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Bin Kuch Kahe 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra reaches office and sees a gift box on her desk. Akshay calls her and asks how is his gift. She says she has to see it first, opens box and says it is good. He asks if she is free, they will meet. She says they got back their cafeteria. He asks how. She says Kabeer helped them, it is a long story. Akshay gets jealous, but says he is happy. She says she will meet him and tell whole story in the evening. He says okay bye, fuming.

Kabeer tells Sudha that he had to go without informing her to meet his father and save her cafeteria. His father was against his decision of becoming journalist and wanted him to join family business, till his mother was alive, she used to control him, but when she passed away, he walked out of his father’s house and wanted to do big in journalism. When

he came to know that his dad was behind Kohli café, he tried to save it in his style, but when he came to know that is nt enough, he met his dad personally. His motto was to save Kohli café.

Akshay with Riya and Nikhil waits for Myra at Kohli café and says Kabeer has some other motto. Riya says they got their café back, that is important. Akshay says even then. Nikhil says he should have asked Myra herself what she meant. Akshay says she did not tell much and asks to wait. Riya goes to get coffee. Nikhil asks Akshay t relax as he knows how Riya is. Akshay continues. Riya brings coffee and says what they think in whose name cafeteria’s new lease should be. Akshay says it should be in all 3 sister’s names as Abha does not understand politics.

Myra reaches home in the evening. Sudha says she is preparing tea, if she wants some. Myra says yes. Sudha loudly asks Kabeer if he needs tea. Kabeer says yes. Myra stops hearing his name. Kabeer asks her to come in. She walks in. He says sorry, he could occupied her room without informing and says aunty let him stay back and told she takes decisions in this house. Myra says maa forgave him. He says she took a rash decision of getting engaged to Akshay. She yells he is taking too much interest in her family issues and should mind just his business and interfere. She then says whatever he did for them, she is thankful to him and will never forget it, but he should stop interfering in her family issues. Kabeer holds her hand and says they spoke and everything was fine, she would have waited till he returned instead of getting engaged, why did she think he would betray her family or her, if she was afraid that if he returns before her engagement, she would not take decision. She says his memory is weak, if he remembers their last meeting, he should remember that she refused him. He says he remembers everything, she told she did not want to go against her family, he respected her everything decision, this decision is wrong, till when she will hide her feeling from herself and others, he does not need to tell her that we love each other and she has to accept that. Sudha calls them. Myra asks him to leave her hand. He says he left long ago. She says Rosy is coming, what will he think about them. He says they both will fight for their love, if she is not worried that her mother will come. She nervously says no…she mean. Sudha calls them again. Door bell rings. Sudha opens door and gets Akshay in. Kabeer says Myra she is free to go, but he thinks she should stay. Myra walks away.

Akshay enters and greets Sudha. Sudha introduces Kabeer as their santa clause. Like Santa Clause, Kabeer fulfilled their wishes. Akshay asks how did he do that. Sudha says she will tell him and explains whole situation.

Kabeer takes tea to Myra’s room and knocks door She does not reply and comes out of bathroom wearing bathrobe. Seeing him, she shouts if he is mad, she was about to change her clothes. He says Rosy will hear, he came here to give tea and not see her changing. She checks dress. He says this is not that good, she should try anther one. She throws dress on him. he walks away smiling. Sudha asks him to sit with Akshay and goes to kitchen. Kabeer asks him how have you been. Akshay angrily says good. Kabeer asks when is he joining back army. Akshay not yet decided and asks when is he joining his dad’s business. Kabeer says he has not decided. Akshay says he will join back army after marriage with Myra. Myra comes down and Kabeer asks if they are going for dinner or movie. Akshay says dinner and leaves.

Precap: Akshay and Myra home come late night and see Kabeer awake, asks what is he doing till now. He says waiting for them as he did not want family to wake up at night. Myra says I don’t love you.

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