Birthday treat – today is not my B-Day
Hi my dear lovelies how are you all
I’m so happy. Reason is because of you guys. I didn’t know that I meant this much to you all. You all made me so special that I can’t describe in words. I got world’s best gift from god in you guys. You are angels to me. I can’t thank god enough for sending me such friends and angels. I’m so happy. This birthday was best. I want to thank everyone by name but scared if I’ll forget anyone. You know I’m a kind of bullakad. So. Guys really really thank you so much for showering this much of love. I’m so happy because of you.
Well aap sab itne ache greetings kiye and itne ache writings dedicate kiya hai.
Ab meri baari so a treat for me. I know late hu but mujhe dena hai.
Let’s start with a world’s best smile on world’s best person face.


Kunj pov
“I… L… Love….. I.. Love…you… Twinkle ”
“if you say like this she can’t even understand “, said my brain.
“OK kunj just relax and practice “, my heart encouraged me. I sighed and said.
” I love you Twinkle. I hope you also love me”
“no it’s not a nice way” said my brain and a kind I have to agree to it as its a bad idea.
“but at least you spoke those words “, encouraged my heart.
I sighed as I’m practising to propose her from past one hour. Today was her birthday and I want to make it special as she said she loves her birthdays alot and can’t tolerate if someone ruins it.
“what if she don’t feels the same”, asked my brain.
“no even she loves you”, my heart replied.
“how do you know? Care to explain? “, asked my brain.
“because I’m the one who feels it”, my heart said.
“fine “, said my brain. They both were silent.
Up-to today it’s 6 months that I met her. My Twinkle. I have fallen for her at very first sight when I saw her in my one of family party. Later we became friends. After I have fallen more and more for her specially for her nature, her kind behaviour and her cute antics. She always said that her birthday was so special to her that she waits for her birthday from the start of year.
First I felt childish but when I heard from her it even felt special as she made my birthday special. She patched up me with one of my friend.He was my best buddy but got separated because of a devil. Because of her I got my friend back and that to on my birthday. I asked her reason and she said.
“why you did this much for me Twinkle “, I asked her.
“kunj for me birthday are special. On this day we will get to know that we have wastes one other year successfully” she chuckled and I glared at her.
“okay okay. It’s the day when we came out of our mother womb and have entered into world. We should enjoy this day to fullest. Our mother gave have birth to us on this day. We should be happy and thankful. Don’t know after how much pain to give birth to us. So in this day we should always be happy instead of being dull. I got to know that you love your friend alot so I said that to him. He himself came to you. I had done nothing. “, she replied.

Don’t know why at that I felt so proud of my decision of loving her and in fact I have fallen for her more and more.
Today I got to know that today is her birthday when I’m seeing on whatsapp status. I was shocked I mean, shock was understatement. I want to give her best gift and want to make her birthday special just the way she did. OK OK stop glaring at me. I know you all must be thinking why I don’t know her birthday right.
Then let me tell you whenever I asked about her birthday some or other one will interfere and our topic gets change. So it’s not my fault.
Today after thinking for an nearly like more than two hours I decided to propose her. So I was practising for more than hour and getting fail successfully.
“be calm and say whatever you feel for her from heart”, advised my heart and my brain happily accepted it. Wow that was miracle.
“so you want to waste time like this or want to propose her”, both said together.
I sighed.
I called Twinkle.
“hi Twinkle “, I initiated.
“hello kunj”, she replied.
“do you have any programs for evening “, I asked her to confirm she is free and I’m expecting no as a answer.
“no”, she replied. Yayyyy.
“so can we meet “, I asked her.
“yup”, she replied.
“OK be ready by 6:30 I will pick you”, I informed.
“OK bye “,with that we hanged our call.
I’m so excited and I hope she say yes.
“common kunj be strong and confident “, I said to myself.
I took a long bath to calm my nerves and got ready in blue 3 suit. Then I applied gel to my hair. After giving one last glance I left for Taneja mansion to pick Twinkle. As it is 6:00 so if I’ll start now I can reach there by time.

At nearly 6:35 I reached taneja mansion and was waiting for Twinkle. She came after 5 minutes.
She wore a yellow colour crop top with Blue Jeans. Looking drop dead gorgeous. I was so lost in her that I haven’t noticed she reaches me. She snapped in front of my face and asked through her eyebrows what. I nodded my head in no.
I opened my car door for her like a gentleman and she got into it by giving me world’s best smile which took over my heart. Then I got into driver seat and gave life to engine.
After 10 minuted drive I stopped car at one side of road and took a black cloth and tied it around her eyes.
“kunj what are you doing? “, she protested.
“Twinkle do you trust me? “, I asked her.
“yes”, she replied and her reply made me happy.
“then wait there is a surprise for you”, I said to which she shouted like a small kid. Which made me laugh at her.
After good 30 minutes we reached place and I had parked our car at a side. I came out of car and went to her side to open door. I gave her my hand and helped her to walk as she can’t because of the blind fold.
“kunj where are we going? “, she asked for nearly 100th time.
“patience dear “, I replied.
“this is not fair. This suspense is killing me”, she whined like a kid.
Here we reached it. I slowly opened her blind fold. She gasped at the sight.
“did you like it? “, I asked her. She didn’t reply. I thought she didn’t like it. But for me it was OK like it is decorated with blue and white flowers with a round table at centre, there are two chairs around it and champagne bottle. I thought she likes it.
“Twinkle “, I nudged her.
“wow kunj it’s so beautiful “, she exclaimed and I was beyond happy.
“you all made it for me”, she asked and I nodded my head to which she pulled my cheeks.
She turned around to see decorations after she looked at me. I without wasting a second sat on my one knee.
She was looking at me confused.

