Bin Kuch Kahe 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua tells Sudha that Riya’s wedding finished peacefully. Sudha says good she calmed down. Bua says she had to for children’s sake and asks if Riya’s mother-in-law agreed for this marriage. Sudha says she threw lot of tantrums and fought a lot, but Nikhil stood on Riya’s side and went against his mother, so mother agreed. She says Nikhil told Kabeer made him realize his responsibility and helps us a lot. Bua says he is a very good and jovial boy, what if he marries Myra. Sudha says she knows Myra is already engaged to Akshay and she does not like Akshay. Bua says she has found a girl for Kabeer. Sudha asks who is it. Bua says wait for some time.

Abha goes to her restaurant next morning. Sandy greets her. She looks at Riya’s wedding pics on her mobile and smiles, asks him

if he wants to see them. He says yes and looking at pics says Riya is looking too pretty. Abha says even mature. Sandy says he wants to speak to her something important. She asks to go ahead. He says not now, come back to cafeteria after dinner.

Sudha gets ill next morning. Myra gets worried. Bua says she is fine, it is just hangover. Sudha says she has to make arrangements for Riya’s paghphera rituals. Myra asks her to rest. Bua says she will help Sudha. Sudha asks who will go to bring Riya and Nikhil. Kabeer comes and says he will go. Bua asks Myra to accompany Kabeer. Myra agrees. They both travel in car. Myra says Riya’s home wedding idea was great. Kabeer says he is thinking about their marriage also in a similar style. Myra looks happy, but then thinks what is she doing. They both reach Nikhil and Riya’s house and see mess around. They wake up Nikhil and Riya. Discussion continues. Riya and Nikhil go to prepare tea. Myra and Kabeer clean house. Myra brooms floor. Kabeer says she brooms well, why don’t she take it as second profession. She says she will come to Brazil with her husband and work in his company. She then says even he mops floor well an slips. He holds her and says he can hold people well though. Akshay comes and fumes and comments army men cut whoever touches other’s belongings. Kabeer says then see sees someone’s hands still intact. Riya and Nikhil come out and say milk is finished. Nikhil asks Akshay to bring tea for them all. Akshay angrily leaves.

Sudha performs Nikhil and Riya’s paghpheras. Akshay tells Nikhil that they should go and take parent’s blessings. They both reach home. Mom does their aarti and says bahu prepares sooji halwa. Riya walks with her to kitchen. She says she baked cake really well and hopes she prepares halwa also well. Riya says she can bake, cannot prepare halwa. Mom yells and tries to mentally harass her. Riya says she can understand her brain game and it will not work on it. She wanted to convince Nikhil to come and stay here, but will not now. She takes Nikhil with her.

Myra and Kabeer return home. Bua says she found a girl for Kabeer and shows pic. Kabeer says she is very pretty. Myra sees and says she is unfit for Kabeer. Bua asks who is fit then. Myra nervously leaves. They all laugh. Drama continues.

Precap: Akshay gets romantic with Myra and says they are getting married, if she never felt like hugging and kissing him. Kabeer notices them angrily.

Update Credit to: MA

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