her birthday SIDMIN OS happy birthday anaayali

hi guys here i am with my first piece of writing on sidmin my love do tell my hows the os

happy belated birthday anayaali i am shooo shoory i am so bzy u ask that we can be friend ofcrz we can be and i can’t give you gift so i am giving you a nickname
hope you like it it is birthday gift

happy happy birthday

may you live 1000 years ?

may ur all dreams and wishes get complete

may you meet bunny (sid) and me too at least one time

i wish you happy haapppyyy birrtthhdaayy to the core

your nick name is SWEETI-PIE i can’t give you cutiepie bcuz i give to my bestie and I LOVE YOU but only as a frnd??

so here is OS guys you can imagine that sid is in jhalak and jasmine is doing dsdt and it is jasmine birthday

at nighy
jas pov
samajhta kia ha apna ap ko han kuch bhi kra ga it has been 4 month he did not meet me and day after tommorow is my birthday i can understand that he is bzy but i am his bestfrnd na for him only but for me he is more than frnd but i can’t let him know about my feelings leave all this jas if he did not wish me than i will kill him mr.sidhant gupta be ready to die
pov end

and she slept hugging her bella

at morning
she is continuesly talking to herself but her phone beeped and it show that sidhantgupta23 just share a post she hurridely open it and it is sid and krishma pic she frown and say
t: he never click a pic with me soo closely like he click with this krishma taana actually her name should be krishma gaana lambo kahin ki i will kill her mera sid ka saath chipak rahi ha her mood is off and she goes to her work at set she give her shot but she is pale everyone ask bcuz she always do masti on set but she is silent she rply to all that she has fever and goes to her house she eat dinner and goes to her bedroom it again show the same notification she open it and its sid pic on the beach shirtless he is wearing blue shots looking extremly hot she stalk him lovingly she sit on her bed when clock strike 12 she wish herself and her phone start beeping all her frnds co-actors and senior wish her but she is still waiting for someone special ofcrs her sid aka twinkle ka kunj but he did not wish her she slept weeping in morning she get up get freshen up and get ready into black floral dress she pick up her phone and call her director and say
j: hello i am not coming today bcuz i am not feeling well
direc: its ok jas take care and happy birthday
j: thnk u and bye
and she lay on her bed hugging her bella she is weeping and saying
why sid you can’t wish me only once i hate you but i love you you are very bad and she start weeping

scene shift

a dark room is shown a mascular figure is shown who is known other than sid he is talking to herself

s: i am sorry jas but what should i do i can’t face you if i will come infront of you i can’t control my feelings but i have to come infront of you to wish you i am coming my SIYYAPA QUEEN he come out of his apartment and goes to jasmine apartment and climb to the window luckily window is open and jas is sleeping he cone inside and sit beside jas he say

s: kitni cute lagti ha na sotaa hoa but i know jb utha gi she will start her chatter box btw my jas happy birthday

jas open her eyes and hug him tightly sid is shocked and he feel something wet on his T both got apart and jas is crying his heart skipped for a while after seeing her lady love crying he console her and she start shouting in him why he did not meet her nd did not wish her birthday blah blah blah sid is trying to stop her but no use so he peck her lips jas get shocked she say
j: why you kiss me
s: bcuz u are mine
j: who say i am urs??
s: bcuz iiiii looooovvvvveeee yooooouuuuuuu my siyyyyaappppaaa quuueeennnn he shout and jas is feelung sooo muuch happy she also shout

j: iiii loooovvvveeee yoooouuuu tooooo my buunnnnnnnyyy

both hug eachother and feel eachother after sometime jas part away and say sid today is someone else birthday too
kis ka birthday ha jas?? sid ask
ara anaayali ka our bestfrnd ”said jas

both call anayaali and wish her after that sidmin got married and live happily everafter

and guys i am working on my it will post soon

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice I don’t expect karishma here and happy birthday love it

  2. Sidmin ki sadia


  3. Nice

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  5. Ayesha51

    amazing os

  6. Supriya18d

    amazing os dear???

  7. Really nice

  8. amazing os dear ? ?

  9. Hey nisa yr thnk u thnk u sooooo muchhhh???…. Thnk u for such nice nick name i luv the name…. Thnks for the wishes … And for wish that i meet u and bunny thnk u ??…. And for adding me in ur ff?… Yr i dont know how to thnk u enough… I am soooo happy…. Os was cute and awsm… Byeee …. Luv u sooo much??…. Thnks again …. Tc

  10. Awesome

  11. Ramya

    Awesome one nisa
    Kash yeh sach hota

  12. Baby

    nisa it was cute n lovely…..♥
    loved it ♥
    love ya ♥

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