Bin Kuch Kahe 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer goes to Abha’s restaurant after greeting her says he needs to talk something important. Abha asks if everything is alright. He says it is a simple issue, but for him it is very serious. She says let us sit and chat. They sit. Sandy asks if they need anything. Kabeer says lots of water. Sandy gives him water mug. Abha asks to speak now. Kabeer says he loves Myra and wants to marry her. She is surprised and asks if anyone know about it. He says no one except Myra, but she is not accepting her love at all. He started loving her since their first meeting and reminisces their first meeting. He says he needs her to make Myra realize her love for him. Sandy jokes if he has finished water, washroom is on that side. They all 3 laugh.

Riya is busy working at home when Nikhil hugs

her from behind and says he is getting transferred in next city and looking at the situation here, he feels it is best for their baby to move from here. Riya says yes.

Myra reminisces Akshay’s misbehavior and gets sad. Kabeer enters and says he wants to take her for dinner. She says she is not marrying Akshay does not mean she will agree to marry him. He says he did not talk about marriage, he is just inviting his friend for a dinner to cheer her up. She relaxes and shakes hands with him. He gets happy. She says she is hungry. He asks where she wants to go. She says their own Kohli canteen. He says she wants to keep all the profit. She laughs and says let us go.

Mandy maasi oil massages Abha’s scalp and says she knew from before that Akshay is not right for Myra and Kabeer is right choice. Abha excitedly says that Kabeer had come to canteen and said he loves Myra. Mandy says before Myra’s marriage, she should marry Sandy. Abha says she is worried about Aryan as his own father did not care about him. Mandy says Sandy will. Abha says they get along well. Mandy says she should accept Sandy then. She then goes to Sudha’s room and tells her that Kabeer loves Myra and wants to marry her. Sudha is shocked and asks what is happening. Mandy says Myra and Abha are lucky that Kabeer and Sandy love them. Their discussion continues.

Kabeer, Sandy and Nikhil gather and discuss why Sudha called them. Sudha gathers everyone and says she does not want to control her children and they are free to take their decision. She tells Kabeer and Sandy it is up to Myra and Abha to accept their proposal. Everyone disperse. Riya tells Nikhil they should wait to inform maa about their shifting. She then stops Kabeer and asks since when this is happening. Kabeer smiles. Nikhil asks not to pulls his leg. Kabeer says he is nervous to hear Myra’s decision.

Precap: Myra tells Kabeer that he never loved Akshay, but he was her good friend since childhood, she does not know how could she make such a big mistake. He consoles her and she cries on his shoulder.

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