Bin Kuch Kahe 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer has breakfast with Kohli family and Myra usual taunts start. Aryan comes and tells Myra that Riya does not want to have breakfast and says her whole room has turned tsunami. Myra goes to room and sees clothes all over and Riya crying. She asks what happened to her. Riya cries that Nikhil has officially announced his engagement on social media. Myra says that is what she wanted. Riya says after breakup, he has moved on and got a good job in Denver and will settle there, she wanted to settle abroad instead. Myra asks why is she getting jealous on Nikhil. Riya sends her out and shuts door.

Abha brings food for Riya and asks Myra if her mood is fine now. Myra says no, their effort of changing Riya is waste. Kabeeer comes and Myra yells all because of him. Kabeer asks what did he do. Myra says Riya is jealous of Nikhil’s success and is not hurt about his engagement with Sarika. Kabeer asks if he can say anything. Myra yells again. Kabeer says fine and tries to leave. Abha stops him and insists to speak. Myra starts again and he leaves.

Myra gets busy in writing article. Kabeer says he is preparing coffee for her and how much spoon sugar she needs. She says no need. He says a struggling writer would need it. He gives her coffee and says she does not believe in love, but wants too reunite Nikhil and Riya. She says their love is pure. She asks what if she falls in love. Myra says never. Their discussion continues.

Abha is at cafeteria. Sudha calls her and asks her to come home soon as Aryan’s school informed that he is suspended for a week for fighting with a classmate and he has not returned home yet. Kabeer enters and sees her going. Abha reaches home and starts crying. Myra reaches home and Riya informs her what happened. Abha says Nikhil told he saw Aryan outside home, but did not come in. Riya gives electoral water to Abha to control her BP. They all try Aryan’s friend’s numbers, but don’t get his info. Nikhil speaks to Myra and says that he enquired everywhere and Aryan is found nowhere, he is coming there and reaches home.

Precap: Myra alleges Kabeer that he brainwashed Aryan and made him arrogant

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