Bin Kuch Kahe 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer asks Myra to tell him if she has any problem. She says, he is the biggest problem, why is he doing all this. He says because he loves her and knows even she loves him. She says what will anyone think if they see them together. He says what will happen…Their conversation continues. Aryan calls Myra to give him water. Kabeer gets up and leaves to his room. A romantic song plays in the background. He walks in his room thinking about his love for Myra. Myra also thinks about him. He walks near her room and they both look at each other via glass door.

In the morning, Abha gets Aryan ready. Aryan tells her that Abha does not seem happy with her engagement with Akshay. As per Abha’s theory, one’s happiness can be seen if they are in love Abha starts thinking.

Next morning,

Myra knocks Kabeer’s room door. He asks to come. She gets shy seeing him sleeping shirtless and asks if he does not like clothes. He wears his t-shirt and asks why she came. She says she thought about his last night’s words and came to a conclusion that he does not love her and is just cannot digest that she loves Akshay and not him. He pours his heart out and says he is not surprised by her thinking, she thinks Akshay loves him and is much superior, she does not even know if he really loves her or not, he pities on her thinking and leaves.

Abha tries to finish Aryan’s homework. Sandy comments that she has written Shakespeare’s lines and home work is not about that, her school days were long ago. She says he is speaking as if he is well versed in literature. He says he has even played Julius Caesar. Their conversation continues and they get along well.

Nikhil while driving car tells Akshay that Kabeer is very intelligent and did not open up even after he tried a lot. Akshay says they have to use different strategy and tells his plan. Nikhil likes his idea. Akshay asks him to drop him near Myra’s house as he wants to see if she is still angry. He reaches Myra’s home and sees Sudha going out. He asks where is she going. She says she is leaving house permanently. He says who will control them all. She says it is their wish now, then says she will return in 1-2 hours as she is going to parlor, says she gave him a good shock. Akshay then goes to Myra and comments that Riya wears short clothes. Myra asks who is he to judge Riya and warns him not to interfere in her family issues. He shouts that she was arrogant yesterday and even today she is. He yells and leaves.

Precap: Sudha tells Nikhil and Akshay’s mom that their marriage should happen soon. Mom says Akshay’s leaves are still left, so his and Myra’s marriage should happen before his leaves finish. Myra gets tensed hearing their conversation.

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