Bin Kuch Kahe 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kohli family is busy chatting with Akshay when Kabeer enters and gives Myra a letter. She reads it and gets very happy. Sudha asks what is it. She says International publisher like her article and sent appreciation mail. Riya reads it and tells Sudha that Myra is international journalist now. Myra thanks Kabeer. Akshay gets jealous and asks Kabeer if he also writes. Kabeer says he likes promoting and appreciating talent, not like someone who steals someone’s credit, pointing at Akshay. Akshay tells Sudha that he is lucky for her family and she needs an army man always around. He dances with whole Kohli family and asks Kabeer to take family photo. Kabeer jealously takes pics and tries to leave. Sudha thanks him. Akshay tells Myra let us watch horror movie now and switches on TV and DVD player.


goes to his room and his inner self tells that he loves Myra and came to Jaipur for her as he was missing her after she came from Mumbai, so he came here searching for her. He should prose her before pink idiot Akshay proposes her.

Akshay is busy watching horror movie with Myra. Riya messages him to come and meet her right now. He goes to her room and she asks when will he propose Myra. He says he is nervous and will try some other day. She teaches him to behave as Army officer and propose her and mimics lines. He goes back to Myra, but does not utter anything in nervousness and runs out in lieu of getting water.

Next day, Riya and Nikhil scold Akshay for being so nervous. Abha asks what is happening. They tell Akshay is unable to propose Myra. Abha asks so they scolded Akshay. They say so what. Nikhil suggests him to wear army uniform so that he can get some courage and propose Myra. Akshay agrees, but gets nervous again.

Kabeer forcefully gets into Dholia’s car and is surprised to see Sandy with him. Dholia says he is glad to meet great businessman JS’s son. Kabeer warns him to stay away form Abha’s café, else he will expose him and shut all his businesses. Dholia says it is very easy to make disappear journalists like him. Kabeer warns and gets out of car. Akshay watches them together and thinks Kabeer is with Dholia and is betraying Kohli family.

Precap: Myra tells Akshay that her dream of becoming international journalist came true because of Kabeer. Riya apologizes Nikhil’s mother. Mother says marriage will happen later and not now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Diyaa

    Hey bhagwaan!! I like slow development of stories but please end the series of misunderstandings against Kabeer. Rosy seems to be planning another one to make Kabeer look bad. More insult for Kabeer.???

  2. Please show some romance between kabeer nd Myra…kabeer is doing so much for Myra..when wil she do something for him yaar…not digestable.its high high time now?

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