Bin Kuch Kahe 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

After driving back Nidhi’s car to club, Kabeer returns keys to valet and asks him to be in place, else someone will mistake others as valet. Paro says he is very hot. Myra says they came to enjoy and let us do that. They enter and occupy table.

In Myra’s home, Sudha asks Riya to help her in something, but Riya says she is busy looking at pictures. Sudha scolds her. Nikhil enters. Aryan greets him and walks in. Riya is busy watching pics. Nikhil gives her rose. She takes and keeps it aside unromantically and starts showing pics. She says she needs six pack on him. He says he will diet, let us go for dinner out today. She says she already told dieting and walks to her room. At club, Myra continues missing her family. Nidhi asks her to stop missing family, though she is out

of Jaipur for the firs time. Sudha sees Nikhil and starts chatting with him. She thanks him for helping Abha in catering and asks Abha to bring snacks for Nikhil. Abha gets pakodas. Sudha asks Nikhil to forget dieting and enjoy snacks. Nikhil happily bites pakodas and asks when is Myra returning. Sudha says in a week. Nikhil gets tensed seeing Riya in front of him.

Myra goes to washroom and sees Kabeer there. She scolds him he is mannerless. A man gets out of lavatory and gets embarrassed. She apologizes Kabeer. Kabeer says she came even here. Myra apologizes again. Kabeer starts taunting her and she fumes. She returns back to table. Nidhi orders orange juice. Waiter gets a drink with a note on it. Nidhi says they did not order this. Waiter says someone sent it. Nidhi reads note to turn it. She then reads she made a mistake twice, she should tell her name at least. Myra sends a return note. Waiter brings a note again with another drink. Nidhi picks glass. Myra asks not to. Nidhi asks who sent these. Myra says the one who took their car and met him in washroom. Nidhi asks washroom…Myra nervously says outside washroom. Kabeer comes and introduces himself and starts chatting. He asks for intro. Nidhi tells about herself, Paro and Myra that she is from Jaipur. Out of club, Kabeer gives Myra his mobile number and says it is difficult to get a driver in Mumbai. Myra yells if he thinks himself as james bond. Kabeer gets into car saying he is.

Back in Nidhi’s home, Nidhi and Paro search Kabeer’s profile in social media. Myra says these kind of men should be barred from social media . Aryan calls her and chats. Myra asks what is he doing. He says trying to find out a drink to elevate mood as ladies her always argue. Sudha takes phone and asks her to get slippers as her friend taunts kolhapuri slippers are very comfortable. Riya takes phone and asks her to get her lehanga and she sent her store address. Paro then starts chatting with Myra.

In the morning, Sudha gets a box out in living room and asks Aryan to call Riya. Aryan goes to Riya’s room and sees her busy in yoga. He insists her that naani is calling and takes her down. Sudha opens box and gives her marriage lehanga. Riya gets happy. Sudha taunts Abha she wanted to give it to her elder daughter, but she did not give her a chance at all. Abha feels sad.

Back in Mumbai, Myra calls office and requests for an interview. She looks at her father’s pic and thinks she will make her papa proud.

Precap: Myra walks into a dark office and hears someone/mabye kabeer waling behind her.

Update Credit to: MA

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