Bin Kuch Kahe 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha sees pickle bottle in her cafeteria and thinks who brought it. Sandy enters and says he brought it from old age home. She says he will disappoint even old people and will grab their property like he wants her cafeteria. He must have told them he will eat pickle and gifted it to her. Their conversation continues. They smell fish. Abha scolds he ate fish and came. Sandy says he is a Brahmin. She gives him perfume. He prays and smells it. She laughs. He just looks at her.

Akshay goes to Myra’s office. Mrya scolds that he is 25 min late. He says he was outside her office. She asks then why did he take 25 minutes to come. He gives gift and says he went to bring this. She says she will check later and says let us go, he will not ask where they are going and why.

Akshay reaches home at night and sees his parents searching in garden thinking a thief entered. He sees Nikhil and Riya romancing hiding behind trees and asks why they are behaving immaturely like teenagers. They both request him to handle situation. Akshay goes and tells his parents it was him, they heard his footsteps. Parents walk in. Riya and Nikhil after a bit of conversation decide to inform family.

Both families meet. Akshay informs his mother that he could not handle after Riya broke up. Mom and dad fume that because of Riya they had to face a lot of humiliation. Drama continues. Nikhil tries to convince his parents. Riya apologizes them. Mom says marriage will happen but late. Sudha says she agrees and says Riya should prove herself first, they are neighbors since so long and saw thicks and thins of life together. Nikhil’s mom hugs her. Akshay says marriage will happen a bit late in days and says let us celebrate and have sweets. Myra brings sweets. Nikhil tells Riya that she failed in 12th twice and should not fail in this exam. She fumes. Everyone laugh. Sudha thanks Akshay and says she is thinking of even his and Myra’s engagement. Akshay asks if she knew about his love for Myra. She says she knows everything. Kabeer returns home. Aryan happily runs to him and informs that Riya and Nikhil’s marriage is approved. Kabeer congratulates them.

Precap: Kabeer proposes Myra and says I love you.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sweetsameeksha

    Finally. Now i hope myra doesnt react wrongly.

  2. Obviously she will? ?

  3. Oh she will for sure..but waiting for today’s episode

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