan and revolved around SwaLak Im not telling bad about swara or helly but it is ghe cvs Im pissed with seriously trust me that this serial is going out of the title name and it is really disappointing I every start watching it hoping raglak ocenes would come end up losing hope and glad that themish have converyed someyhing really good and Im really happy about it. Anyways thanks alot for your lively work hoping for the best and waiting to see more raglak scenes along with swasan

  18. I agree m also teja fan but careless to watch show cuz i know thr will be hardly few scenes if her so y bothered

    1. Prateeksha

      Anu Ann I really don’t have any idea about fb because I rarely visit it. But I’m on Twitter. I agree there r some raglakians who pointed helly ‘s character but sterday temish posted some iv and all swasanians r bashing teja like anything. They for once didn’t consider that she is a girl. Actually I too watched it and I didn’t find anything offensive in it. They r even planning to trend to replace temish. That’s when I realized that their problem is not raglak but temish. I’ve never seen any raglakians trending to replace helly. So temish is the who got more affected in all these and I myself can see the truth. Sry if I hurt you but this is the reality

      1. Vyshu10

        Abt all swasanians bashing teju…..Swasanians only expressed her disappointment on twitter. No one have pointed at her character or something while tweeting. U may not have an idea about fb,ig but the truth is some raglak fans always tweet to namish calling helly by vulgar names, and telling him to ask cvs to throw helly out.

    2. Prateeksha

      Sry Lisa I replied u by mistake. The comment is for anu Ann

      1. Prateeksha

        No it’s not true I have seen many swasanians on Twitter saying vulgar words about teja and also planning for trending to replace temish. Some girl called summer. I can’t even what she said

      2. Vyshu10

        They are bashers….but u can’t blame d whole fandom for it. I have not come across any vulgar comments. Many of us might have pointed at her professionalism but not character. A person who says vulgar things to a girl is not a true fan. We are not planning to trend for replacing temish. We trended #SwaSanRulesOurHearts saying we don’t want swasan to be sidelined.

  19. SPP

    Well said
    I agree with you 100% dear

  20. well said monu,i totally agree wid u
    raglak shudnt b kept as a showpiece,dey have d potential to take d serial to top but our dear cvs dont use it ,arrrrrrrrrggh hate that
    and i wud lyk to request cvs to pls give = importance to raglak pls its a humble request
    but in sum days episode i m a little satisfied ,jst little coz i get to see teju mindblowing acting ,she said everything jst wid her expressions oh god i wonder sumtyms how cud she b so gud
    LAKSH HAS ALSO PROVED HIS acting skills quiete a tyms so want their interesting track
    hope cvs kahi se bhi ye padh le aur kuch acha karde
    pls guys koi unhe akal de do pls……
    and yes well said SHR963
    sorry if i hurt anybody

  21. raglak is best..dey r always best..we dnt want any atupid fans sympathy or help..qe knw how to tweet nd fight for swasan fans stp ur mahatma by shwng sympathy to us..u nd qe r never be together..we r always opposit..raglak is best swasan is worst..raglak is no:1 fandom in tellywood…dnt need of ur stupid trndbg gelp nd all.u stupid creatures..

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