Bin Kuch Kahe 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer sits next to Myra and says he has seen their future and describes how they will be compatible and support each other. He says how their will roam whole world and even work, their children, how they will trouble him, but walk with him, etc. She says they will have 2 white puppies, garden, flowers, etc. He says now she is also seeing their future. She comes to her senses and asks to stop dreaming and go away.

Nikhil’s mom acts as having severe headache and calls Nikhil. Askhay enters and asks to stop acting, Nikhil is also adamant like her and will not come. Her husband scolds that Mr. Kohli was his best friend and help him so much. She says even they helped his family after he died. Husband says it was humanity. She says whatever it is, she will not accept Riya as bahu and continues

her drama. Husband asks her to take medicine and sleep.

Nikhil meets Kabeer and anxiously tells how will he made wedding arrangements so soon. Kabeer asks him to relax, they already booked flat and will finish all the arrangements. They both shop clothes and book musicians, etc. Sudha and Myra sort out Riya’s old clothes and says she will not need them after delivery. She says even with weight she will look hot like Beyonce. They laugh.

Sudha tries to go somewhere, but stops when Shekhawath comes. Shekhawath gives her sweets and starts flirting with her. Sudha says she is in a hurry and Myra is also not at home. He says he knows and says Myra is very beautiful and intelligent like her, he has increased her salary, so he felt right directly inform her source. Sudha silently listens. He asks if she is going somewhere. She says yes. He leaves.

Akshay reaches Myra’s office with a bouquet. Myra asks why did he come here, it is her office. He asks to give her a chance. She says after all the incidents happened, whatever her mom decides, she will accept it. He says why should he suffer for Nikhil’s mistake. She says he is showing his arrogance again. He says he wants to marry only her. She says she does not want to talk about it.

Abha reaches restaurant. Sandy says Kabeer told him about Riya and Nikhil. Their discussion continues. Abha says if things don’t go well and Nikhil does not support, another daughter will bring her child alone staying in her mom’s house.

Precap: Kabeer tels Myra that Nikhil is not traceable and his phone is not reaching, even band people have not come. Myra says what will happen now.

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