Bin Kuch Kahe Review: Mediocre concept missing out essential spirit

Zee’s Bin Kuch Kahe is a romantic comedy drama. The story is about an all women family, comprising a single mother Sudha, taking care of her three daughters Riya, Abha and Myra. The family lives on their own terms, but have many clashes and arguments. Sudha is assumed as a control freak, but is a concerned mother who made many sacrifices in life. Sudha regrets that Abha got divorced and has to raise her son Aryan alone. Sudha fears the same can happen with Riya and Myra.

Sudha fixes Riya’s marriage with Nikhil. Riya and Nikhil get engaged, but Riya breaks the engagement finding Nikhil a mismatch. Sudha has all hopes from Myra. She depends on Myra, who is the only sensible person in their family. Kohli family faces problems together, but have many differences arising between them. Myra attempts to give a happy life to her family, just the way her dad wanted. Sudha falls weaker by the growing responsibilities. Myra helps Sudha to maintain harmony, love and warmth in their relations. Myra then meets Kabir, and their journey begins.

Main Characters:


She is a modern, smart, independent, sensible and a loving person. She wants to make her identity by having a successful career. She aims to give happiness to her family. Myra balances the relations by being helpful and patient. Myra loves her family. She takes proper care of Sudha. Myra wants her sisters’ lives to get on right track. Myra has good intentions in whatever she does. She stays positive. She does not have huge expectations from life. She aspires to be a journalist.


Kabir is smart, handsome, witty and a true person. Kabir is a journalist by profession. Fate makes him meet Myra. Since then, Kabir tries harder to get destiny in his favor. He is mischievous and likes playing pranks. He believes in simplicity and honesty. Kabir does not have any ego about his achievements. He is down to earth and very much expressive. He is determined in fulfilling dreams. Kabir falls in love with Myra.


Shamata Anchan as Myra
Sameer Arora as Kabir
Archana Mittal as Sudha

Story So Far:

Myra’s family is introduced. Myra’s mother Sudha is on protest to stop Myra from going Mumbai. Myra’s sister Riya could not convince Sudha to end the hunger strike. Myra tells Sudha that they can talk later about her Mumbai trip. She asks Sudha not to spoil mood as its Riya’s engagement. Sudha refuses to talk to them. Myra asks Riya to get ready soon, as Nikhil’s family would be coming. Sudha passes Riya’s lahenga to her. Sudha welcomes Nikhil and his parents. Riya and Nikhil get engaged. Sudha taunts her elder daughter Abha. Myra asks Sudha not to taunt Abha. Riya asks for money for makeup. Sudha makes an issue. Sudha is adamant on not sending Myra to Mumbai. Riya asks Sudha not to be a control freak. Myra tries to emotionally blackmail Sudha and convince her. Myra talks to her dad’s photo and tells him that she will take care of Sudha. Abha’s son Aryan runs to Myra and takes her out to Sudha.

Sudha tells Myra I m ready to drop you to airport. Myra gets happy. Myra packs her stuff and runs downstairs to Sudha. She thanks Sudha. Sudha tells I will make you board the flight. Myra hugs Riya and Abha. Riya does drama. Myra gets her friend’s call. Sudha drops Myra to airport. Myra lands in Mumbai. Myra makes a call and talks to Sudha. Myra stays with her friends. She misses her family. Her friend takes her to a club. Myra gets mistaken seeing Kabir and hands over car keys to him. She orders him to park the car. Kabir drives the car out of the club. Myra scolds him. Her friend tells her that Kabir is not a valet. Kabir returns the car keys.

Riya asks Nikhil to start dieting, as she wants to see him having six packs. Myra and her friends occupy the table in the club. Myra’s friend asks her to enjoy the freedom. Myra asks her to give food order and goes to washroom. She sees Kabir and gets a shock. She scolds Kabir. She then realizes that she has entered men’s washroom. Kabir taunts that it would be his mistake, but she is in men’s washroom, literally interpreting that men and women are equal. Kabir passes note to her table to ask her name. Kabir introduces himself and chats with Myra’s friend. Kabir gives his number to Myra and asks her to call him, as its difficult to get a driver in Mumbai. Her friends look for Kabir’s profile on social media.

