Bin Kuch Kahe 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay informs his mother that Nikhil does not want to marry Sarika. Mom says she spoke to Sarika’s parents and they are ready for marriage. Akshay says Sarika does not want to marry Nikhil as her old boyfriend has returned. Mom continues that Nikhil always goes and gets insulted himself. Akshay asks if she wants to know how Nikhil is feeling, he was in depression and was feeling, she wants her children’s happiness or a rich bahu. She says she wants her children’s happiness. He says then she should let Nikhil decide his life partner.

Nikhil at Abha’s eagerly waits for Akshay’s call. Akshay calls him and says he spoke to mom and everything is set. Nikhil asks how did he convince mom. Akshay says he told mom that bhai is in depression. Nikhil asks how does he know. Akshay asks

if he really was in depression. Nikhil goes aside and says after Riya broke engagement, he went into depression and did not have anyone to speak.

Shekhawath happily shows client payments to Myra and says all credit goes to her. He gives her bonus. She says she has finished taking Dholia’s interview and it should be aired today. He says he is going to meet some important people and leaves.

Kabeer opens door hearing door bell and sees Akshay standing. Akshay asks if aunty is at home. Kabeer says no and says he should not mess up issues as the one involved in Abha’s cafeteria case are big shots. Akshay shouts to not teach him and leaves. Kabeer returns to his room and gets Sandy’s call who asks if Abha hired another lawyer. Kabeer says he does not know. Sandy says Akshay must have helped and says tomorrow his people will reach Abha’s cafeteria and wil acquire it. Kabeer asks not to do that and asks who is helping him in India. Sandy asks to find out himself. Kabeer meets his source who gives details and says Jaipur’s biggies are involved in this case and he should be careful. Kabeer reads report carefully and finds out Dholia has partnered with King’s Café.

Akshay returns to Kohli house and tells Sudha that Sarika does not want to marry Nikhil as her boyfriend has returned. Sudha leaves for kitty party. Akshay asks Myra to join him soon as her interview is coming. He sees her taking Dholia’s interview and informs her that he is the one who is trying to grab Abha’s cafeteria. Kabeer returns and informs Myra that Dholia is involved in all this and he is the one who sent her to jail. Akshay yells to stay away from their family issues. Kabeer says their priority should be to save this house. Myra yells next to stay away from her family issues.

Precap: Riya informs Kabeer that Akshay loves Myra and she is excited that 2 family will unite forever.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. sushmitha shetty

    Some one please find a good girl for Kabeer instead of Myra. let her be with her childhood friend only they are made for each other. Kabeer deserves a better girl than Myra in all the ways.

  2. yaa true
    too bad to see the way in which she yells at kabeer

  3. kabeer has some feeling for her…but it seems she has none….they look good together…i wish inn ki lovestory start ho hi jaye ab…

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