Bin Kuch Kahe 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha speaks to Sudha about bua/aunt pestering Myra for marriage. Sudha says bua was of great help for her after husband’s death, not to worry she will understand. Myra gets her editor’s call and apologizes him on bua’s side and rushes to news channel office.

Riya is alone at restaurant in the afternoon. Kabeer enters restaurant and asks Riya if he it is open. She says of course and says she will someone to attend him. She then attends herself. He asks if she is the owner of this restaurant. She says part owner and gives him menu. He asks what to order. She suggests and he orders them. She invites him to come in the evening also as there is a surprise awaiting.

In the evening, bua returns home and informs everyone that she has called boy and his family for Myra’s alliance. Family says no..She says they are coming directly to restaurant for lunch.

At night back home, Riya looks very happy. Abha asks her reason. She says about Kabeer. Myra stands tensed hearing Kabeer’s name. Abha asks if she liked Kabeer that she is very happy. Myra says she does not know, he is a tourist and looks very sweet. Abha then loos at Myra and asks if she is tensed about tomorrow’s meeting with boy’s family, then she should not they will plan something. Riya suggests to serve stale food to them. Aryan says he will make fart sound via his gadget.

Next day, aunt enters Myra’s room and starts pampering her. Whole family reaches restaurant. Riya signs a song and everyone enjoy. Boy with his foodie father and mother enter. They all greet boy’s family at once. Father starts talking about food already. They all sit for lunch. Father asks that they will be served. Staff serves food. Aryan makes fart sound via gadget. Jokergiri starts. Kabeer comes and occupies next table without noticing Myra. Drama continues and Kohli family enjoys drama.

Precap: Myra wishes Kabeer. Kabeer hugs and kisses her forehead. Myra and everyone present are shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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    nice precap….. waiting 4 it

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    cant wait for next episode awesome story

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