Bindusar and Dharma-Ek duje ke vaaste part 7

Dharma goes to bindusar and says are you sure you don’t want anything ? he says I am sure.He starts to leave when Dharma tries to stop him and falls in his arms.He helps her get up and he slowly kisses her on her lips.He pulls her by her waist and kisses her on her neck and then he romantically removes all her jewelry and lifts her in his arms and puts her on the bed.He then blows off the candles and they consummate their marriage.

The next day Dharma is drying her hair when bindusar comes behind her and hugs her and starts to kiss her . She tries to escape but she doesn’t and they continue to romance.
Ellis is trying to talk to karthikeya but he is busy sharpening his sword .She comes near him and he turns back with the sword in his hand .He sees her intimidated and puts the sword near her neck and says unless you kiss me no escaping for you.She blushes and says not now he pulls her close and they get intimate when Ellis says please stop I am getting tempted.He says it’s ok.this is usual.she blushes
Chitra goes to Bhadra and says will you love me if I get fat . He says no I will love you more.she says I feel like eating tamarind.He says it is pregnancy cravings quite usual.
Nandini and Helena are busy looking at cradles.Helena says I think we should take 4 nandini.Nandini says yes.christa comes and says I am feeling dizzy and I feel nauseas.Nandini smiles and says not to worry.You are pregnant.dasi come here take Christa to her room call Adonis.Helina is happy and asks for sweets to be distributed.
Charumati is busy getting ready when bindusar comes in and says why did you call me ?
Charumati comes close and says why not we spend the night together ? Then she gives him a drink.He angrily drinks it.then she removes her sari and kisses him.Under the influence he kisses her too.Then they make love.Suddenly bindusar wakes up and says this dream is not good.

Precap: Charumati is released.She whispers in dharma’s ear . Your bad time starts now.Bindusar hears this and pulls her and gives her a tight slap

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  1. hey it was really nice….i was a silent reader but i couldn’t stop commenting after your chapters ….post soon …i was waiting for your ff but you posted late
    …dont worry and lovely epi post asap yami

  2. Have you stopped Bashi and Laxmila ff? Do reply.

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