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Bin Kuch Kahe 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha sits engrasped in thought. Aryan asks if she is not getting sleep, what is she thinking. Abha asks why he did not ask about her papa till now. He says he does not know him at all, he does not want to disturb her. He says Sandy is a good man and would be a good papa. Abha says he is most important to her and wants him to see happy.

In the morning, Abha gets ready for cafeteria. Mandy asks her to have breakfast. Abha says she will have later. Sudha asks what did she think about marriage. Abha says they spoke yesterday already. Sudha says already Aryan has accepted Sandy, then what problem she has, even her would be saas Rukku accepted her. Abha says she does not want to hear anything and leaves. Mandy scolds Sudha that she piles up instead of talking. Myra passes by and asks

what is happening. Mandy says they need her and Kabeer’s help in convincing Abha for marriage. Myra says Abha already loves Sandy, but is just delaying. She continues that earlier Bua was helping maa and now Mandy maasi, they don’t have any other work.

Kabeer comes with shirts and asks Sudha and Mandy which one to wear. Myra comments blue. Kabeer asks Mandy to select as she is more experienced. Mandy says he should take youngster’s help. Kabeer says he is going on a date with his girlfriend and wants to look perfect. He asks Myra to iron his shirt as he needs to bath by then. She asks why should she. He says he will do her some other work. She agrees. Sudha and Mandy smirk. Kabeer hifi’s with Mandy and leaves. Myra irons shirt. Kabeer asks which restaurant she likes. She angrily says she does not know. He says she knows only Kohli canteen. She says so what. She burns shirt and laughs. Kabeer fumes. Abha goes to corridor and gets happy that Kabeer will not meet his girlfriend. Kabeer walks away wearing same shirt.

Myra picks landline hearing bell. Banquet hall manager speaks and asks to call Sudha. He tells Sudha that she can collect 50% of the booking amount she did for Myra’s wedding. She gets tensed and informs Mandy she does not know how to manage expenses now.

Kabeer meets Sandy at cafeteria and seeing him sad asks if Abha is not around. Sandy says she is trying to avoid him. Kabeer says he is going on a date. Sandy fumes. Kabeer says he will make arrangements even for his and Abha’s date. Sandy gets happy. Kabeer then goes to Myra’s office and tells about his plan to arrange Abha and Sandy’s date and her help for that. She asks about his date. He says it was good, girl was so beautiful. Myra fumes.

At night, Myra goes to Kabeer’s room. Kabeer flirts with her as usual and says he was just imagining her whole day. Myra goes to kitchen next and sees Abha there. Abha asks if she needs green tea. Myra says no, she will get coffee after sometime. Abha asks about Kabeer. Myra says he is busy dating women and Mandy has taken responsibility of his wedding. She leaves. Myra reminisces Kabeer’s words and smiles.

Precap: Myra asks Kabeer what did Abha tell him. He says he will not. She says why is he interfering in her family issues. He says he will solve Abha’s problem himself. She says he is going, then how will he. He holds her hand.

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