Bin Kuch Kahe 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha sits in her room in deep thought. Myra, Riya, and Abha enter and ask if she is fine. Sudha cries that she could not protect her daughters well and whenever she tries to good, something bad happens. They say they are proud of her and want to become like her, whatever they are, credit goes to her.

Sandy meets Abha and asks if everything is fine. She nods yes and thanks him for helping tthem get Kabeer out of balcony. Sandy says Kabeer is also his friend. She says yes, even then. They would not have known Akshay’s true face and thank god Myra is saved. Sandy says Myra handled police like a true journalist.

Kabeer enters Myra’s room and thanks her for saving him and says today he will not speak and wants her to speak. She says a lot happens these days, her marriage broke

and they boy he knew since childhood wanted to ruin family. He says like aunty told good everything came out time. He walks down and seeing Riya asks if she did not go home. She says no, even Nikhil is here, she wants to be with Myra. He says let Nikhil sleep in his room. She asks if something happened between him and Akshay that Akshay is behind him. He says he does not know and says her sister needs her. She walks towards Myra’s room.

Riya goes to Myra’s room and sees her crying. She says she deserves better and not Akshay, goo marriage broke. Myra says mamma wanted her to marry Akshay. Riya says mamma is relieved with all this and she really does not deserve loser Akshay. Myra asks her not to repeat things. Riya says she is telling truth and says she will sleep now. Myra says this is her room now. Riya says it was even her room. They both sleep. Myra reminisces Kabeer’s promise that he wants to fulfill her dreams.

Sandy and Kabeer meet in Abha’s cafeteria. Sandy sips filter coffee. Kabeer says who drinks filter coffee at night. He says south Indians do and he is proud south Indian. Kabeer smiles and says he started racism. Sandy says his romantism is not working, so racism is fine. He then asks how is Myra. Kabeer says he is disturbed and he does not know how to console her. They both things get back to normal.

Myra walks out of house for work. Akshay comes and apologizes her and requests not to break their wedding. She says she has already done it. He angrily holds her hand tightly and shouts why is she showing so much attitude. She says it is hurting and tries to free herself. Kabeer comes and pushes Akshay away, warns to stay away from Myra. Akshay pulls knife to stab Kabeer. Kabeer holds his hand. Akshay’s father sees that and scolds Akshay to stop it right now and get out of here. He apologizes Kabeer. Kabeer asks him not to and control Akshay before he spoils his life himself.

Precap: Kabeer tells Abha that it is a simple word, but she may feel it complicated. Abha asks to come to the point. Kabeer says he loves Myra and wants to marry her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sometimes its look like our general and real life but diz serial is moving slowly dats y feeling bored of it now.

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