Bin Kuch Kahe 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha is busy in kitchen. Riya comes and says she has signed music label contract, so…Abha says so Riya Kohli does not want to sing in a local canteen, she leaves for canteen/restaurant. Myra gets ready for job and is about to leave when Sudha stops and asks if she is in a hurry. Myra says not for her and sits for breakfast. Sudha says Abha looks tensed no a days, ealier she used to share her problems with her papa, now with him not around, she does not say anything. Myra says she will find out. She calls Shekhawat and says she will come a bit late. He says she is face of their channel and can come late.

Riya reaches canteen. Abha asks her to go to her job, she does not want both restaurant and job at bay. Nikhil comes and informs Abha that his friend’s office catering contract

is finalized and they have to supply food from tomorrow. Abha thanks her. They all joke. Myra informs Nikhil about Riya’s music label contract. Nihil asks which label. Myra calls Riya and asks, but Riya disconnects saying she will speak later.

Myra reaches office and Shekhawat tells that he needs to discuss new strategy with her and Kabeer will help them. Myra asks why Kabeer, he does not know what works for our channel. Kabeer comes and Riya leaves.

Myra reaches restaurant back fuming. Aryan takes orders. Riya calls restaurant number and says Kabeer is coming there, to tell him that she will come late. Abha sees Myra fuming and asks what happened. Myra says Kabeer pokes his nose everywhere, he is made editorial head of her channel and she has to follow his orders now. Kabeer comes and occupies table. Myra walks towards him. He gives order. She says she just wants to know which music label Riya signed contract with. He says JMM, any problem. Myra moves aside and informs Nikhil.

Riya does not return in the evening. Myra asks Sudha if Riya informed her where she went. Sudha says to her friend Pooja’s house. Myra goes to sleep and dreams about Kabeer and Riya romancing on bed. She worriedly wakes up from bed, calls Nikhil and asks if he knows Riya’s friend Pooja. He says yes, she was Riya’s college friend, he did not interact with her much. Myra asks to send her number. Nikhil says he deleted all numbers, but gets it after searching. Myra calls Pooja and asks if Riya is there. Pooja says Riya had come, but left long ago as she wanted to meet someone at skylaunch. Myra calls back Nikhil and asks him to meet her right now as Riya is in trouble. She is about to leave when Abha asks where is she going. She lies she left her bag in canteen. Abha says she will accompany her. Myra says Nikhil is waiting outside and leaves. She and Nikhil travel in a car. Nikhil says his friend’s brother works in skylaunch and takes number from his friend. Myra thinks what did Riya do to herself.

Precap: Myra asks Kabeer why did he bring Riya to his room. He says what is the problem. Myra says she takes girls to his room to sleep with him, he used them…

Update Credit to: MA

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