Bin Kuch Kahe 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay’s mother agrees to get him married to Myra, but says she has a condition. Akshay asks what is it now. She says Myra will not meet her family after marriage. Akshay says he will convince her. She asks to get back Nikhil home. He says he cannot guarantee that, but Myra will not meet her family after marriage.

Kabeer returns home sadly and tells Myra that he did not find Nikhil anywhere. Myra says how can he escape like this, let us file police complaint. Nikhil comes on house with band dancing. Myra and Kabeer also dance with him. Kabeer asks where was he, they were about to file police complaint. He says he came 3:45 p.m. instead of 4 p.m. It was his childhood dream to come on horse for his marriage, let him enjoy. Myra asks Kabeer to get Nikhil in, she will make arrangements.

Myra walks into Sudha’s room and informs that Nikhil has come. Bua insists Sudha to tell why Riya is getting married secretly. Sudha tries to give excuses, but aunt insists and gives Mr Kohli’s oath. Myra gets angry and asks her not to drag papa in all this and says Riya is pregnant. Bua angrily goes down. Kabeer brings Nikhil in. Bua yells at Riya that she spoilt their family name, etc. Nikhil confronts her and says they did mistake and are correcting it. He says he is head male member of this family and will not let anyone insult his family. Bua asks Sudha if she will see her insult by Nikhil. Sudha says Nikhil is right and as an elder they should forgive children for their happiness. Bua continues what will they say society Sudha says she cannot compromise children’s happiness for society and as an elder she should bless them.

Akshay comes with his parents and mom says how can she miss her son’s wedding. Sudha and family gets tensed, but relaxes. Mom says Bua that good she came to bless youngsters. Kabeer brings marriage registrar and finishes their marriage. Nikhil then addresses everyone and promises Riya that he will be with her always and will protect her whole life. Riya also takes oath. Everyone clap for them.

Precap: Sudha tells Bua that Riya’s wedding happened peacefully, now Myra is left. Myra says she always is eager to get her married. Akshay smirking at Kabeer says he is eager to get him married to Myra.

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  1. Very very nice and the story is very simple and the storyline is fantastic, the actor and actress are very sweet smart and sober, cool all the best

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