Myra gets Aryan’s call and chats. Aryan tells about inventing a happy drink, so that the family does not get hyper. Myra laughs hearing his idea. Sudha asks Myra is she fine. She gets too concerned. Myra tells her that everything is fine. Sudha asks her to come back. Myra asks Sudha what does she want. Sudha asks her to get sandals for her. Sudha gifts marriage lahenga to Riya. Myra makes a call for interview and wishes to make her dad proud. Myra tells her friends that she did not get appointment for interview. Her friend Nidhi’s mother tells Myra to stay at home in evening, as Raghav is coming in evening to see Nidhi. Myra makes Nidhi ready. Nidhi’s mother welcomes Raghav and his family. Raghav introduces his friends, and Kabir is one of them. Myra and Kabir meet again.

Kabir asks Myra not to get after him. Raghav asks do you know each other. Myra turns upset with Kabir’s behavior. Abha calls her. Myra tells Abha about Kabir. Abha asks her to ignore Kabir. Myra wonders how can this coincidence happen. Abha asks her to chill with friends. Myra goes for interview. She drops her phone on the stairs. Kabir helps her. Myra hits him sensing someone behind her. Kabir gets hurt. Nikhil and Riya have an argument over honeymoon destination. Sudha is upset with Abha’s love marriage and divorce. She asks Abha not to spoil Riya. Myra tells her friends about Kabir meeting at office. Myra tells he is doing this to make me feel guilty and then turn into my friend. Kabir comes there.

Myra sees him and tells her friends. Kabir jokes that he is a detective. Myra argues with him. Nidhi finds Myra being rude with Kabir. Aryan sees Abha crying. He tells her that he hates her tears. He cheers her up by sharing his analysis. Abha asks him not to worry. Aryan tells I m the man of the house and have to console you. Abha laughs. He assures to make everything fine. Abha asks him if he can make Sudha fine. Aryan tells her that he will do research on Sudha. Myra dreams about Kabir. Myra gets ready and looks for her dad’s friend’s number. She thinks to meet him. She calls Sudha. Sudha asks her to come back soon.

She tells what Abha did. She complains about Abha. Myra asks her to calm down. Abha tries explaining Riya to be happy with Nikhil, as he loves her a lot. Riya is annoyed with Nikhil and has another argument with him over home decor. Nikhil finds her impossible. He asks her to think about his mother. She tells him that only she should be his priority. Riya does not care for Nikhil’s emotions. Myra calls her dad’s friend and fixes a meeting. Kabir talks to her as Mr. Puri. Myra comes to meet her dad’s friend. Myra meets a middle aged man and doubts on him. He tells her that he looks young, as he was her dad’s junior. Kabir hears their conversation.

Kabir’s friend pretending to be Mr. Puri disappears when real Mr. Puri calls her. Kabir made his friend play the prank on Myra. Myra tells her friends about the prankster. They search the number and find out its Kabir’s number. They realize Kabir has sent that man as Mr. Puri. They find some connection between Myra and Kabir. Myra gets a interview call. Myra goes for the interview and meets Mr. Roy, who pretended to be Mr. Puri. He apologizes for the prank. He tells her that her interview is already done and confirms the job.

Myra rejects the job thinking Kabir is involved. He assures that she is getting the job because of her talent and confidence. Myra joins the news channel. He tells about Kabir, who is one of the best journalists. Riya meets Nikhil and his family. Nikhil shows the sample wedding invitation card. Riya tells him that this is not needed. She changes her mind and tells Nikhil that she is not ready for marriage. She cancels the marriage. She returns the engagement ring to Nikhil. Sudha scolds Riya. Riya tells Sudha that breaking engagement is better than divorce. Myra scolds Kabir for playing the prank on her. Abha informs Myra that Riya broke her engagement. Myra turns upset. Kabir tries to lessen her worry.

Our Take:

The story is about all-women family facing modern day problems in their offbeat ways. Concept misses out to show the warmth in Kohli family. There seems to be hyped emotions, instead naturally perceived. Most of the actors are new. More of their acting talent has to be put in their roles. The show sinks down a bit. The scenes look arranged by huge attempts. Shamata starred in Everest before and impressed the viewers by her acting skills. The same can’t be said for her in this show.

Shamata as Myra does not bring the individuality in her character. Myra’s character does not look like lead one. It gets dull as the supporting characters. Sameer as Kabir does not strike perfect. Sameer is okay when he delivers one liners. Emotional scenes are totally unappealing. Story pace has been okay in the first week, as emphasis was on characterizations, which still lacks detailing.


The show was touted to be a rom-com, but that’s the two things missing here. Romance is overcast, while comedy is hapless. The scenes derives no interest and curiosity. Viewers can expect the leads chemistry to get better in the upcoming romantic track.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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