“Twinkle don’t know how you will react after listening to this. But I want to say this as I can’t keep it for myself. From the day I have saw you I have felt an unknown feeling towards you.i felt it was as attraction but later I got to know that I’m in love with you. I’m in love with your behaviour, your talks, your habits. When ever you are not there with I feel incomplete but whenever you are with me I feel complete. I love you alot. I love you so much that I always want you on my side. I love you Twinkle. “, I expressed all my feelings. She was looking at me with shocked expressions and even I was shocked because from morning I’m trying to say those three words but here I said like a whole paragraph of my feelings. I hope she will say yes. I looked at her she had tears in her eyes. She matched my height and hugged me.
“I love you too kunj”, she said and I’m on cloud 9. I hugged her even more tighter. We were like that for eternity. Later we both broke hug. I took her to table and made her sit and I settled myself beside her. I held her hand and we both sat in silence for sometime. I still feel like its a dream. Can’t thank god enough for sending Twinkle in my life.
After a while I thought to broke ice.
“Twinkle “, I initiated.
“hmm”, she hummed.
“you know from morning I was scared of your answer. I was so scared to express my feelings. But at the same time I want to make this day special as its your birthday “, I said honestly and see I don’t even wished her. Kunj I scolded myself and looked at her while she was looking at me confused.
“whose birthday is today? “, she asked. Why she is asking like that.
“yours “, I replied.
“who said to you? “, she asked.
“actually I have seen in whatsapp status that chinki our friend kept na “, I replied and she busted out laughing. I looked at her confused.
“what happened? “, I asked her as I have not cracked any joke then why is she laughing. She tried to control her laugh and failed in it. After 5 minute she stopped laughing.
“ohoo kunj chinki got misunderstood. Today is not my birthday it’s in next month of same day. “, she replied.
“WHAT”, I almost screamed.
“yes “, she replied. I did all this to make her birthday special but It went vain. My face was dull.

“so what kunj you made this day so special na “, she said. But I was not satisfied. She got up from her place and came to my side. She held my hand and kissed on cheek. I was shocked but smiled forgetting everything. She was about to go to other side I pulled her and she landed on my lap.
End of kunj pov

Twinkle pov –
Today is the best day. Today my love proposed me. I’m so happy. But when he said today was my birthday I laughed like a maniac. Later I explained kunj but he was sad. I’m not at all angry with him because it was not at all his fault. Whenever he asks me about my birthday some or other interferes. I looked at him and he looked sad. I tried of lit up surrounding but I think it’s got failed. At that time an awesome idea came into my brain. I stood up and went to kunj and gave a peck on his cheek which immediately brought a smile on his face. I was about to turn, he held my wrist and pulled me towards me. I landed on his lap. We were so close to each other.
“as you have not said me about your birthday. So you have to compensate “, he said with a wink.
“what you want? “, I asked him.
He leaned towards me while looking at my lips. I got his intentions and closed my eyes. I felt his lips on me. Firstly it was a slow liplock later it turned into wild one. We broke it after 10 minutes due to lack of oxygen. Again he attached his lips with mine which leaded to other one. Later we both spent time together. Later left to our respective home.
In this day 20 days have passed and we both were so happy in our life. Today my mom came to me to my room and said worlds shocking news.
“I want you to get married Twinkle. Now it’s your age is of marriage “, said mom.
“mom I need sometime “, I replied.
“fine after your birthday I’ll start looking for alliance “, she said and left. I took Mobile and called kunj and explained him everything. He said
“OK don’t worry everything will be fine “.
In this way days passed and finally my birthday came. All are happily wishing me but I’m not in a mood. Only my mom words are ringing in my ears. Kunj never initiated about marriage. Whenever I tried to talk he used to divert the topic. I’m so sad.
It is evening and there is a party but not at all happy. I got dressed in pink long frock and gave a light touch-up to my face. I went down and all are wishing me but my eyes are searching for kunj and he is nowhere.

