Bin Kuch Kahe 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nikhil and Riya exchange garlands. Photographer takes their pic. Sudha says let us take god’s blessings. Nikhil dorns mangalsutra in Riya’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Party starts next. Sandy gives sweets to Kabeer and asks him to give it to bua ji. Kabeer serves sweets and chats with Bua in Punjabi. Bua gets impressed and invites him to Delhi. He says he will come next month. She asks to stay in her house then. Myra notices that and smiles. Kabeer then goes to Myra and says he is increasing his fan base, why her family loves him so much. He says even she loves him. She says he is impossible and leaves acting as angry.

Sandy continue serving guests. Abha apologizes him. Sandy says she is thinking people are treating him as waiter, that is okay, it happens in

their profession. Sudha then calls everyone to take family photo and calls Kabeer. He hesitantly sits with them. Riya thanks Kabeer for supporting them and says he became brother, father and friend, she did not miss her father today. Kabeer says he cannot see tears in her eyes and she should always smile. Nikhil also thanks him.

Nikhil’s mother acts as emotional and apologizes for being so rude and says let us go back home with bahu. Nikhil says he has bought his own house now and wants to raise his family the way he likes. Dad praises that is like his son and Kohli’s damad. Nikhil and dad go aside. Mom says Akshay that his brother is settling his family away from them, he should not forget his promise. He says of course.

Bua ji gives her gift to Nikhil and Riya and apologizes them for being rude and says it is her nature and invites them to her house. They both ask her to come to their house first. Sudha then emotionally pampers Riya. Riya emotionally hugs her.

Nikhil’s mom says let us go home and perform remaining rituals. Nikhil says his shoes are missing. Riya says his saalis have stolen his shoes, he should give them 10,000 rs now. Nikhil says why 10,000 Rs, he bought them for 2000 rs in sales. Myra says he is so cunning, he can go and get them in sales and save 6000 rs. Kabeer sings Dulhe ki saaliyon o hare dupatte waliyon, joote do paise lo. Akshay asks to wear his shoes. Kabeer taunts nobody will wear Akshay’s shoes anyways. Nikhil gives 6000 rs. Riya’s bidayi happens next and family sends her off

Sandy finishes work and tries to leave. Abha stops her and says his dessert was really tasty. Sandy says it is his amma’s recipe and fusion of south Indian and Bengali sweets. She asks him to serve her. He does. She feeds him. He gets emotional.

Sudha tells Bua that Riya is married and now it is Myra’s turn. Myra says why she is behind her marriage so early. Akshay comments Kabeer is eager to see off him and Myra.

Sandy sits in cafeteria and reminisces Abha feeding him sweets. His mother calls and asks how is he. He says happy. She says if he found a girl, what is her name. He says how does she know, he will tell her later everything and will marry only that girl.

Precap: Kabeer and Myra clean house. Kabeer says Myra that she brooms floor well, why don’t she make it second profession. Myra taunts he also mops floor well, why don’t he become floor cleaner. She slips. He holds her and says at least someone slips on his floor and he can catch them Akshay enters and gets jealous.

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