Birthday gift twinj os

hey guys I know u all I comment on some ffs but I read each n every ff n they all r amazing I’m trying my hand in writing if u all like it den plss comment it is an os so let’s start
A big mansion is shown and on d enterence it has a name plate named sarna mansion OK guys let’s go inside wow there is a big hall with all d things decorated in golden colour ( u can imagine swarna bhavan of yaha main ghar ghar kheli) let’s go forward after climbing d stairs to d left there is a room inside d room on d bed there is a couple sleeping peacefully yes guys dey r our twinj . kunj has digged his face in twinkles neck n his hand is on tw waist holding her tightly every day kunj sleeps holding her tightly twinj have completed 2 years of their marriage

Fb : 2 yrs before twinj marriage twinj were studying in d same college dey were in relationship der was a boy named UV he loved tw one day he proposed her she rejected his proposal saying she loves kunj n will marry him only from dat day onwards UV wowed to destroy kunj he made several attempts to kill kunj but was unsuccessful twinj married n dey were happy dey thought dey got rid of UV but dey were wrong after 1year of twinj marriage UV made a last attempt he kidnapped kunj n threatened tw if she wants save kunj she should marry him having no other option to save kunj she agreed n went to d place where UV had called her he had made all d preps for wedding he decided to marry tw in front of kunj so d wedding started kunj some how freed himself n started beating UV . UV acted to be unconscious twinj got trapped dey saw each other with teary eyes n hugged eo tightly just den twinkle saw UV pointing gun towards kunj she pushed kunj n got hit by d bullet near her heart kunj was shocked he took tw to hospital n she narrowly escaped death . n from dat day onwards if tw had fever or small injury den kunj used to get worried. fb ends dis was d reason why he was sleeping holding tw tightly

tw woke up she saw kunj n smiled n she moved to washroom after 30 mins tw came out wearing blue anarkali she sat beside kunj caressed his hair tw thinks : happy birthday kedeeunj today I will give u d best gift she came out of her thoughts kissed his forehead with her soft touch kunj woke up he had a smile on his face he was looking cute k : good morning tw and kissed her cheeks he went to washroom n got ready he came downstairs took blessings frm Bebe usha n monu had his bf n went to office he was sad as no one wished him fb: tw told all d fly membrs to not to wish him n dey agreed .

fb ends after all his work kunj returned to sm at 7 pm he saw every were dark he put on d lights n all shouted happy birthday kunj he was happy he saw tw n thanked her kunj cut d cake n fed to all d members in d family den all had dinner n went to their respective rooms tw took kunj to terrace where she had done a date setup so dis is my birthday gift said kunj no said tw dey had dance on song Sab tera be ready for ur surprise said tw she asked him to close his eyes kunj closed his eyes 5 mins passed so he opened his eyes n was shocked to tw lying on d floor unconscious he took her in his arms n headed towards their room all family members gathered n doctor also arrived she examined tw as soon as Dr came out of d room kunj asked her about tw health to dis she replied tw will tell u he went to tw asked her tw took his hand and placed it on her tummy all family members understood so dey left d room but our bechara kunj tw ke liye pareshan tha to kuch bhi nahi samjha tw said dis ur birthday gift kunj ur going to become father OK said kunj n realised what she said n asked her to repeat it again she said I’m pregnant kunj n was blushing he hugged her tightly n said dis is d best birthday gift I love u tw dat dey were very happy tw took his head in her lap n carresed his face n dey went to sleep after 9 months tw gave birth to twins kavya n tanay n dey lived happily .

sorry for mistakes if u all liked it den plss comment. thank u

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  1. Wowww…….amazing ….ur os is so cute one… enjoyed it …it is very well executed ….hope u come up with next os….

  2. Rk really a lovely, cute os
    Write more
    Eager to read ur os more
    Lovely one

  3. very beautifully written
    loved it
    write more os rk
    waiting for next one

  4. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. …

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