Bin Kuch Kahe 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nikhil speaks to Riya and says he is coming. Akshay asks what happened. Nikhil says Riya called and informs that Kabeer is alone, so he is going to talk to him. Akshay smirks. At Kohli house, Kabeer calls Myra and says tells her that he has sent contract mail, she needs to check it and attach pan card with invoice and read the mail carefully. He says he has sent and her a gift, it will reach her anytime.

Nikhil enters and goes to Sudha’s room. He greets her and apologizes for not handling Riya well the other day. She says it is okay. He says he feels he is not a man. She stands shocked. He says he means he does not have machoism that a head of the family should have. She says it is okay, even she sometimes is unable to handle Riya and suggests him to be stricter. Nikhil then

goes to Riya’s room and says he had come to apologize aunty. She tries to get romantic. He says aunty is around. She says he knows what he does and pulls his legs. He gets nervous. She continues pulling his legs.

Sandy serves coffee to Abha and says she will like is south Indian twist. He apologizes for being too friendly. She says it is okay and says even she should not have been too commanding. He thanks her for hiring him. She says hiring him is her selfishness and she needed someone like him. He says she looks good smiling. She smiles. A romantic song plays in the background.

Nikhil chats with Kabeer and gets friendly. Kabeer asks if he can have coffee with him. Nikhil prepares coffee like a professional and says he learnt it while working in Abha’s cafeteria. He asks Kabeer to tell about him. Kabeer says nothing is there to tell. Nikhil asks to tell about his girlfriends. Kabeer tells him fake stories that his first girlfriend was hot, but became nun, second died untimely, third eloped, etc.. and silently leaves.

Peon delivers Kabeer’s gift to Myra. She accepts it smilingly. Akshay enters with flower bouquet and gifts and apologizes. She says it is okay, he should be careful in the future. He says okay and gives her favorite perfume and chocolates and apologizes again. She smiles and says let us meet in the evening. He gets up and seeing Kabeer’s gift asks what is this. She says she needed some book and Kabeer ordered them and got it delivered here. Akshay fumes and leaves.

Myra reaches home and slips in garden. Kabeer holds her. She shouts to leave her. He says he stopped her from falling. She insists. He leaves her. She falls and gets up yelling idiot. He says one should obey orders in love. She says she does not love him. He says he will prove that she loves him like he does. She says no. He says she does. She says she does, then nervously says no.. Their romantic nok jhok continues.

Precap: Myra and Kabeer mimic a drama looking at notes. They at once says V Pratap Kumar, that is their future son’s name. Kabeer says he is happy she is thinking of many children instead of one.

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