Bin Kuch Kahe 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer is busy with Bhaiji’s goons when he gets Riya’s call. He excuses saying his wife’s call and picks it. Riya asks if he saved Riya. He tells in a code that he cannot repeat in front of everyone, etc., and disconnects call. Abha and Nikhil hearing her call asks what was that, why did not he tell if he freed Myra or not. Myra takes Bhaiji’s interview and says everyone will know who is goon and who is social worker. Kabeer enters calling Myra and says Bhaiji that he did wrong by hostaging a journalist, even government is in favor of journalists, he will see what will happen now. Goon says this Brazil journalist entered without permission. Bhaiji asks Myra if she knows him. She says no, does not know how he knows her name. Bhaiji orders his goons to throw Kabeer out. Myra smirks.


reaches office and gives Bhaiji’s interview to Shekhawat. Shekhawat asks if she came so early, if Bhaiji did not harm her. She says she is fine. He asks if she took Bhaiji’s permission to air this interview. She says he was talking about his dare, now she will see if he will air this interview or not. Shekhawat says he will and smiles.

In Kohli canteen, Myra’s news airs on TV. Riya tells customers that this is their cute journalist Myra Kohli, daring, who brings real news for Jaipur people. Everyone clap. At home, Aryan and Sudha slap seeing news. During dinner, Sudha prepares favorite dishes. Riya jokes Myra should cover daring news 3-4 times in a week, they will get good food. Sudha says as if she keeps them starving. Abha says Riya she should be thankful to Kabeer that he risked his life and saved her. Myra lies that nobody came to save her, Kabeer is lying and she was not in danger at all, asks Riya to tell her friend to stop lying.

Next morning, Nikhil stops Myra in a parking lot and praises her. She asks where is he going. He says to restaurant as Abha had messaged. She asks if anything is serious, he should inform her. He says no. She leaves.

Nikhil reaches restaurant and speaks to Abha. Abha gets disheartened thinking about restaurant lease extension. He cheers her up and encourages. They enjoy tea and pakoras next.

Kabeer speaks to Shekhawat and says if he does not give her Myra as assistant, he will not cover his news channel. Shekhawat says Myra is their star reporter and he can take another assistant. Kabeer says he can keep his star reporter and walks out. He then goes to Myra and says she should be happy in this small place as star reporter with just a small news. He leaves. Shekhawat comes out of his cabin an tells Myra that his stool test came negative and he does not have stomach infection. Myra looking at Kabeer says goot infection is gone and hope it does not return. Kabeer fumes hearing this. He walks to Myra and says she is the most ungrateful lady he has ever seen, when she left Mumbai without informing him, he thought she must be having genuine reason, she is really selfish and ungrateful and is blo*dy good at it.

Myra reaches restaurant fuming and clashes with boys, shouts at them. They apologize and say they did not see her. She then goes to Abha and Nikhil and tells her side of story, blaming Kabeer. Kabeer on the other side tells Riya what Myra did. Riya says Myra does not act as girl at all, she is weird. They both laugh. At restaurant, Abha fumes on Kabeer and vents out her anger on him. Nikhil jokes and calms her down. Once Myra goes aside, he suggests Abha to open catering business. She says her papa gave responsibility of this restaurant trusting her and she does not want to break his trust. Myra hears that and asks Nikhil. Nikhil tells her about catering. Myra tells Abha that Nikhil’s idea is good and they can do catering in the morning as customers will be less during first half of the day.

Precap: Myra and Abha return home and see Sudha laughing on Kabeer’s jokes.

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