This birth or the next one. One shot(nagma)


Hello frndz…. Presenting you a one shot. I would like to thank one person of our vishkanya family whole heartedly. The entire credit goes to our sweet and lovely ATHYA akka. I used ur idea. This is a one shot with a happy ending. There are 2 pairs. One is apulay of course. If u want to know the other one you have to read the whole story.
A girl who look like an angel with brown eyes, pink lips, and dark brown hair which is left open came out of her house for the very first time in her life. She never talks with anyone. She goes outside. A man is selling beautiful flowers on the lane. She was mesmerized by the beauty of flowers. She did nothing but just touched then. To everyone’s surprise they started drying. Smile vanished from her face. The man who was selling flowers started shouting at her. Then a boy comes there and gives the shopkeeper a noye of rs.1000. He took her to an isolated place and said ‘Aparajita i promised to meet you when u come out.’ She is our apu. She says ‘Malay… I know you love me from the day we met. Even i reciprocate the same feelings for you but we can never become one coz….’ He says ‘coz u r a vishkanya.’ Apu nods yes sadly. Malay says i know but i am not able to forget that i loved u i love u and i will always love u. Apu smiles and puts her head on his chest. Apu says i dont know what to do now. I love u from the bottom of my heart. I cannot bear being far from u. I dont want to live a life without you coz i love u. Malay says i know that i will die if i be close to you. But what is the use of living a life where the girl i love loves me but we can never become one?? It is better to die than to live a life withoit you. Apu says i also will die along with u if u leave me. Malay says then we will become one forever. Apu smiles. Malay cups her face. She also cups his face they come closer. Apu says i want to be with u forever. Malay says then there is no option other than this. Apu comes closer to him till her lips touch his lips. They have a kiss. Then suddenly apu realized what did she do. Malay falls on the ground suddenly. Apu is shocked. She becomes unconcious and fall on him. Their both hearts stop beating at the same second. They left their lives at the very moment.

After 1 month
A woman is screaming coz of labour pains. She is in the hospital.She gives birth to a boy but he dont cry even after 5 mins. Then the doctor thinks the boy is dead meanwhile Another woman from the next room is also in labour pains. She gives birth to a girl. Hearing the cry of girl the boy started crying. Doctor and nurse think what a miracle….. Nurse says maybe they loved each other immensly in their previous birth…… Doctor says if it is so then they are made for each other. Nurse says true lovers can never be seperated either in THIS BIRTH OR THE NEXTONE. Father of boy comes to see his son and name him ranveer. Father of girl comes to see his daughter and name her ishani. Here starts the story of ISHVEER………

So frndz…. How is it?? i tried to make it sweet and short. Plz comment i tried to make the ending into a happy one. Plz do comment and let me know whether it is good or not. Thank you athya akka…. Luv u……

Credit to: Vaishnavi

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  1. Sema..Super frnd..Greatly gud..keep rocking

    1. Mi OMG!!Nobody could have thought of it…Amazing….. It is awesome wow…..I mean from where did you this idea….. Hats off to you…….I don’t know how to react at this…. This is surprisingly a good shock….Ha Ha Ha!!!!!……..outstanding…..

    2. Thanks harshan and zaya……

  2. Hi vaishnavi….yah pls make happy endings. U have a very creative mind keep it up….keep on writing dear …. Best of luck

    1. Thanks kathy…….

  3. Wow Vaishnavi. Such a well written story. Love united in next birth. Cliché but seriously well written. Keep it up

    1. Thanks bish…….

  4. OMG!!Nobody could have thought of it…Amazing….. It is awesome wow…..I mean from where did you this idea….. Hats off to you…….I don’t know how to react at this…. This is surprisingly a good shock….Ha Ha Ha!!!!!……..outstanding…..

    1. Thanks zaya…….. Plz support me in the same way. I will bring many stories for you all.

  5. Wow!you have added vishkanya to MATSH…… You have got a great mind…..In one word this is Outstanding…. Good job..

    1. Thanks a ton omama….

  6. I made it a happy ending coz i dont like stories with sad ending. I would like to share the credit with athya akka. Akka where are u? I am desperately waiting for ur comment……..

  7. Ranaji…… Athya akka…. Sharaya….. Where are u all?

  8. Good night frndz…….
    If u all support me in this way then i will write more stories. Love u all…..

  9. Amazing nagma I loved u r one shot a lot

    1. Thanks sharaya…….

  10. superb nagma i just loved it

    1. Thanks ranaji……..

  11. superb thnx for bringing ishveer

    1. Yo…… Hi fi……. We both love ishveer…

  12. Athya akka….. Where r u??

  13. am soooooo…. sry dr for late comments…. yaar its really suuper ma … nagma dr ur a born writer …. thnks for ur appreciation. .. but entire credit goes to u only dr …. I jus shared the theme.. but u made a whole story … u have given life to the hints and made a wonderful story
    ……. u have such a nice writing skill dr……..

  14. tats climax was my favorite part …the idea of rebirth ….and there names…… suuuuupppperrrr bujji ….. dont say dr…….ur always welcome. …. luv u too …

  15. tats………dont say thnks dr………

  16. nagma dr I couldn’t find u in fb dr……. my fb name is Athyafathima pro pic is animated small girl ( little of despicable me) add me too dr

    1. As u all are not finding my fb i changed name to nagma cutes.

  17. ??? rawesome , mind blowing, superb really no body thought that type of shot ,

    1. Thanks sania…..

  18. jo thnak u dr for adding me in fb 🙂

    1. No thanks…… No sorry…..

  19. ho thnk u dr… .

  20. Superb dr nagma.i wish it does’t end and keep going…..all best and keep writing dr???

    1. Thanks ayesha…..

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