Bin Kuch Kahe 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra tells her boss Shekhawat that she could not cover riots as she would have lost her camera. Shekhawat yells that she does not know journalism at all, earlier she misbehaved with Kabeer. She says if she had lost camera, he would have deducted money from her salary. He insists to cover riots. She agrees. She calls her contacts to fix a meeting with the goon who is getting riots and leaves in a car with cameraman to meet rioter Bhaiji. Sudha calls and asks her not to go near riot areas. Myra agrees and tells cameraman that all journalists must be lying their parents like her.

Riya reaches restaurant. Abha asks she did not want to come today, then why did she come. Riya says her friend is coming and asked her to come here. Abha says Kabeer Miranda. Riya says he is a good journalist.


with cameraman goes to meet Bhaiji at his place. Bhaiji makes her hostage and calls minister and tells he has made journalist Myra a hostage and will not free her until his demand is met. Myra resists. Bhaiji’s goons control her.

Kabeer is in a restaurant with Riya when he gets a call about Myra being hostaged by Baiji’s goons. He informs Riya and Abha. They get tensed. He promises them that he will get back Myra safely. He travels in his car and calls Shekhawat who briefs him about Bhaiji and local goon’s rivalry and Bhaiji wants to get goon arrested, but goon is local politician’s aide. Bhaiji has become social worker from a goon and wants publicity. Kabeer thanks him and heads towards Bhaiji’s den.

Bhaiji takes Myra to his house and asks servant to bring tea for her. He asks if she wants to have bajra roti and chicken, his mother prepares it excellently. She asks if she can take his interview as she wants to show is real kind hearted side. He agrees.

Abha tells Riya if they should inform mamma or not. She tries to call Nikhil, Ria stops her and says she takes professional help from Nikhil, that is enough. Nikhil comes and hears their conversation.

Kabeer reaches Bhaiji’s den and starts chatting with this goons. At firs they resist, but he gets along well and says he is a journalist from Brazil and came to take Bhaiji’s interview. Goon says he wil take him to Bhaiji tomorrow and not today.

Precap: Kabeer enters Bhaiji’s house calling Myra. Goons catch him and tell Bhaiji that this Brazil journalist entered forcefully. Bhaiji asks Myra if she knows him. She says not at all.

Update Credit to: MA

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