Bin Kuch Kahe 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer enjoys dinner alone. Abha joins him and says she is waiting for Aryan and will have dinner together. She says he do so much for them and they did not even thank him. Kabeer says there is no need to thank. Aryan comes with Sandy’s gifted book. Kabeer takes it and asks is it encyclopedia, who gave it. Abha hesitantly says Mr. Iyer. Kabeer asks Sandy? He goes out to call Sandy when he sees Nikhil bringing heavily inebriated Riya home. Riya plays tantrum under influence. Nikhil asks Kabeer what is he doing here, if aunty forgave him. Riya introduces herself and asks Kabeer if he knows her. He says of course and says Nikhil let us lift her and go. Nikhil says he will manage.

Nikhil takes Riya till door. Sudha opens door and scolds Riya. She also scolds Nikhil if he tolerates

Riya’s tantrums, he will become Devdas. They drop Riya on bed. Riya asks Sudha to turn around as she wants to kiss her would be husband. Sudha scolds her. She falls asleep. They both walk out. Sudha asks Nikhil to not inform about this to her mother as she does not want any complications in Akshay and Myra’s relationship. Kabeer comes and hears that. Kabeer greets Nikhil again, but he ignores Nikhil and leaves.

Kabeer tells Sudha that Myra did not come yet. Sudha says she has gone out for dinner with Akshay and must have stopped to have kulfi as it is Myra’s favorite. Kabeer says even it is his favorite and asks her to go and sleep, he will wait till Myra comes. Akshay and Myra return chatting and are shocked to see Kabeer working on sofa. They ask what is he doing here. He says he was waiting for them. They start yelling. Kabeer says Sudha had asked him to wait, Myra can ask her now. Myra says she will speak to amma in the morning. Nikhil leaves ignoring Kabeer’s goodnight. Myra says Kabeer she does not love him and walks in.

Next morning, Myra prepares breakfast. Sudha fumes on Riya’s irresponsible behavior. Abha consoles her and eats breakfast hurriedly. Client calls her, she apologizes him and says her cafeteria was stuck in lease issue and is resuming catering work, will give 20% discount for a week. Riya says if she is going for lease renewal, then it should be renewed in all 3 sisters’ names. Sudha asks if she is still inebriated. Myra asks what problem she has. Riya agrues that Abha is very innocent and if authority is in 3 sisters’ names, nobody can fool them, they have already many enemies, they don’t know what Kabeer’s motto is. Sudha says this cannot be her idea. Riya says it is Akshay’s idea, even Askhay and Nikhil roamed around lawyer offices repeatedly. Sudha says she can include even their names as they will be part of family. Abha confronts and hands over cafeteria’s documents and leaves. Sudh continues scolding Riya. Kabeer watches from balcony.

Precap: Sudha scolds Riya. Riya says Abha is incapable of handling reality/cafeteria. Abha tells Sandy that hawa Mahal has 953 windows. Sandy says just like her heart.

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