Bin Kuch Kahe 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra’s family doesn’t like Bua’s found alliance for Myra. They plan to get rid of Pranav and his foodie father/gossiping mother. Sudha says wait and watch. Myra sees Kabeer and ignores him, reminiscing their last incident. Kabeer sees Riya and says hi. She says she cannot help him today as she is with family today. He asks if the one on next table. Myra tells him about each family member and gets back to family.

Groom’s father asks about Myra’s marks and asks if she is shy hearing Pranav’s marks. Myra tells her distinction marks. Pranv’s mother asks why Riya is not yet married. Riya says first they have to find a girl for Abha. Mother asks what…Sudha says her daughter likes girls more than boys. Sudha then starts acting as possessing evil spirt. Whole family

chants mantras and call god for help. Pranav’s family runs away. Father returns back seeing food. Mother asks Pranav if he liked Myra. Kabeer presses fart gadget again.

Family drama continues. Kabeer walks towards Myra’s family. Riya introduces them all. Kabeer says he knows Myra and hugging her asks why did not she call him back after coming from Mumbai. Pranav’s family is shocked see him hugging Myra. He then starts talking how groom’s family will judge bride after tasting food, etc. Pranav’s father is then served tale food. Sudha asks when they can fix engagement. Pranav’s mother leaves with family. Bua fumes in anger and scolds Sudha.

Once everyone leaves, Riya thanks Kabeer for helping and reminisces requesting to his help to shoo away Pranav’s family. She says it is his pleasure. She asks how does he know that Myra went to Mumbai. He says she informed her, else how will he know. She says she must have forgotten. Kabeer leaves.

Back home Bua scolds Sudha. Family handles situation and cheers her up with a song…Uthe kabse kadam, tara ram pam pam…..Bua then goes to Myra and asks if she knows that guy. Myra denies. Bua asks then why her expressions and words are different. Myra stands silently. Bua asks her to get her train tickets tomorrow. Myra goes back to room. Riya asks if she knows Kabeer. Myra says no. Riya says she met him in restaurant 2 days ago and today took his help, he is international journalist and not a local one like her.

Kabeer goes to Myra’s office next day and meets boss. Boss asks if he got his stool test. Kabeer says 5 years ago, why…He says he got it done in the morning and may have anything, ulcer, diabetes, etc.. Myra comes and boss introduces her to Kabeer. She greets Kabeer like a stranger.

Precap: Kabeer asks Myra why she is wasting her talent in local channel. She says it is none of his business. He then walks into restaurant with Riya, and Myra feels jealous and thinks why did not he inform her.

Update Credit to: MA

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