Suddenly all lights went and a flash light came on me. Other flash light had fallen on kunj. I was so happy to see him. He was looking so handsome in his black three suit. He came to me and sat on his knees.
He took out a velvet box which has a diamond ring.
“Twinkle from past few days I was ignoring you because of my work. But I was ignoring you intentionally “,
He said and I was shocked.
“I know Twinkle you must be wondering why I’m doing like that right”, he asked to which I nodded my head.
“well you know you made my birthday so special by giving my lost friend. So I thought to make your birthday special but my first attempt was not that successful because of that misunderstanding”, he said and I nodded to continue.
“so I thought to surprise you. So I took Leela aunty help for this”,
As he said this words I can’t believe that my mom is also involved.
“she helped me. So today I want to ask you will you marry me? Will you be my wife my better half? Will you be my life partner? ”
I so wanted to say yes but
“no I won’t. You hide such a big thing for me. ” I said turning to other side.
He turned me towards him.
“I’m so sorry Twinkle. Please forgive me”, he said holding his ears and I can’t help but smile. I removed his hands from ears.
“so will you “, he asked.
“I would love to be”, I replied. He made me wear ring.
Then he stood up and hugged me tightly. In this way my day became other special day for me.
Later we cut cake and my birthday went.
Later we both married .

Here I end it. Hope you all enjoyed it.
I hope aap sab ko mera treat pasand aaya Ho.
Thank you so much guys for such a lovely greetings.
Please comment karna zarur .
I know mai late but you know na reason. So please don’t be angry.
Please do comment whether positive or negative.
Love you guys
Keep smiling
You all are best.

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  1. Kiya1234

    Amazing ? ramya ❤️??❤️?

    1. Ramya

      Thank you kiya
      Love you keep smiling

  2. Fenil

    Wow opsssss not wow
    It’s Awwwwwwww
    Superb OS.
    Thank you so much for writing this.
    Link Ka popat ban Gaya…lol Maja Avi gayi.
    Khotu Nahi keV I love Brain and Heart wala concept personally but mein likh Nahi pata.
    U nailed it dear Ramya sissy.
    Loved it to the core
    Marvellous OS.
    Hope to read more.
    Proposal was indeed Fabulous.
    Love Twinj pov.

    1. Ramya

      Thank you So much bhai
      Per aap ne tho itne ache so likhte ho
      Even I love your writings
      Love you keep smiling

  3. Twinj2000

    Very nice bday treat ?
    Lovely os??
    Keep posting

    1. Ramya

      Thank you twunj
      Love you keep smiling

    1. Ramya

      Thank you ss

  4. SidMin23

    Superb cute os

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Arati
      Love you keep smiling

  5. awesome…..
    i just loved it..
    thank u for the treat..
    love u…..
    post ur ff soon

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Preshu
      Love you keep smiling

  6. superb os ramya
    happy birthday may god bless u
    keep writing
    thanks for posting
    luv u

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Yashika
      Love you keep smiling

  7. Superb & marvellous os ramya?

    Thanks for the treat dear
    Plzzzz post soon ur ff plzzzzzz
    Luv u

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Mahi
      Love you keep smiling

  8. Superb

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Stary
      Love you keep smiling

  9. Nishuu

    Awesome ammu
    Loved it

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Akka
      Love you keep smiling

  10. Sana785

    First of all belated happy birthday…..
    Coming to this….. Awesome yrrr…. Seriously…..
    aisi birthday kisi ki celebrate ho jaaye to kya kehne…..
    Getting the love of ur lyf on ur special day ….
    I mean nothing could be better than this…. Beautiful and amazing os….

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much sana
      Really B-Day ke din love of our life mil jaye tho kamal hi ho jayega

  11. Belated happy birthday Ramya my sweetheart. Hope that you have not forgotten me.It was a lovely and amazing os.Plzz write more.And I am eagerly waiting for ur ff An accident I met my soulmate.Plzz write it fast.
    Love u.

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much Rayna
      And why you thought I will forget you
      No where on this earth gonna happen that
      And yeah I’llpost my ft soon
      Love you keep smiling

  12. Simiyy

    I am really sorry Di
    I wish you a very happy be-lated birthday
    May all your dreams come true and you stay happy always
    Loved the OS

    1. Ramya

      Don’t be sorry simiuu
      And thank you so much for this lovely wishes.
      It means alot
      Love you keep smiling

  13. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous superb mind blowing OS my sugarcane. Loved it sooooooo much. Nice plot. Proposal was best. Loved it so much.
    Sorry for late comment.
    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much nehu Di
      and never be sorry
      Love you too keep smiling

  14. Baby

    god ramieeeeee ♥
    why r u sooooooo amzng yrr ♥
    u naile dit ♥
    haha kunj toh popat lal than than gopal ho gaya 🙂 😛 hahahaa
    becharaaa jaisee mera hua tha hahhhaahaa LOL pity me n shalini didu ♥
    hahahahaa well coming to d osm lovely mind blowing os ♥
    god i luvd it sooooooooo mch ♥
    it ws beautiul♥
    nd wrds u used osm ♥
    love u ♥

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